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  • Chet: Was she hot?

    Harry Balbo: Amazingly. Sort of a... wild. Almost feral.

  • Harry Balbo: [to Sammy] If you're trying to freak me out... it's working.

  • Harry Balbo: You look tired. Getting enough sleep?

    Ronnie: This new girlfriend I got, she's killing me!

    Harry Balbo: She's got a sister?

  • Harry Balbo: [talking at work] As a matter of fact the other day she said to keep her eye out for someone tasty... so I immediately thought of you, Javi. I hope you don't mind.

    Javier: You've come to the right man, Harry. I mean, I don't mean to blow my own horn, but I am a sexual tyrannosaurus... rex!

    Harry Balbo: I know... I know. That's why I think that maybe you might be able to take care of her. You might be able to give her what she needs. Keep her satisfied.

    Javier: Well, Harry, if she is half the girl you say she is, I'll give her everything I've got... every last drop.

    Harry Balbo: I know. I know you will, Javi. I'm counting on it.

  • Strickland: You know, you never asked me how I got in this wheelchair. It was 1972. I was 18 years old, with the Marines. We were five clicks outside of Plei Mei, real Indian country. And we came upon a Vietcong village... and everything was dead. Men, women, children. Arms and legs laying in piles next to a bonfire.

    Harry Balbo: Was it some kind of atrocity or...

    Strickland: Yeah, I guess you could say that. But it wasn't us. It wasn't them. It was *them*. A vampire. Asian male and his concubine. Long story short, we used every bit of firepower we had to put it down. Emptying full clips at a time into him. In the end, it took a flamethrower to kill it. We were beat to shit. Most of us were still alive. And that's when his girlfriend showed up. And this 90-pound female vampire wiped out my entire squad. I was the only survivor. She only hit me once. Broke my body like a toothpick. Well, I faked being dead, and when the fast mover showed up, air force with 500 napalm bombs, she went D.D. And the military, they healed my body, best they could... but they thought I'd cracked mentally. But the thing is... is I know what I *saw*. That's why I do all this. Look, Harry... you listen to me. Go find yourself a girlfriend, a hooker... I don't care. But then you steel yourself, and you go back to wherever it is you've got that bitch stashed, and you finish what you've started. Because the longer this goes on, the stronger she gets and the weaker you become.

  • Harry Balbo: What are you looking for?

    Strickland: Bite marks.

    Harry Balbo: No. Can't believe, uh, you... you... you're here in my building. I mean, what, uh... what are the odds?

    Strickland: Impossible to one. That's why chance has got nothin' to do with it. When it happens like this... it's fate.

  • Strickland: And in most cases, vampires are easier to track than serial killers.

    Harry Balbo: Why is that?

    Strickland: Well, they rarely drive... and they have to be home by dawn.

  • Strickland: Generally, only those who are already in danger, like yourself, are willing to do what's necessary to survive.

    Harry Balbo: And how often do they succeed?

    Strickland: Assuming proper attitude, planning and germination... almost never.

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