Harrison Quotes in Undead (2003)


Harrison Quotes:

  • Harrison: When I was a kid, we fuckin' respected our parents, we didn't fuckin' eat 'em!

  • Harrison: I'll fuckin' finish you off faster than a fuckin' birthday cake at a fat chick's fuckin' birthday party!

  • Harrison: You have a long way to go yet, lad.

    Spur: He's not a lad, brother, he's man. He's a man!

  • [Harrison is threatening to send Jessica away to a ladies' college]

    Jessica Harrison: No! I won't go!

    Harrison: [slaps Jessica] You're as deceitful as your mother.

  • Harrison: You haven't been outside this house in days.

    Jessica: I thought this is where you wanted me -- looking decorative, waiting for the suitors to call.

  • John Hallston: [takes gloves off, enters office] How could this happen? How could this possibly happen?

    Sanders: I don't know, sir.

    Sanders: [throws glove in Sanders' face] Of course you don't know! Charles is gone, his whole damn crew is gone! And Malcolm's disappeared - he probably knows where he is. I bet he's taking my mark right this second!

    Harrison: He wouldn't, sir.

    John Hallston: [shouting] And what makes you so sure?

    Sanders: 'Cause you still have his girl!

  • Harrison: Do you now how to drive?

    Travis: Yeah, I know: Mario Kart.

    Harrison: Yeah, me too.

  • [last lines]

    Dispatch: Sheriff, you out there? Sheriff, can you hear me? Do you copy? This is Dispatch. Do you copy?

    [under her breath]

    Dispatch: See, there's no one out there.

    Harrison: Hello?

  • Travis: [holding guns] Are you a bad guy?

    Man: [whimpering in trunk] I'm a good guy. I'm a good... I'm a good guy.

    Harrison: Then why are you tied up?

    Man: Um... Because I, uh... I need someone to rescue me. You boys are gonna rescue me, right?

    Travis: Maybe.

  • [first lines]

    Travis: [walking in an open field] Wiener.

    Harrison: Wiener.

    Travis: Boobs.

    Harrison: Boobs.

    Travis: Pussy.

    Harrison: Pussy.

  • Harrison: I think I would rather die than to listen to that shrieking child for another evening!

    Erik Destler: As you wish!

  • [the phantom meets Harrison, the opera critic in a steam room]

    Erik Destler: Could it be that I saw you at the opera last night?

    Harrison: It's possible, I am the opera critic of the Gazette.

    Erik Destler: Indeed, I found your account of Christine Day's performance, some what troubling. Could it be that we saw different shows?

    Harrison: Ah Ms. Day, I was sorry for her, embarrassed really, the role was beyond her!

    Erik Destler: Then perhaps you weren't afforded a seat befitting your status and your knowledge of the arts. The acoustics are somewhat inconsistent. Should you reconsider your evaluation, I could provide you with a private box.

    Harrison: Sir you flatter me, but in all truthfulness, I think I would rather die than to listen to that shrieking child for another evening.

    Erik Destler: As you wish!

  • Annie Bodie: Oh God!

    Harrison: Don't call me that, we're friends.

  • Harrison: At first I thought you were gay, or worse asexual.

  • Harrison: We stay here until the sun starts to come up and then we make a run for it.

  • Margaret 'Maggie' Garret: But I make $10,000 a week!

    Harrison: Ten thousand? Hmm-mm.

    [holds up ten fingers, then closes five]

    Harrison: That balances Mr. Roosevelt's budget.

    [counting off the other fingers]

    Harrison: then there's Selena's singing lessons, the twins ballet lessons, Father's stock market contributions, Mother's antiques. The leaves you...

    [makes an "o" with her hand]

  • Harrison: [being dealt the Ace of Spades] That's a bad card, isn't it?

    Gloria Robloff: ...Sometimes the cards lie.

  • [last lines]

    Cate: [friendly after walking over to him after he notices her coming up to join him on the building roof] Hey, you.

    Harrison: Hey, y'self.


    Harrison: So, I'm trying to figure out... how to set my Facebook status.

    Cate: [Finally bursts out laughing] How about, um, it's complicated.

    Harrison: [looks at her a few times then stares out in the distance] I think we can do better than that.

    [kneels down in front of her with ring, slightly licks his lips]

    Harrison: Try this again?

    Cate: [nods, small smile] Yes.

    [she takes the ring and as he kisses her he lets the box drop to the ground and the skyline of the city is shown with violins]

  • Evelyn: [sparring with weapons] You get my boy, you get his mother, too, Honey.

    Cate: [screams] I don't want you!

    Harrison: [running] Hey!

    Evelyn: Come on!

    Harrison: [runs onto screen] Hey, hey, hey, hey!

    Cate: No! I know about Katie.

    [points weapon at him]

    Harrison: [Looks at both] What are you talking about; take it easy.

    Cate: Stay away from me!

    [desperately whacks him on side of his head]

    Evelyn: [getting more hysterical as she speaks] You bitch. You bitch! Look what you did! You are like Katie! I took care of her, and I'll take care of you, too.

    [sounds of effort and grunting and seething screams as the women fight and he gets up and soon the mom's weapon is pushed away and Cate gets away, the mother going after her]

    Harrison: Mom!

    [he is unable to get up until they are far off; the chase ensues and the mom goes after Cate, who ducks and the mom flies over her into a pool with a war cry. Cate watches]

    Harrison: Mom!

    [runs faster; sees her in the pool]

    Harrison: [whispers] No.

    [embattled cry]

    Harrison: Mom!

    [police come and Harrison is seen holding a traumatized Cate]

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