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Hana Quotes:

  • Miyuki: Eat shit, you old fart.

    Hana: "Shit" I'll take, but "fart" I won't!

  • Hana: I am a mistake made by God. In my heart, I am a woman.

    Gin: Women can have children.

    Hana: What if a miracle like the Virgin Mary getting pregnant... was to happen to a homo?

    [to soup kitchen server]

    Hana: Better give me a little extra. I'm eating for two.

  • Hana: All he thinks about is himself.

    Miyuki: Yeah, Miss Hana, but you're in love with him, aren't you?

    Hana: Don't be silly. I like my men to be more 'manly.'

    Hana: [leaning towards the cab driver] My kind of man is slender, middle-aged, tan, with a divine square-back haircut and a lower town accent, who says 'Ah what the hell' when I don't quite have the cab fare.


  • Hana: If you like the police so much, get THEM to adopt you!

  • Hana: This is a Christmas present from God! She's our baby!

  • Hana: Dreams do come true. I always dreamed of being the mother of a little girl. A nice, warm house, a pretty daughter. Even if my husband was no good... I would accept dire poverty as long as I had my child.

    Gin: Feed the poor kid!

  • Hana: Oh, cheer up! Let's sing a song...

    Hana: [singing in English] Climb every mountain/...

    Miyuki: What the hell's that?

    Hana: "The Sound of Music," of course!

    Miyuki: Never heard of it.

    Hana: [sings] Climb every mountain/ Ford every stream...

    Gin: That's going to make you even hungrier.

    Hana: Follow every rainbow/ till... you... find... your... dream...

  • Hana: You really are the lowest of the low! The best thing you'll ever do is die in the gutter! Oh, poor you! You'll be dead and no one'll care! All you ever do is cause people trouble - dead or alive, you're living trash! The king of trash!

    Gin: Okay, so I'm trash, but you're ugly!

  • Hana: [haiku] On the year's last day / when all of a life's accounts / have been settled up.

  • Hana: I am a mistake made by God.In my heart, I am a woman. Women can have children. What if a miracle like the Virgin Mary getting pregnant... was to happen to a homo? Better give me a little extra. After all, l"m eating for two.

  • Hana: Miyuki! Close your legs! Act like you were a woman!

    Miyuki: I am a woman.

  • Gin: [Gin throws a book from the garbage dump at Miyuki and hits her in the face]

    Hana: What are you doing to Dostoyevski?

  • Hana: I'm starving!

    Gin: I told you!

    Hana: Look after my little angel. Go on without me. Just say you'll never forget the queer you once knew.

    Miyuki: Look, a cemetery.

    Hana: I'm not dead yet!

  • Gin: You peep pretty loud for a chick that can't even find its own worms.

    Miyuki: Should a burden on society like you be talking?

    Gin: You're a burden on us- what does that make you?

    Miyuki: The kettle the pot's calling black.

    Gin: You mouthy brat!

    Hana: Can't you at least get along on Christmas?

  • Miyuki: God must be busy at this time of year.

    Hana: Better once a year than never.

  • Hana: Which way?

    Gin: Left!

    Hana: Okay, right!

    Gin: Why?

    Hana: You're a lousy gambler!

    Gin: You got that right!

  • Hana: Go for it, Gin! No action star can touch you!

  • Hana: Since Ken died I'm like a canary... that's forgotten it's song.

    Miyuki: You sing all the time!

    Mother: So, Ken died did he?


    Mother: AIDS?

    Hana: He slipped on the soap.

    Mother: Well, death is always a hair's breadth away.

  • Hana: [haiku] My mother's white breath / as she watches me set out / on a long journey.

  • Hana: Live your life!

  • [after Revealing to Hana that he is a Werewolf]

    Wolf Man: Were you surprised?

    [She nods]

    Wolf Man: Do you want to break up?

    [Hana shakes her head]

    Wolf Man: But you're trembling, are you scared?

    Hana: No.


    Hana: Because you're you.

  • [to The Wolf Man]

    Hana: I'll welcome you back home.

  • Hana: [reads Almásy's note on the firecracker] "Betrayals in war are childlike compared with our betrayals during peace. New lovers are nervous and tender, but smash everything. For the heart is an organ of fire." For the heart is an organ of fire.I love that. I believe that. K? Who is K?

    Almásy: K is for Katharine.

  • Hana: There's a man downstairs. He brought us eggs. He might stay.

    Almásy: Why? Can he lay eggs?

    Hana: He's Canadian.

    Almásy: Why are people always so happy when they collide with someone from the same place? What happened in Montreal when you passed a man in the street? Did you invite him to live with you?

  • Almásy: Could I have a cigarette?

    Hana: [laughing] Are you crazy?

    Almásy: Why... why are you so determined to keep me alive?

    Hana: Because I'm a nurse.

  • Caravaggio: You're in love with him, aren't you? Your poor patient. You think he's a saint because of the way he looks? I don't think he is.

    Hana: I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with ghosts. So is he, he's in love with ghosts.

  • Hana: [crying, her face a frozen mask] I must be a curse. Anybody who loves me, anybody who gets close to me... or I must be cursed. Which is it?

  • Almásy: [being carried up the stairs] There was a Prince, who was dying, and he was carried up the tower at Pisa so he could die with a view of the Tuscan Hills. Am I that Prince?

    Hana: [laughs] Because you're leaning? No, you're just on an angle. You're too heavy!

  • Hana: The war's over - you told me yourself. How can it be desertion?

    Oliver: It's not over everywhere. I didn't mean literally.

    Hana: [looking at Almasy] When he dies I'll catch up.

    Oliver: [looking over the small cache of provisions] It's not safe here. The whole country's crawling with Bandits and Germans and God knows what. It's madness. I can't allow it. You're not alright, this is natural. It's shock. For all of us. Hana?

    Hana: [bent] I need morphine. A lot. And a pistol.

    Oliver: [clutching at straws, about Almasy] And what if he really is a spy?

    Hana: [impatient] He can't even move!

    Oliver: If anything happened to you I'd never forgive myself.

    [as Hana nods and smiles]

    Oliver: ... We're heading for Leghorn. Livorno the Italians call it. We'll expect you.

  • Setsuko "Alice" Arisugawa: I saw 'Hannibal' on satellite last night.

    Hana: So did I.

    Setsuko "Alice" Arisugawa: I was scared.

    Hana: Isn't he creepy?

    Setsuko "Alice" Arisugawa: Yeah. Don't you think real people are scarier... than zombies and ghosts?

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