Gollum Quotes in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)


Gollum Quotes:

  • Gandalf: There is one other who knew Bilbo had the Ring. I looked everywhere for the creature Gollum, but the enemy found him first. I don't know how long they tortured him, but through the endless screams and inane babble, they discerned two words:

    Gollum: SHIRE! BAGGINS!

    Frodo: Shire? Baggins? But that would lead them here!

    [Cuts to a Ringwraith cutting off a Hobbit's head]

    Frodo: [holding out the Ring] Take it Gandalf!

    [Gandalf backs away]

    Frodo: Take it!

    Gandalf: No, Frodo.

    Frodo: You must take it!

    Gandalf: You cannot offer me this ring!

    Frodo: I'm giving it to you!

    Gandalf: Don't... tempt me Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand, Frodo. I would use this ring from a desire to do good... But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.

  • Gollum: It came to me, my own, my love... my... preciousssss.

  • Sam: What are you up to? Sneaking off, are we?

    Gollum: Sneaking? Sneaking? Fat Hobbit is always so polite. Smeagol shows them secret ways that nobody else could find, and they say "sneak!" Sneak? Very nice friend. Oh, yes, my precious. Very nice, very nice.

    Sam: All right, all right! You just startled me is all. What were you doing?

    Gollum: Sneaking.

  • Gollum: They cursed us. Murderer they called us. They cursed us, and drove us away. And we wept, Precious, we wept to be so alone. And we only wish to catch fish so juicy sweet. And we forgot the taste of bread... the sound of trees... the softness of the wind. We even forgot our own name. My Precious.

  • Gollum: She's always hungry. She always needs to feed. She must eat. All she gets is nasty Orcses.

    Smeagol: And they doesn't taste very nice, does they, Precious?

    Gollum: No. Not very nice at all, my love.

  • Frodo: What is this place?

    Gollum: Master must go inside the tunnel.

    Frodo: Now that I'm here, I don't think I want to.

  • Gollum: Wake up. Wake up. Wake up, sleepies. We must go, yeeees, we must go at once.

    Sam: Haven't you had any sleep, Mr. Frodo?

    [Frodo shakes his head]

    Sam: I've gone and had too much... it must be getting late.

    Frodo: No, it isn't. It isn't midday, yet. The days are growing darker.

    Gollum: Come on! We must go, no time!

    Sam: Not before Mr. Frodo's had something to eat.

    Gollum: [impatiently] No time to lose, silly!

    Sam: [Gives Frodo lembas] Here.

    Frodo: What about you?

    Sam: Oh, no, I'm not hungry. Leastways, not for lembas bread.

    Frodo: Sam...

    Sam: All right... we don't have that much left. We have to be careful, we don't want to run out. You go ahead and eat that, Mr. Frodo. I've rationed it... there should be enough.

    Frodo: Enough for what?

    Sam: The journey home.

  • Sam: [Frodo is being drawn toward Cirith Ungol] No, Mr. Frodo!

    Gollum: [in a panic] Not that way! Oh! What's he doing?

  • Sam: It must be getting near tea-time, leastways in decent places where there *is* still tea-time.

    Gollum: We're not *in* decent places.

  • Smeagol: ...and take it for ME.

    Gollum: For us.

    Smeagol: Yes, we... we meant for us.

  • Sam: I heard it from his own mouth! He means to murder us!

    Gollum: Never! Smeagol wouldn't hurt a fly!

  • Gollum: Wake up. Wake up. Wake up, sleepies. We must go, yeeees, we must go at once.

    Sam: Haven't you had any sleep, Mr. Frodo?

    [Frodo shakes his head]

    Sam: I've gone and had too much... it must be getting late.

    Frodo: No, it's not. It's not midday, yet. The days are growing darker.

    Gollum: We must go.

    Sam: Not until Mr. Frodo has had something to eat.

    Gollum: No time to lose, silly.

    Sam: [Gives Frodo lembas bread] Here, eat this.

    Frodo: What about you?

    Sam: I'm not hungry. Leastways, not for lembas bread.

    Frodo: Sam...

    Sam: All right... we don't have that much left. You go ahead and eat that, Mr. Frodo. I've rationed it... there should be enough left.

    Frodo: For what?

    Sam: The journey home.

  • [Gollum and Frodo stand in front of a tunnel opening, and Frodo hesitates to go in]

    Gollum: It's the only way. Go in, or go back.

    Frodo: I cannot go back.

  • Gollum: [singing] Naughty little fly. Why does he cry? Caught in a web. Soon you'll be... eaten.

