Harry Whitney Quotes in Andre (1994)


Harry Whitney Quotes:

  • Guy on Dock: [about Billy Baker] Careful, Harry! He's mad as a hornet and drunk as skunk!

    Harry Whitney: My favorite combination.

  • Toni: What do you think went wrong with him and her?

    Harry Whitney: Maybe him and her ain't a him and her.

    Toni: [shocked] I put the dress on the wrong one?

  • Harry Whitney: What a surprise to see you hear at mealtime.

  • Harry Whitney: Billy, we grew up together!

    Billy: I didn't like you then either!

  • Harry Whitney: We get it. We got it the first time. We got it the last forty-seven times. It ain't funny.

  • Harry Whitney: [enters the barn while Paula and Mark are smoking] What the hell are you two doing?

    Paula Whitney: [as she and Mark hide their cigarettes] Nothing, Dad.

    Harry Whitney: Give it here! Give it here!

    Paula Whitney: [hands her father the cigarette and he puts it out]

    Harry Whitney: That's it, Paula! You're grounded for a week and you get out of here now! I don't want to see you back here ever!

    Mark Baker: Look, Mr. Whitney, I'm sorry.

    Harry Whitney: You're sorry all right and you're not fit to be around my daughter.

    Mark Baker: Oh yeah? Well, my dad says... He says you're not fit to be harbor master.

    Harry Whitney: What?

    Mark Baker: He also says that... that you're a big jerk!

    [storms out of the barn]

    Harry Whitney: You stay away from him, Paula. I mean it.

    Paula Whitney: [also storms out of the barn] You don't even know him!

    Harry Whitney: Oh yeah? Like father like son.

    Thalice: [follows Paula as she runs upstairs and starts packing her things] Oh dear!

    Paula Whitney: Dad is so unfair! He doesn't care about me!

    Thalice: [helps her pack] Of course he does. He loves you very much. It's just one of his ways of showing it. You know when you were born he wanted to take front page ad out in the newspaper. I'm not kidding. And he was so mad that the 11th paged all the other birth announcements. Oh, Paula, he so friendly and he still is.

    Thalice: No, he's not! He doesn't care at all and I don't know why you always stand up for him! I hate him! I hate him!

    Thalice: Don't you ever ever say that about your father again! Do you hear me, young lady?

    Paula Whitney: [starts crying and Thalice hugs her]

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