Grace Conrad Quotes in Unaccompanied Minors (2006)


Grace Conrad Quotes:

  • Donna Malone: This is so not the Christmas I had in mind.

    Donna Malone: Oh, poor baby. I bet you have nice Christmases, don't you, rich kid? Where does your family go? Paris? London? Fiji?

    Grace Conrad: Please. Fiji's a zoo this time of year. We go skiing in Utah.

    Donna Malone: Are your folks still together?

    Grace Conrad: Yes.

    Donna Malone: Then I hate you.

    Grace Conrad: I'm not wild about you either.

    Charlie Goldfinch: Well, I love Christmas and I'm Jewish.

    Timothy 'Beef' Wellington: My mom's boyfriend says that Christmas is when Frosty the Snowman fights the devil.

    Donna Malone: It talks.

  • Grace Conrad: Santa, me and my friends have a bet.

    Handsome Santa: About what?

    Grace Conrad: [Pulling down Santa's beard] I was right! You are hot!

  • Grace Conrad: [putting on her glasses] Once a dork, always a dork.

    Spencer Davenport: You are so not a dork.

  • Donna Malone: It's really small in here.

    Charlie Goldfinch: Yeah it's great isn't it?

    Grace Conrad: Charlie, just because you like to compensate for your abandonment issues by stuffing yourself into small womblike spaces doesn't mean everybody does.

    [everybody looks at her]

    Grace Conrad: What? My mom's a psychologist.

  • Grace Conrad: If you guys get me sent back to that room, your dead!

    Donna Malone: What are you gonna do, rich girl. Have your daddy hire a hit man?

    Grace Conrad: Maybe I'll just have him break your dad out of jail.

    Spencer Davenport: [hiding his face behind his hand] Hmmmm...

    [Grace smirks at Donna, who reacts by attacking Grace and starting a fight]

    Charlie Goldfinch: Girl fight! Girl fight! Oh, my gosh, it's a girl fight!

  • [Grace is lying on her back getting a spa treatment]

    Admiral's Club Host: Excuse me. Are you unaccompanied?

    Grace Conrad: I'm single. Who's asking.

    Admiral's Club Host: [pointing to security guards] They are.

    Grace Conrad: Are you gonna let me get dressed or should I just walk out of here naked?

  • Grace Conrad: Where are my friends?

    Spencer Davenport: Oh, man. Where's my sister?

    Oliver Porter: They went where all the good little boys and girls go for Christmas. They went somewhere nice. Where, you ask? Why, the comfortable and festive Hoover International Lodge. Which is just a few thousand yards down from this delightful little room. Which now smells like a horse died in it.

    Charlie Goldfinch: Oh, so we're going to the Lodge?

    Oliver Porter: Uh, I think I have an answer to your question. Are you out of your juice-drinking little minds? Have you looked outside lately? The roads are blocked because there is a little thing called a blizzard going on. That's when the sky opens up and lots of snow falls and makes it hard for people to do things. Like fly to Hawaii, for instance.

    Grace Conrad: Who's going to Hawaii?

    Oliver Porter: Not me. Not anymore.

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