Guy Holden Quotes in The Gay Divorcee (1934)


Guy Holden Quotes:

  • Waiter: Professor Brown, he's a geologist. Him and his wife stopped at the last place I worked. Do you know sir, it was Professor Brown who told me that this sea coast 'round here is really a... an igneous intrusion.

    Guy Holden: You know, you're somewhat of an igneous intrusion yourself.

    Waiter: Oh thank you sir!

  • Mimi Glossop: I hope you like what I ordered. I've never had breakfast with two men before.

    Guy Holden: I've tried it. It's no fun.

  • Egbert Fitzgerald: Guy, you're not pining for that girl!

    Guy Holden: Pining? Men don't pine. Girls pine. Men just... suffer.

  • Guy Holden: I was chasing you, you shouldn't run away like that.

    Mimi Glossop: Why not?

    Guy Holden: It's bad for my health.

  • Mimi Glossop: Please don't ask me to stay.

    Guy Holden: All right, I won't. Don't go!

  • Guy Holden: [singing and skipping in a circle] The husband is coming! Hooray! Hooray!

  • Guy Holden: Can I offer you anything? Frosted chocolate? Cointreau? Benedictine? Marriage?

    Mimi Glossop: What was that last one?

    Guy Holden: Benedictine?

    Mimi Glossop: No, the one after that.

    Guy Holden: Oh, marriage?

    Mimi Glossop: Do you always propose marriage as casually as that?

    Guy Holden: There is nothing casual about it. In fact, I've given it long and sincere thought.

  • Guy Holden: Chance is the fool's name for fate.

  • Guy Holden: [after crashing into Mimi's car] Hello, hello! I've been looking for you!

  • Guy Holden: You think I'm going to leave you alone with a strange Italian? He might be a tenor!

  • Guy Holden: I wonder if she resented me tearing her skirt?

    Egbert Fitzgerald: Well, I wouldn't at all be surprised. That's the usual reaction. What did you do that for?

    Guy Holden: She couldn't move.

    Egbert Fitzgerald: Sounds very unsporting of you, Guy, really!

    Guy Holden: Well, you don't understand... uh... it was an accident.

    Egbert Fitzgerald: It usually is.

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