  • Sam: What are you up to? Sneaking off are we?

    Gollum: Sneaking? Sneaking? Fat Hobbit is always so polite. Smeagol shows them secret way that nobody else could find. And they say sneak! Sneak? Very nice, friend... Oh, yes. My precious. Very nice...

    Sam: All right. All right! You just startled me is all. What were you doing?

    Gollum: Sneaking.

    Sam: Fine. Have it your own way. I'm sorry to wake you, Mr. Frodo. We have to be moving on.

    Frodo: It's dark still.

    Sam: It's always dark here. It's gone! The Elven bread!

    Frodo: What? That's all we have left.

    Sam: He took it! He must have!

    Gollum: Smeagol? No, no, Not poor Smeagol. Smeagol hates nasty elf bread.

    Sam: You're a lying rat! What did you do with it?

    Frodo: He doesn't eat it. He can't have taken it.

    Gollum: Look. What's this? Crumbs on his jacketses. He took it! He took it! I seen him!

    Sam: That's a filthy lie!

    [hits Gollum to the ground and starts to wail on him]

    Sam: You stinking two face!

    Frodo: Sam! Stop it! Sam, no!

    [Falls against the rock wall]

    Sam: Oh, my! I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to go so far I was just so, so angry. Here, let's just rest a bit.

    Frodo: I'm all right.

    Sam: No. No, You're not all right... You're exhausted. It's that Gollum. It's this place. It's that thing around your neck... I could help a bit. I could carry it for a while...


    Sam: Share the load.


    Frodo: Get away!

    [pushes Sam and stands up]

    Sam: I don't wanna keep it. I just wanna help.

    Gollum: See? See? He wants it for himself!

    Sam: [stands up] Shut up, you! Go away! Get out of here!

    Frodo: No, Sam, it's you... I'm sorry, Sam...

    Sam: But, he's a liar. He's poisoned you against me.

    Frodo: You can't help me anymore.

  • [His last words; before Frodo tackles him and pushes him into the lava]

    Gollum: Yes! Precious! Precious... Precious!

  • [In the "Fall of Smeagol" flashback, after Smeagol had killed Deagol for the ring, Smeagol is stumbling along a stony area, railing noisely and in anguish at being exiled by his own family]

    Gollum: [narrating] They cursed us. Murderer they called us. They cursed us, and drove us away...

    [Smeagol is seen sitting alone in a stony quarry. He is looking pale and sickly as he opens his hand, revealing the ring in his palm]

    Smeagol: [throaty cough; his voice slowly becoming guttural] Gollum... Gollum... Gollum!

    [Smeagol lets out a croaking sound as his face contorts with self-pity and sorrow. He weeps as the screen fades to black]

    Gollum: [narrating cont.; scene shows a balding, pale and rapidly thin Smeagol crying, rocking with sorrow in the rain] And we wept precious... We wept to be so alone...

    [Scene shows Smeagol's pale, thin hand grabbing at a catfish]

    Gollum: [narrating cont.; Closeup on Smeagol's mouth, which is full of tooth decay and hunger-induced drool] And all we wished was to catch fish...

    [Scene shows Smeagol's mouth biting into the catfish's raw flesh]

    Gollum: ...So juicy sweet!

    [a quick glimpse of the deteriorated, if slightly shadowed Smeagol's face. And then, the scene shifts to the boney, emaciated Smeagol crawling his way into the cave under the Misty Mountains. But then he stops to take one good look around]

    Gollum: We soon forgot the taste of bread, the sound of wind in the trees... We even forgot our name...

    [Closeup on Smeagol's shriveled, gaunt body. Then, the scene shows Smeagol crouching in darkness, clutching the ring close to his chest. He blinks and looks around, showing that his eyes are slightly wide. Time passes and then, Smeagol, now as Gollum, opens his eyes and looks around, now showing that his eyes are really large as the screen fades to black]

    Gollum: Myyyy... Precious!

  • Smeagol: The precious will be ours... once the Hobbitses are dead!

    [throws a pebble in the water as he says it and Sam's reflection appears out of the ripples]

    Sam: [yelling] You treacherous little toad!

    [punches him waking Frodo who scrambles out of his blanket. Sam chases Gollum, jumps on him and grabs his throat. Gollum screams]

    Gollum: No! No! Master!

    Frodo: No, Sam! Leave him alone!

    [pulls him off]

    Sam: I heard it from his own mouth! He means to murder us!

    Gollum: Never! Sméagol wouldn't hurt a fly!

