Göran Skoogh Quotes in Patrik, Age 1.5 (2008)


Göran Skoogh Quotes:

  • Göran Skoogh: Hey, why should I accept fashion pointers from a teenage thug?

  • Göran Skoogh: [thinking Patrik's a new mail deliverer] What's your name?

    Patrik Eriksson: [nervous and wary] Patrik.

    Göran Skoogh: Really? That's his name, too.

    Patrik Eriksson: Who's name?

    Göran Skoogh: Patrik, our son.

    Patrik Eriksson: How old is he?

    Göran Skoogh: One and a half.

    Patrik Eriksson: I hope you don't expect us to share a room.

    Göran Skoogh: What? Share a room?

    Patrik Eriksson: You did know I was coming, didn't you? Social Services must have called.

    Göran Skoogh: Social Services?

  • Göran Skoogh: What did your dad look like?

    [no response]

    Göran Skoogh: What about your mother?

    Patrik Eriksson: Like a strung-out old whore.

    Göran Skoogh: Patrik!

    Patrik Eriksson: Well, that's what she was. And my dad can't have been much better. Or maybe he paid to screw her. I don't know.

  • Göran Skoogh: Tomorrow you'll get to meet your new parents.

    Patrik Eriksson: As long as they're not like you.

  • Patrik Eriksson: There's something about me that triggers bad things.

    Göran Skoogh: Patrik...

    Patrik Eriksson: It's true! It's been that way since Ma died right in front of me.

    Göran Skoogh: [incredulously] Were you there when she died?

    Patrik Eriksson: Me and the dog, they say. She had set out juice and crackers, and then she died. She'd been dead for 24 hours by the time they found us. We ate up all the crackers. Good thing she put out those crackers. They put the dog down, you know. Nobody to take care of it. Nobody to take care of me, either, but they couldn't very well kill me, even if they wanted to.

  • Sven Skoogh: [reading] "Patrik, 1,5..." Don't you say one and a half? "Patrik, 1,5 needs a new family. He has a troubled background..."

    Göran Skoogh: [taking the letter and reading] He has a troubled background and needs love and a stable environment. If you choose to accept, he can come at the end of the month."

  • Eva: Has he met someone else?

    Göran Skoogh: No. At least, I don't think so. So you think he has?

    Eva: Then you're lucky. He cheated on me for six months before I found out about it.

    Göran Skoogh: Really? Who with?

    Eva: You, you moron!

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