Hank Marlow Quotes in Kong: Skull Island (2017)


Hank Marlow Quotes:

  • Hank Marlow: Who's winning the war?

    Captain James Conrad: Which one?

    Hank Marlow: ...That makes sense, I guess.

  • Hank Marlow: Kong's a pretty good king. Keeps to himself, mostly. This is his home, we're just guests. But you don't go into someone's house and start dropping bombs, unless you're picking a fight.

  • Mason Weaver: Wasn't Kong the one who killed your friend?

    Hank Marlow: No.

    Hank Marlow: [points to painting of a creature] One of them did. Kong's god on the island, but the devils live below us.

    James Conrad: And what are they called?

    Hank Marlow: The Iwis won't speak their name, but I call them... Skullcrawlers.

    James Conrad: Why?

    Hank Marlow: Cause it sounds neat.

    James Conrad: Okay.

    Hank Marlow: Look, I just made that name up. I'm trying to scare you.

    Mason Weaver: I'm fine calling them that.

    Mason Weaver: [to James] Are you cool with that?

    James Conrad: Yeah. That seems okay.

    Mason Weaver: I like the name.

    Hank Marlow: I've never said that name out loud before, it sounds stupid now that I say it. Just... you call them whatever you want.

  • Hank Marlow: Keep your eyes open. Up in the trees, too.

    Houston Brooks: Why?

    Hank Marlow: Ants. Big ones.

    [hears chirping]

    Hank Marlow: There's one. Sounds like a bird, but it's a fucking ant.

  • [last lines]

    Hank Marlow: [looks at his wife's picture, sings softly] We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...

  • Hank Marlow: I can't tell when I'm talking, or when I'm not talking.

    Victor Nieves: You're talking.

    Hank Marlow: Really?

    Victor Nieves: Yes.

    Hank Marlow: I'm talking?

    Victor Nieves: Yes.

    Hank Marlow: You're mouth is moving.

    Victor Nieves: What?

    Hank Marlow: I'm gonna stab you by the end of the night.

    Victor Nieves: Really?

    Hank Marlow: [laughs] Just kiddin'.

  • Hank Marlow: Death before Dishonor.

  • Hank Marlow: [to the soldiers] This is a good group of boys. We're all gonna die together out here. You're a good group of boys to die with, I'll tell you that much.


    Hank Marlow: You shouldn't have come here.

  • Hank Marlow: [Looks at Bill Randa] Sometime's there's no enemy until you look for one.

  • Hank Marlow: People here used to live in fear, from everything. Then something strange happened: some of the monsters here started protecting them from the other monsters trying to kill them.

  • Hank Marlow: This man's name was Gunpei Ikari. If you take away the uniforms and the war, then he became my brother.

    [choked up]

    Hank Marlow: And we swore we'd never leave each other behind.

    [pause, then sternly]

    Hank Marlow: Let's get off this island.

  • Slivko: Who'd win, tigers or cubs?

    Hank Marlow: A tiger would win, obviously. A cub's just a baby bear. Now wait till the bear gets bigger...

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