Greg Proffitt Quotes in Overboard (1987)


Greg Proffitt Quotes:

  • Dean Proffitt: Hey hey hey guys, look who's home

    Greg Proffitt: Hi Mom!

    Travis Proffitt: Hi Mom!

    Charlie Proffitt: [in a raspy voice] Hi Mom!

    Greg Proffitt: Gee Mom, we really missed you, we're so glad you're baaaaaack!

    Dean Proffitt: [Dean sticks his hand out to tell the boys to stop the dramatics]

    Annie: They aren't mine...

    Dean Proffitt: Oh I was sure you'd remember them!

    Annie: I think I'd remember if I had 3 children...

    Dean Proffitt: ...FOUR honey, don't forget little Joe!

    [Joe sticks his head out the window and Annie faints after believing she had four sons with Dean]

  • Annie: Joey don't, don't get that near your eye. See it says right here on the bottle, 'don't get it near your eye'.

    [Joey throws the bottle away and goes to bed]

    Annie: What's going on here?

    Greg Proffitt: He's upset because he can't read.

    Annie: Well he's a small child.

    Greg Proffitt: He can't read for a small child either.

    Charlie Proffitt: The teacher makes fun of him.

  • Dean Proffitt: What's going on here?

    Charlie Proffitt: We're gonna get Mom back.

    Joey Proffitt: We miss her.

    Greg Proffitt: Yeah, she cut the crust off the bread.

    Travis Proffitt: She doesn't take any of my shit either, I need discipline.

    Greg Proffitt: We've got three dollars and four cents.

    Charlie Proffitt: Yeah, we're gonna go rent a fishing boat and we're gonna get her back.

    Dean Proffitt: Well no fishing boat's going to catch a yacht, especially at that price.

    Greg Proffitt: Maybe she'll change her mind and come back.

    Travis Proffitt: Oh right, doofus, she's on a yacht heading to New York!

    Joey Proffitt: This is a job for Dr. Death!

    Greg Proffitt: Yeah! Dr. Death could do it!

    Travis Proffitt: We've got to do something, *right*, Dad?

  • Dean Proffitt: [home from work] Hey guys, what's going on?

    Greg Proffitt: [stops playing piano] I got the part of Tiny Tim in the school play!

    Charlie Proffitt: [looks up from homework] I got an A in English!

    Travis Proffitt: [looks up from homework] I'm flunking math.

    Dean Proffitt: Yeah well we'll work on the math after dinner.

    Annie: [teaching Joey to read with comic books] You're just in time, Dr. Death's on the rampage.

  • Dean Proffitt: [finds Annie near catatonic] What's wrong with her?

    Charlie Proffitt: She's been like that for an hour now!

    Travis Proffitt: She's getting better though.

    Dean Proffitt: Better?

    Charlie Proffitt: Yeah she's not going

    Charlie ProffittTravis ProffittGreg ProffittJoey Proffitt: Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo.

    Dean Proffitt: Why'd she do that?

    Travis Proffitt: She destroyed the scarecrow, Dad, she ripped that sucker's head off!

    Joey Proffitt: [Pee Wee Herman voice] And now she just goes bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo.

    Dean Proffitt: [waves hand in front of her eyes] Hey, baby doll? What's for dinner?

    Annie: [distantly] Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo.

    Dean Proffitt: Alright, I got it from here. Get upstairs.

    [picks Annie up]

    Travis Proffitt: Dad, you think we should trade her in for a new one?

    Dean Proffitt: Nah, she'll be alright.

    [takes her out to the rain barrel and dunks her in]

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