Harry Monroe Quotes in Stir Crazy (1980)


Harry Monroe Quotes:

  • Harry Monroe: Yes I'm a short son of a bitch, my daddy was a short son of a bitch, my mother was shorter than him, and my brother, my brother was so short we couldn't even see him.

  • Skip Donahue: This filthy, roach-ridden reality is inspiring... what did that second policeman say to you when he grabbed you by the throat?

    Harry Monroe: Man, I don't fucking believe you!

    Skip Donahue: "Man, I don't fucking believe you!" Fabulous!

    Harry Monroe: You don't get it do you, Skip. You think this is The Count Of Monte Cristo or something. We're in deep trouble. This is the real deal. We're in deep shit.

  • Harry Monroe: Yea, that's right! That's right! We bad!

  • Blade: The rodeo clown is the most DANGEROUS job, 'cause he gets CLOSEST to the BULL. He gets the BEST of the BULL! HOOK to the left! HOOK to the right! And if the bull rider's in trouble, he's gotta protect him, even if it means gettin' his ribs pulled out, or bein' freight-trained...

    Harry Monroe: Freight-trained?

    Blade: Run over, just like a freight train, only with a bull, it's worse, cause a freight train don't BACK UP and FINISH the JOB. Later on I'll show you how to lie out on the stretcher when the ambulance comes.

  • Harry Monroe: A hundred and twenty five years... Oh God, Oh God... I'll be a hundred and sixty one when I get out.

  • Blade: Now every bull has a secret word that makes him crazy, and sends him into his craziest ride, Your job is to figure out that word.

    Harry Monroe: Bull... uh... let's see. Uh... rumplestiltskin. Uh... malt liquor... come on bull.

    [whistles and makes kissing noises]

    Harry Monroe: Come on, bull. Uh... woof, woof! Uh...

    [makes clicking sound with tongue]

    Harry Monroe: ... hey sexy... hee-hee... shit!

    [Bull bellows and charges at Harry]

    Harry Monroe: [Running away from bull] Oh, you mother-fucker!

    Blade: Congratulations, you found the word!

  • Skip Donahue: What are you doing?

    Harry Monroe: I'm gettin bad. You better get bad, Jack cause if you ain't bad you're gonna get fucked.

  • Big Mean: What's the charge?

    Harry Monroe: Innocent.

    Big Mean: Ain't we all?

    Harry Monroe: Bank robbery?

    Big Mean: Oh, shit.

    Harry Monroe: Ooooh, shit!

    Big Mean: You can kiss the baby.

    Harry Monroe: Kiss the baby?

    Skip Donahue: [to Big Mean] What baby is that sir?

    Big Mean: Ask your lawyer.

    [laughs and walks away]

  • Harry Monroe: [whimpering] Pillow... I want my pillow.

  • Rory: That's Blade. He runs the third world side of Cell Block 2. My dear, till Grossberger came along he held the axe murder record in the south-west! He's the one I'm gonna get you the cheeseburger from. How do you like it, medium?

    Harry Monroe: Oh no, I don't want no cheeseburger, I'm trying to, er, keep my weight down.

    Rory: Don't worry about him, I'll protect you. I'll protect you!

    Harry Monroe: I'm getting a little podge.

    Rory: For some reason I make him uneasy!

    [Waves in a very camp manner toward Blade]

    Harry Monroe: I wonder why? Hi

    [waves at Blade]

    Harry Monroe: . I'm going!

    [Calls after Skip]

    Harry Monroe: Skip my friend.

    [Then, to Rory]

    Harry Monroe: Excuse me would you?

    Rory: I'll come with you.

    Harry Monroe: Awwwww... shit!

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