Hammy the Squirrel Quotes in Over the Hedge (2006)


Hammy the Squirrel Quotes:

  • Ozzie: But this house is like a fortress. Walls, so high. Doors, impenetrable. How will we get in?

    RJ: The collar is the key.

    [Shows video on cell phone of Tiger entering door]

    RJ: Literally, the collar is like a key that opens the door, and if...

    Stella: And what? You think he's just gonna hand over his collar to you?

    RJ: Not to me, my femme fatale. To you.

    Verne: Her?

    Stella: Me?

    RJ: You, Stella, will get that cat to give you his collar by using...

    Stella: My stink.

    RJ: ...your feminine charms.

    Hammy the Squirrel: Ha ha ha! - Was that out loud?

  • Hammy the Squirrel: What is that?

    RJ: That, my friend, is a magical combination of corn flour, dehydrated cheese solids, BHA, BHT, and good old MSG; a.k.a., the chip, nacho cheese flavor.

  • RJ: [Lays down some Monopoly play pieces to signify what they will do] Okay, this is us.

    Hammy the Squirrel: Can I be the car?

    Bucky: I wanna be the car!

    Spike: I'm the car. You be the shoe.

    Bucky: The shoe is lame.

    Lou: Why don't you be that snazzy-looking iron there?

    RJ: Hey! It's not important. Besides, I'm the car. I'm *always* the car.

  • Hammy the Squirrel: Scary clown!

  • Verne: [to RJ] You see what you've done here? If they listen to half the stuff you're telling them, they'll be dead within a week! You are only interested in taking advantage of them because they are too stupid and naive to know any better!

    Hammy the Squirrel: [growing solemn] I'm not stupid.

    Verne: [noting the family's reaction] Okay, I didn't mean, uh... I meant... ignorant! To the... ways over... over, over there.

    [they begin walking away]

    Verne: C'mon you guys, you know I didn't mean it like that. Don't... don't do this. Stella... Ozzie?

    [stops Hammy]

    Verne: Hammy? You know I didn't... Hammy?

    Hammy the Squirrel: [pushes him away] I'm not stupid...

  • Hammy the Squirrel: [looking at the bigh bush] Lets call it Steve!

    Verne: Steve?

    Hammy the Squirrel: Steve's a pretty name!

  • RJ: You want this cookie?

    Hammy the Squirrel: Oh, yeah, yeah!

    RJ: This cookie's JUNK!

    Hammy the Squirrel: But I like the cookie...

  • Hammy the Squirrel: [Slipping on kitchen floor] No grip! No grip! No grip!...

    RJ: Hammy, less claw, more pad.

    Hammy the Squirrel: Oh, okay.

    [Hammy zips across the room, crashes into wall]

    Hammy the Squirrel: That hurt.

  • RJ: [after making him look like a rabid squirrel] Now show me that vicious look in your eye, boy. Come on!

    Hammy the Squirrel: Oh, oh, I can burp my ABC's


    Hammy the Squirrel: A, B, C...

    RJ: HAMMY! I just really need you to focus right now, okay?

    Hammy the Squirrel: Okay.

  • Hammy the Squirrel: Oh! Morning!

    Verne: Morning, Hammy.

    Hammy the Squirrel: I gotta go wee-wee!

    Verne: Oh... Not on the lake we drink from!

  • RJ: Please don't think I'm prying, but I couldn't help overhearing, and I think I can shed a little light on what this whole hedge situation is about. You see, what was once mere wilderness is now 54 acres of man-made, manicured, air-conditioned paradise.

    [Points at map]

    RJ: Except for that little-bitty speck. You are here.

    [All gasp]

    RJ: No, no, that's a good thing. You're hibernators, right? You gather up a bunch of food, store it away for the winter?

    Hammy the Squirrel: Aha! We fill the log!

    Verne: Hammy.

    RJ: Really? This log? This cave-like log?

    Ozzie: All the way to the top.

    Verne: Ozzie.

    RJ: Let me ask ya, how long's it take, you know, to fill the log?

    Heather: Two-hundred and seventy-four days.

    RJ: Ooh! Ever done it in a week?

    Verne: That's impossible.

    RJ: Not if we work together. You see, you've got the food-gathering skills, I've got the know-how, and they have the food.

    Heather: How much food?

    RJ: Loads of food! Heaps of food! Food out the wazoo!

    Verne: Well, you know, whatever kind of food comes out of a wazoo, I really don't think we're interested in eating.

    Lou: I don't know. The guy's making a lot of sense to me. I think we should listen.

    Penny: Yeah. I'm okay with wazoo food there.

  • Ozzie: O great and powerful Steve! What do you want?

    Verne: I-I don't think it can speak.

    Debbie: [From other side of hedge] I heard that, young man!

    [Others are shocked; Ozzie plays dead]

    Debbie: You get over here right now!

    Hammy the Squirrel: Okay.

    Verne: Hammy, get back here.

    Hammy the Squirrel: But Steve is angry.

    Verne: I think it came from the other side of Steve - I mean, the bush. I mean... Geez!

  • RJ: And there they are. America's most coveted cookies. Love Handles, Skinny Mints, Neener-Neeners, and Smackeroons. And guess what? They're all yours!

    [Hammy jumps, but RJ stops him]

    RJ: Whoa, Hamilton. Hold on there, fella. I love your energy, but you just can't take them.

    Hammy the Squirrel: But you just said they're mine.

    RJ: They will be, if we successfully marry your manic energy to my brilliant plan. You with me, kid?

    Hammy the Squirrel: I... I... I...

    RJ: The ayes have it. Let's ride.

  • RJ: Now listen, champ. Okay, what we're goin' for here is a vicious, man-eating, rabid squirrel. Can you handle that?

    Hammy the Squirrel: Umm, excuse me!

    [Raises hand]

    RJ: Yes, Hammy?

    Hammy the Squirrel: Rabbits aren't vicious. They're all cute and cuddly, so...

    RJ: *Rabid*, not rabbit.

    Hammy the Squirrel: Oh! Huh?

  • RJ: No, Hammy, not the cookie. I told you that cookie was junk!

    Hammy the Squirrel: But I like the cookie.

  • Hammy the Squirrel: Wanna help me find my nuts?

    RJ: Very tempting, Hammy, very tempting...

  • Hammy the Squirrel: I am a crazy, rabid squirrel! I want my cookies!

  • Hammy the Squirrel: [Runs to one end of the hedge] It never ends!

    [Runs to the other end and back]

    Hammy the Squirrel: It never ends that way, too.

  • RJ: Do you like the cookie?

    Hammy the Squirrel: I like the cookie!

    RJ: [Throws cookie away] Well this cookie's yuck!

    Hammy the Squirrel: But I thought I liked the cookie...

  • Hammy the Squirrel: I've got the cookie!

  • Hammy the Squirrel: I've had dirt, I don't like dirt, it tastes like dirt!

  • Hammy the Squirrel: [points angrily to his reflection in a car fender] *This* guy's not comin' with us, is he? 'Cause I don't want him to!

    RJ: [exasperated] Oh, I have so much work to do.

  • Hammy the Squirrel: I like the cookie.

  • [last lines]

    Hammy the Squirrel: I filled the log! I found my nuts!

  • Hammy the Squirrel: [of the hedge] Let's call it Steve!

  • [after the credits, RJ tries to take all the food in the vending machine, but they get stuck]

    Hammy the Squirrel: Well, this is anti-climactic

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