Gramps Quotes in Freerunner (2011)


Gramps Quotes:

  • Gramps: Nothing great came from easy - except great sex from easy women.

  • Ellie Mae: Are you ready to help rescue that little young 'un?

    Deadeye: Sure enough, Ellie Mae!

    Deacon Owl: Hallelujah!

    Ellie Mae: [Notices Luke fast asleep] Luke! On your feet, you lazy critter!

    Luke: Oh, uh- Shucks, Ellie Mae. I was just a-waitin' for someone to holler charge!

    Gramps: Dag nab it! Let's cut out the jawin' and get it goin'.

    Deadeye: [Chuckling] When old Gramps gets head up his nose gets plum out of joint.

    Ellie Mae: Take it easy, Gramps! We gotta stay here 'til Evinrude brings us word from the mice.

    Gramps: If that bug don't get here soon, they'll put that poor little girl down the black hole again!

  • Gramps: Fuck Grandma.

  • Gramps: You shoulda poked her in the whiskers when you had the chance.

  • Gramps: Don't call me sir! I ain't no politician!

  • Jesse: Jessie! It's me! I'm your great-great grandson. They named me after you. My name is Jessie too.

    Gramps: [Gramps slowly removes mask, Jessie and Charlie wimper] My great-great grandson? What year is it?

    Jesse: I don't know.

    Gramps: Now don't you mess with me boy!

    Jesse: Uhh! October 30, 1986!

    Gramps: Well goddamn. I've been waitin' over 70 years for some jackass to get the scent to come dig me up. Thank you, boy.

  • Gramps: [Crying] Look at me. I'm a 170-year-old fart. I'm a goddamn zombie.

  • [last lines]

    Gramps: [meeting his new nurse] Hey, if you're gonna be hanging around the house, I need to know two things.

    Nurse: What are those?

    Gramps: Can you make huevos rancheros?

    Nurse: Oh, I can manage that.

    Gramps: Good. Now, what's your story on menopause, huh?

    Nurse: I always pause for men, Harry.

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