Gumby Quotes in Gumby: The Movie (1995)


Gumby Quotes:

  • Gumby: Well I certainly want to deactivate the Gumby robot.

  • Gumby: Hey, Thinbuckle, I wanna ride in the cab!

  • [while thinking of a solution for a fundraiser]

    Gumby: [to Fatbuckle] Fatbuckle, I like the sound of "farmer's benefits". So, is it settled? We'll have benefit concerts?

    Fatbuckle: I'm all for it!

    Thinbuckle: I'm all for it!

  • Gumby: Hey, fellas! What do you know? Our first break on TV! Lucky sure works fast.

    Fatbuckle: [drumbeat]

    Thinbuckle: Man, our first TV appearance!

    [guitar solo]

    Nobuckle: Wow! Think I should get a haircut?

  • Gumby: Gumby robot? Hey! That's our barn on the screen. And my car!

    Tara: Yeah, there's a robot at your barn that looks exactly like you. And the monitor is showing you what it sees.

  • [Goo gives Lowbelly his lunch]

    Goo: Here, Lowbelly. Here's your lunch.

    Goo: [picks up the pearl Lowbelly cried earlier] Oh, what a pretty marble!

    [Goo returns to the table]

    Goo: [showing Gumby the pearl] Gumby, look at this strange marble I found in the hay. Isn't it beautiful?

    [Goo gives the pearl to Gumby]

    Goo: Gumby, look at this strange marble I found in the hay. Isn't it beautiful?

    Gumby: [examining the pearl] It's a beauty alright; but I don't think it's a marble. It looks like a pearl!

    [Gumby gives the pearl to Thinbuckle to examine]

    Gumby: [to Thinbuckle] Here, Thinbuckle. What does it look like to you?

    Thinbuckle: [after close examination] It sure looks like a pearl my dad bought for my mother, and it cost a lotta money, man!

    [Thinbuckle passes the pearl back to Gumby who then passes it over to Fatbuckle; Fatbuckle puts the pearl in his mouth and bites it]

    Thinbuckle: [Fatbuckle takes the pearl out of his mouth and gives it back to Gumby]

    Fatbuckle: [after examining the pearl] I'll bet it's a real pearl! I'd say it's worth at least a thousand dollars!

    Gumby: Well, I'm gonna show it to Professor Kapp. He'll tell us if it's real for sure!

    [Gumby visits Professor Kapp's lab and startles the professor]

    Gumby: [after knocking over a shelf filled with beakers and bunsen burners] Oh, I'm awfully sorry, professor. I shouldn't pop in on you so fast like that.

    Professor Kapp: Don't worry about that, son. It was just one of my many unsuccessful experiments. No harm done, really. Oh my! Well then, what can I do for you, Gumby?

    Gumby: [about the pearl] Goo found this in our barn. We thought you could tell us if it's a real pearl or not.

    [Gumby gives Professor Kapp the pearl]

    Professor Kapp: Now, uh... let me get a good look at this with my crystal lazienalizer.

    [Kapp places the pearl inside the analyzer as the machine analyzes it]

    Professor Kapp: [pointing to the computer screen] Oh, and on this screen over here, we'll soon get the answer.

    Gumby: [as the computer reads out the data] Wow! Thank you, professor! This'll be a good start on our farmer's benefit fund. We are having a benefit concert in the park tomorrow, and you're invited!

    Professor Kapp: [to Gumby; as he leaves his lab] Oh, thank you, Gumby! I wouldn't miss it for anything!

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