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Harman Sullivan Quotes:

  • Charley Varrick: You know what dirty money is? That's the kind of money you can't declare on your income tax. Well, when certain people get that kind of money, what they do is send it out of the country to invest, and when it comes back, it's clean.

    Harman Sullivan: So?

    Charley Varrick: So maybe that little bank was a drop, a collection point. Maybe all this was on its way out of the country.

    Harman Sullivan: Fantastic! We lucked out!

    Charley Varrick: More like crapped out. It's ten-to-one this stuff belongs to the Mafia. This is gambling money skimmed off the top, whore money, dope money.

    Harman Sullivan: What's the difference?

    Charley Varrick: The difference is the Mafia kills you, no trial, no judge. They never stop looking for you, not 'til you're dead. I'd rather have ten F.B.I.s after me.

  • Charley Varrick: We're gonna have to keep pretty quiet for a while.

    Harman Sullivan: Is that so?

    Charley Varrick: That's right. Best way to get nailed is to start tossing that stuff around.

    Harman Sullivan: And what's your idea of a while?

    Charley Varrick: Three years. Maybe four.

    Harman Sullivan: Are you telling me that I can't spend none of this money for three, four years?

    Charley Varrick: Right, right, that's what I'm telling you. And you better lay off that juice, too. That's another way to get nailed, me along with you.

    Harman Sullivan: Any more instructions?

    Charley Varrick: No.

    Harman Sullivan: Nothing more you wanna hang onto me?

    Charley Varrick: Not right now.

    Harman Sullivan: Then I got something I wanna hang onto you, jimmy dick! I've been waiting all my life to make a score like this, and now that it's here, I ain't waiting no more. I mean, I'm gonna wail. And I'm talking about chicks, cars, clothes, a box at the races, and beefsteak three times a day, and no washed up, chicken-shit son-of-a-bitch had better try stop me!

  • Harman Sullivan: What's bothering you?

    Charley Varrick: I don't know. Something smells bad.

    Harman Sullivan: Charley, *you* smell bad. Now don't you run a game out on me or I'll hang you out to dry.

    Charley Varrick: What's that kind of money doing in a Tres Cruces bank?

    Harman Sullivan: Where should it be?

    Charley Varrick: Bank that size figures to have maybe thirty, twenty thousand dollars in it.

    Harman Sullivan: Listen Charley, just let me ask you one question. The money was *there*, right?

    Charley Varrick: Yeah.

    Harman Sullivan: Now its *here*, right?

    Charley Varrick: Yeah.

    Harman Sullivan: So what's the big deal?

  • Charley Varrick: Mafia money. All I wanted was a small take, in and out quick, no big deal.

    Harman Sullivan: Well, don't you worry, Charley, cause if you don't want your share, I'll be more than happy to take it over for you.

    Charley Varrick: I'm sure you would, Harmon.

    Harman Sullivan: Well, what do you want to do, give it back?

    Charley Varrick: I've been thinking about it.

    Harman Sullivan: Charley Varrick. Well, I got some news for you, Charley. You haven't got the balls of a bull canary bird. And something else, I ain't giving back penny number one!

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