Greek Council President Quotes in Monsters University (2013)


Greek Council President Quotes:

  • [Mike hasn't had luck finding someone to join his team, to make it Full to Compete in the Scare Games and get back into the Scaring Program]

    Greek Council President: This doesn't look good. We really need to move on, so it looks like your team doesn't Qualify.

    Sulley: Yes it Does.

    [Climbs onto of a Nearby Vehicle]

    Sulley: The Star Player, has just arrived.

    Mike Wazowski: [Surprised] No No No. Please, anybody but him.

    Greek Council President: [Losing her Patience] Look, we're shutting down Sign Ups. So is he on your team or not?

    [Mike, aware that he signed up at the Last Minute, knows he hasn't got much a choice, seeing that no-one else is interested in joining his team, and he's really determined to get into the Scare Games to prove Dean Hardscrabble that he and his team really are scary. Sulley points at him and winks]

    Mike Wazowski: Fine, yes he is.

    [the Crowd starts to cheer, with the Scare Games about to start]

  • [In the First Challenge of the Scare Games, Mike and Sulley arrive badly stung from the Glowing Purple Urchins at the finish line, just behind the RORs]

    Chet: Wait a blow Oozma Kappa!

    Mike Wazowski: C'mon Guys. 2nd Place can't be that bad.

    Greek Council VP: [Jaws Theta Chi arrive behind them, unharmed] 2nd Place, Jaws Theta Chi.

    Mike Wazowski: *What*?

    Johnny: Your whole team has to cross the finish line.

    Greek Council VP: 3rd, Slugma Slugma Kappa. 4th, Python Nu Kappa. 5th, Eta Hiss Hiss. And in Last Place...

    [the Rest of Mike and Sulley's Team arrive, very badly stung from the Urchins than they are]

    Greek Council VP: Oozma Kappa!

    Greek Council President: [Removing Oozma Kappa's name from the Leaderboard] Oozma Kappa have been eliminated!

    [Dean Hardscrabble approaches a surprised and upset Mike, smiling]

    Dean Hardscrabble: Don't look surprised Mr. Wazowski. It would've taken your team more than a miracle to win.

    Greek Council VP: Attention everyone, we have an announcement. Jaws Theta Chi have been disqualified.

    [Holds up a tin of Protective Gel that they've been using]

    Greek Council VP: The use of Illegal Protective Gel, is the cause for elimination.

    Big Red: [as referees remove the Protective Gel from him] Hey what are you doing, it's moisture.

    [the referee stabs Big Red's arm with an Urchin, causing it to swell up like a balloon, with Big Red screaming in pain]

    Greek Council VP: [Removing Jaws Theta Chi from the Leaderboard and adding Oozma Kappa back on] It's a Miracle, Oozma Kappa are back in the games. Only 1 team can go after each challenge.

    Dean Hardscrabble: Your luck will run out eventually.

    [Walks away]

    Mike Wazowski: This is gonna be harder than I thought.

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