Grig Quotes in The Last Starfighter (1984)


Grig Quotes:

  • Grig: Remember, Death Blossom delivers only one massive volley at close range... theoretically.

    Alex Rogan: What do you mean, "theoretically"?

    Grig: After all, D.B. has never been tested. It might overload the systems, blow up the ship!

    Alex Rogan: What are you worried about, Grig? Theoretically, we should already be dead!

  • Alex Rogan: Wait a minute... when did the hangar go up?

    Grig: I told you! When Xur attacked!

    Alex Rogan: And where were the Starfighters?

    Grig: In the hangar!

    Alex Rogan: You mean they're dead?

    Grig: [scoffs] Death is a primitive concept. I prefer to think of them as battling evil in another dimension.

    Alex Rogan: In another dimension? How many are left?

    Grig: Including yourself?

    Alex Rogan: Yeah.

    Grig: One!

    Alex Rogan: *One*?

    [the Gunstar takes off with its attendant noise drowning out Alex's protests]

  • Grig: [watching Alex struggling with the gunnery chair] Steady. Don't fight the chair. Take your time. Watch your gun sight. Lead your targets. And above all, relax!

    Alex Rogan: [stops to take off his gloves, then continues] Terrific. I'm about to get killed a million miles from nowhere with a gung-ho iguana who tells me to relax.

  • Grig: [looking at battle plans] The Armada will break through the Frontier here, and reach Rylos in about 20 clicks. Squadrons of deck fighters will precede the mothership.

    Alex Rogan: Squadrons? How many squadrons?

    Grig: It isn't the number of squadrons that concerns me, it's this communication turret that sends out the commands to the deck fighters, which enables them to act as one during the fight.

    Alex Rogan: Wait a second. We knock out the turret to get the fighters. But to get the turret, we gotta get *through* the fighters. We're dead!

    Grig: I'll have it all figured out by the time we reach the Frontier.

    [alarm sounds; Grig's face falls]

    Alex Rogan: What's that?

    Grig: The Frontier.

  • Grig: Up to your old "Excalibur" tricks again, eh, Centauri? Did it ever occur to you that it is against the law to recruit from worlds outside the Star League?

  • Grig: [proudly displaying his family photo] This, is my Wife-oid, and six thousand little grig-lets.

  • Alex Rogan: Hold it! There's no fleet? No Starfighters, no plan? One ship, you, me, and that's it?

    Grig: Exactly! Xur thinks you're still on Earth. Classic military strategy, surprise attack.

    Alex Rogan: It'll be a slaughter!

    Grig: That's the spirit!

    Alex Rogan: No, *my* slaughter! One ship against the whole Armada?

    Grig: Yes, one Gunstar against the Armada. I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds.

  • Alex Rogan: [approaching Gunstar 1] Is this *my* Gunstar?

    Grig: This is a prototype, different from the other ships. She has greater range, more power, and a slight weapons modification. Of course, she features deflective plating, so she can withstand several direct hits.

    [sits in Navigation Chair]

    Grig: From here, this is where I navigate the ship, maintain life support and propulsion systems.

    Alex Rogan: ...ok. So where do I sit?

    Grig: Way up there, in the Gunnery Chair.

    [Alex gets on the lift]

    Grig: Hang on.

    Alex Rogan: Ok.

    [hangs on]

    Grig: Now, climb into the Gunnery Chair.

    [Alex complies, Grig punches a few buttons]

    Grig: Now, I'm moving you into launching position. There in front of you are the 2 switches to your heads-up display. Turn them on.

    [display turns on]

    Grig: While you're engaging the enemy, the screen with reflect all battle instruments towards you.

    Alex Rogan: [Alex shifts, cross hair in display disappears] Hey, where did it go?

    Grig: It's still there. Suspended in a Xenon mist, but it's only visible if you look dead ahead.

    Alex Rogan: [shifts back, cross hair returns] Ah, got it.

    Grig: The lever on your left is the Chair Control. As you can see, all weapons track with your every move.

    [Alex grabs the lever, is startled when it starts to move with him. Grig laughs, chair stops]

    Grig: Grasp the Targeting Control with your right hand. At your fingers is the Weaponry: the Lasers, Photon missiles...

    Alex Rogan: ...and the Particle Beams.


    Alex Rogan: Hey wait, this is like back home!

    [notices a red and white striped panel and touches it]

    Alex Rogan: But, what's this?

    Grig: Careful! CAREFUL! That's Death Blossom, a weapon of last resort! Luckily, I was in here working on it when the hangar went up.

    [Alex looks concerned at hearing this]

    Grig: Now are you ready? All systems, Go! IGNITION!

    [Gunstar 1 begins launch sequence]

  • Rylan Bursar: Return the money, Centauri.

    Centauri: Return the money? Are you delirious? Do you know how long it took to invent the games? To merchandise them? To get them in the stores by Christmas?

    Grig: It must be terribly embarrassing for you and I do sympathize, however...

    Centauri: But I saw him fight! He could be the greatest Starfighter ever!

    Alex Rogan: That was just a game, Centauri!

    Centauri: A game! Well, you may thought it was a game, but it was also a test. Aha, a test. Sent out across the universe to find those with the gift to be Starfighters. And here you are, my boy! Here you are!

    Alex Rogan: Right, here I am, about to be killed

    Centauri: Killed! You don't seriously think it's dangerous, do you? Don't be silly! Trust me!

  • Alex Rogan: We did it.

    Grig: Yes, we actually did, didn't we?

    Alex Rogan: The command ship!

  • Grig: You must be Louis. I hear good things about you.

    Louis Rogan: Hear that, you slimes? I'm famous!

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