Hari Quotes in Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001)


Hari Quotes:

  • Sesshômaru: What do you want?

    Hari: Lord Sesshomaru...

    Ruri: We'll have your fang.

    Sesshômaru: My fang?

    [Sesshomaru eyes the Tenseiga]

  • Menomaru: It seems the Fang of Destruction has a barrier around it...

    Ruri: You mean?

    Menomaru: ...only he can wield it. I can't inherit my fathers legacy until the spell on this fang is broken, and the only way to acheive that is with the Tetsusiga.

    Hari: I don't see how a mere mortal will be enough to lure him here.

    Menomaru: Oh he'll come. Dog demons seem too fond of humans.

  • Hari: This girl possesses unusually strong spiritual powers. Is she a priestess?

    Ruri: Impossible. Look at the way she's dressed.

    [eyes Kagome's schoolgirl outfit]

  • Ruri: Someone has interfered.

    Hari: Our business here is done. Kirara!

    Sango: Kirara?

    [Hari has taken control over Kirara]

  • Sonny Kapoor: The man is so handsome he has me urgently questioning my own sexuality. What's left of our hopes for the hotel are in his hands, Mama G, so please, take one for the team.

    Hari: Are you pimping out your own mother?

  • Hari: Did you ever think of me?

    Kris Kelvin: Only when I was sad.

  • Hari: I have a feeling someone's deceiving us.

  • Hari: You're human. Each in your own way. That's why you argue.

  • Hari: Who's this? Kris it's me!

  • Hari: Listen... I don't know myself. I don't remember. When I close my eyes, I can't recall my face. And you?

    Kris Kelvin: What?

    Hari: Do you know yourself?

  • Hari: That woman in the white coat, she hated me.

    Kris Kelvin: Don't make things up. She died before you and I met.

  • Kris Kelvin: Get some sleep.

    Hari: I don't know how to sleep. It's not sleep, it's somehow around me. It's as if it wasn't just inside me, but much farther away.

  • Hari: It doesn't matter why man loves. It's different for everyone.

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