Hardy Quotes in Basic (2003)


Hardy Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Hardy: So, what are you gonna do?

    Osbourne: I think I need a beer.

    Hardy: Un cerveza por senorita!

    Castro: Here you go, colonel.

    Osbourne: Colonel?

    [he winks]

  • Styles: Osbourne's the closest thing we have to an in-house investigator.

    Hardy: And here you are going out of house... now, how does that make you feel, Jules?

    Osbourne: Hostile and uncooperative, sir.

    Hardy: Fantastic.

  • Dunbar: You think you know everything? You haven't even scratched the surface.

    Hardy: I know enough to know that you've got two choices. You can either sign a confession and spend the rest of your life in a cell. Or you can tell us to fuck off, and you'll be hanged. Now, am I scratching... *your* surface yet?

  • Hardy: Three things, first you don't have a choice, second I've never taken a bribe in my life, and third... I'm still a little drunk from earlier so if I skip over the witty banter and move straight on to coming on to you I hope you don't take offense.

  • Hardy: Osbourne, you call me "sir" one more time I swear to God I'm gonna scream.

  • Osbourne: I questioned him for two hours; he didn't make a sound.

    Hardy: You try pokin' him with a stick?

  • Hardy: And I wasn't looking at your ass.

    Osbourne: [gives Hardy a skeptical look]

    Hardy: Maybe a little bit, but it was strictly in a professional way.

  • Vilmer: Guess I'm on the same transport as Pike. Hey Julie-bird, you bitch? Why don't you go and get me something to eat? I'm starving. Christ...

    Hardy: What did you say?

    Vilmer: I didn't mean to call her a bitch. I...

    Hardy: No no no no, before. What did you say?

    Vilmer: What, that me and Pike are going on a transport plane going to DC together?

    Hardy: You mean Dunbar.

    Vilmer: [sigh] No. Pike... The one that they just hauled out of here. The guy that they brought in with Kendall on the chopper.

    Osbourne: That was Dunbar.

    Vilmer: [complacent] No, that's not right.

    Hardy: What do you mean? Why not?

    Vilmer: Tom, Ray Dunbar is black.

    [flashback to Sgt. West's browbeating of Pike with Dunbar in his place]

  • Hardy: [raining, questioning Styles about the case he's been brought in on] Any spooks involved... CIA... FBI?

    Styles: [covering his unease] Not really.

    Hardy: [confused] What's that mean?

    Styles: [breaks] There were some guys... some guys down here that were way out on the hairy edge, doing covert stuff. Well, they went renegade... starting their own missions.

    Hardy: [unconvinced, trying to understand situation] What happened to them?

    Styles: Well, they disappeared into drug land... and with their unique talents they cut one hell of slice through the competition. Now West trained some of these guys... and he hated them for what they did... and they hated him! That's what this could be about.

    Hardy: What's this got to do with anything?

    Styles: Something... maybe nothing... but that note that Dunbar wrote had an eight on it... and that's what these guys called themselves - Section 8.

  • Sgt. Nathan West: I just transferred to Arlington Cemetery.

    Hardy: Keep talking shit, and you're liable to make roll call.

  • Hardy: [looks at Kendall's record] Levi? Who names their kid Levi?

    Osbourne: General Jonathan Kendall. Of the Joint Chiefs.

  • Sgt. Nathan West: Tom, why did this woman have a weapon pointed at your head?

    Hardy: This is Captain Osbourne, and she has had a long day.

  • Styles: This kid we have in interrogation requested a Ranger, someone he'd never met. That's you.

    Hardy: Well, Jesus, Bill, he could've requested a sailboat, it doesn't mean you have to give it to him!

  • Osbourne: [abruptly slugs Vilmer in the face with a phone book]

    Hardy: Whoa-ho! How about them Yankees?

    Osbourne: Now see, what I just did is considered illegal. Which means I'll be discharged from the army. Which means no law school. So I really have nothing to lose...

  • Toby: Who could have done these murders?

    Hardy: I don't know. It could have been anybody.

    Toby: Well, it can't be ANYbody. It's gotta be somebody.

    Hardy: Of course it's somebody, but that somebody could be anybody.

    Toby: Well, look, we didn't do it, right?

    Hardy: Right.

    Toby: So you can't say it could be anybody. WE'RE anybody.

    Hardy: True, but we're also somebody.

  • Hardy: Hey, Mr. Wehlner.

    Richard: Hey, Hardy. How are you doing?

    Hardy: I'm doing good.

    Richard: What did you do last night?

    Hardy: I went to the movies with my sister.

    Richard: You did?

    Hardy: Yeah.

    Richard: That sounds awesome.

    Hardy: Guess what?

    Richard: What?

    Hardy: I'm growing a mustache.

    Richard: All right. That's cool.

    [offers a handshake]

    Richard: Hey, Hardy, you're doing a great job at the store here.

    Hardy: Thanks.

    Richard: Keep it up.

    [as Hardy walks away, Richard feels his right hand after shaking it with Hardy and gives an uneasy look on his face. Doug sees this and approaches him]

    Doug Stauber: What's going on?

    Richard: Oh, nothing. Just... Hardy. It just gets sad, sometimes. Do you know why Hardy's hand is powdered?

    Doug Stauber: Why?

    Richard: These retarded guys... masturbate so much that they rub the skin off their penises. They don't know better, and that they have a hard time not jerking off.

    [Mitch and the board of directors appear behind Richard]

    Richard: Hey!

    [Richard walks away as Mitch approaches Doug. He watches the conversation from a distance]

    Mitch: Was he talking about jerking off in the store?

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