Habib Quotes in Postal (2007)


Habib Quotes:

  • [as the Postal Dude flees from the Mob he arrives Habib's Lucky Ganesh where Habib and Nassira are cleaning the windows and jaywalk from Candidate Wells' blood]

    Dude: Shit! Shit!

    [points to the mob as he hides behind the door]

    Mob Leader: Follow me! I know where he is!

    [Habib points into the store]

    Dude: Thanks.

    [runs into the store and hides behind the counter]

    Mob Leader: Hey, what direction did he go?

    [Habib points to the street]

    Mob Leader: That way!

    [runs with the rest of the mob into the direction Habib showed him]

    Nassira: Why did you help him?

    Habib: Do you want to clean the windows again?

  • Candidate Wells: All 3000 people who died in the World Trade Center attack were not heroes. They were bankers! People who would like nothing stand in the way of making a quick buck. Why are they heroes? Because they died? What about the 17 million Africans and Arabs who have died in civil wars since 9/11? Is a life only of value if the media are interested in reporting it?

    [Spotting Habib]

    Candidate Wells: And you, good sir. How many of your people have died in the Iraq war?

    Habib: Please, sir. I just want some peace. So leave!

    Candidate Wells: Now that's a citizen I like! A perfect candidate for a Fuck You!

    Habib: [Offended] Fuck me? FUCK YOU!

    Candidate Wells: Thank you!

    Habib: YOU'RE WELCOME!

    [Storms off in the store]

    Candidate Wells: Now that's the spirit I like and THAT'S the way of the Fuck You Party!

  • Habib: Minna, my beauty. What was the message this man Morel left for me?

    Minna: He said that if he caught this piece of human filth, shooting at elephants again, he would kill him.

    Habib: [laughs] He's a very spirited gentleman!

    Minna: He meant every word of it.

  • Habib: I always said life had a way with you idealists!

  • Habib: [after Minna spits in his face] I don't mind - that's what the human face is made for, anyway.

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