Guilford Quotes in Lady Jane (1986)


Guilford Quotes:

  • Guilford: Go on, ask me.

    Jane: What?

    Guilford: What I want.

    Jane: What do you want?

    Guilford: Oh, I think you know. I want a world where men are not branded or sent into slavery because they can't grow the food they need to eat. Go on.

    Jane: Well,

    [smashes goblet]

    Jane: it's done.

  • Guilford: I thought, you see I wondered: Now that we're together, how on earth are we going to spend the days?

  • Guilford: On the night I was informed I was to be transformed into---untold bliss---I had attended several taverns, witnessed a bear-baiting and was actually located in the Suffolk stews, sampling the pleasures of a lady of the night.

  • Guilford: Tell me, did you see his chest?

    Jane: Yes, it was marked.

    Guilford: No, it wasn't. It was branded. A mark burnt into him with a red-hot iron.

  • Guilford: God's teeth!

  • Guilford: The brain is a brittle organ, Jane. The slightest pressure and it snaps. It's not wrapped up in a little heart.

  • Jane: You gave them all that money and they just threw it back at you?

    Guilford: Money? Do you know what's happened to the value of money?

    Jane: No.

    [Guilford slides Jane a coin]

    Guilford: What's that?

    Jane: A penny.

    Guilford: No, it isn't. It's a shilling.

    Jane: It can't be, shillings are made of silver.

    Guilford: Should be, used to be. But not now.

  • Guilford: So then we will.

    Jane: Yes, we will.

    Guilford: We'll fly.

    Jane: We'll fly.

    Guilford: Away, beyond their reach.

    Jane: So far...

    Guilford: Their touch can't tarnish us, and at last, we will be...

    Jane: Nothing...

    Guilford: Nobody...

    Jane: Each other's.

    Guilford: Only this time, forever.

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