Happy McGuire Quotes in Lady for a Day (1933)


Happy McGuire Quotes:

  • Happy McGuire: That should be a cinch.

    Butler: I beg your pardon, Sir.

    Happy McGuire: I said that should be a leadpipe cinch!

    Butler: If I had choice of weapons with you, Sir, I'd choose grammar!

  • Happy McGuire: I'm goin' over to the insane asylum and hobnob with a few sensible people.

  • Dave the Dude - 'Dave Manville': If we gotta dig up a husband for Annie, let's to it and get it over with.

    Happy McGuire: Yeah, now you gotta dig up a husband for her.

    Happy McGuire: [shouting] Where you gonna get a husband just like that?

    Dave the Dude - 'Dave Manville': What about YOU, Happy?

    Happy McGuire: Me?

    Missouri Martin: Oh, that's a swell idea. I think you'd be just precious.

    Missouri Martin: That's a wonderful idea; there's one thing stands in the way: I've got a wife that's very fussy. She don't like for me to go around marryin' people! I know how unreasonable that must sound to you, but she's very funny that way.

  • John the Butler: Whom do you wish to see, sir?

    Happy McGuire: Is this Rodney Kent's apartment?

    John the Butler: Uh, yes, sir, but he's away...

    Happy McGuire: Ah, what gave you the idea I'd give a hang where he is?

    John the Butler: Well, I... I assumed...

    Happy McGuire: Don't go around assuming so much. It'll get you into trouble.

  • Dave the Dude - 'Dave Manville': For years Annie's been lucky to me, ain't she?

    Happy McGuire: What?

    Dave the Dude - 'Dave Manville': Well, what kind of luck would I have if I passed her up at a time like this?

  • Missouri Martin: [bringing in her entourage to work on Apple Annie] Say, when they get through with her, she's gonna look every bit as good as me.

    Happy McGuire: The idea is to make her look like a lady.

  • Happy McGuire: Say, listen, Babcock wore out the seats of two pair of pants just sitting around on his El Fideldo.

  • Happy McGuire: Enough tears around here to float a battleship.

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