    [rubs his head and sees blood on his fingers, screams]

    Gollum: He's a horrid, fat Hobbit, who hates Sméagol, and who makes up nasty lies!

    Sam: You miserable little maggot! I'll stove your head in!

    [He advances on Gollum grabbing at him. Gollum runs off, Frodo pulls Sam back]

    Frodo: Sam!

    Sam: Call me a liar? You're a liar!

    [Gollum tries to hide behind a tree, screams]

    Frodo: If you scare him off, then we are lost!

    Sam: I don't care! I can't do it, Mr. Frodo! I won't wait around for him to kill us!

    Frodo: I'm not sending him away.

    [Gollum cowers behind the tree]

    Sam: You don't see it do you? He's a villain.

    Frodo: We can't do this by ourselves, Sam. Not without a guide. I need you on my side.

    Sam: I'm on your side, Mr. Frodo.

    Frodo: I know, Sam, I know. Trust me... Come, Smeagol.

    [Gollum runs to Frodo looking scared. Frodo takes him by the hand but as he leads him away, Gollum turns and smirks at Sam. Sam glares after him, nodding his head slightly]

  • Gollum: Is he lost?

    Bilbo Baggins: Yes, yes, and I want to get unlost... as soon as possible!

    Gollum: Oh! We knows! We knows safe paths for hobbitses! Safe paths in the dark... SHUT UP!

    Bilbo Baggins: I didn't say anything...

    Gollum: Wasn't talking to you!

  • Bilbo Baggins: Why don't we have a game of riddles... Just, just you and me.

    Gollum: [comes towards Bilbo; as Friendly Gollum] Just... Just us?

    Bilbo Baggins: Yes... Yes! And if I win, you...


    Bilbo Baggins: ...You show me the way out, yes?

    Gollum: [nods] Yes, Yes...

    [Gollum's pupils narrow as he becomes Treacherous Gollum. He growls as he back into the shadows; Bilbo looks uneasy]

    Gollum: [sinister whisper] And if it loses... what then?

    [Gollum blinks; as Friendly Gollum]

    Gollum: Well... if it loses, Precious. then we EATS it!

    [Gollum giggles sinisterly; then he turns to Bilbo]

    Gollum: [casually] And if Baggins loses, then we eats it whole.

    [Gollum smiles and shrugs]

    Bilbo Baggins: [after a long pause] Fair enough.

  • Bilbo Baggins: My name is Bilbo Baggins!

    Gollum: Baggines? What is Bagginses?... Precious.

  • Bilbo Baggins: [1st riddle] Thirty white horses, on a red hill; First, they champ. Then they stand; the, they stand still.

    [Gollum pauses; thinking]

    Gollum: [unsure] Uh... Teeth?

    [Bilbo looks defeated]

    Gollum: [excitedly] TEETH!

    [Gollum laughs; Bilbo smiles half-heartedly]

    Gollum: Yes! my precious!

    [inhales deeply]

    Gollum: [very serious] But we, we... we only have... NINE.

    [He bares his nine, crooked, yet sharp teeth; to show emphasis]

  • Gollum: [to Bilbo; after answering the first riddle] Our turn...

    [reciting riddle; as he recites, Gollum menacingly creeps around a rock, not taking his eyes off of Bilbo, who slowly and cautiously steps away from him]

    Gollum: Voiceless it cries; Wingless flutters; Toothless bites; Mouthless mutters.

    [he glares at Bilbo deviously]

    Bilbo Baggins: Just a minute...

    [Bilbo walks away to think]

    Gollum: [his pupils widen; as Friendly Gollum] Ooo, Ooo! We knows! We knows!

    [as treacherous Gollum]

    Gollum: Shut up!

    Bilbo Baggins: [Bilbo sees ripples in the lake, made by the wind; he smiles] Wind...

    Bilbo Baggins: [turning to Gollum] It's wind, 'course it is.

    [Gollum growls]

    Gollum: [prowling towards Bilbo] Very clever, hobbitses... VERY CLEVER...

    Bilbo Baggins: [holds out his sword towards Gollum, stopping him; reciting] A... A box without hinges, key, or-or lid... and yet, golden treasure inside is... hid.

    Gollum: [Gollum creeps away to think; as he is thinking, he begins to mutter and whisper to himself] Box... um uh... Box... lid... and a key...

    Bilbo Baggins: Well?

    Gollum: [annoyed; pointing at Bilbo] It's nah-stee.

    [He continues to whisper to himself]

    Bilbo Baggins: Give up?

    Gollum: [strained] Oh, give us a chance, precious! Give us a CHANCE!

    [Gollum continues to groan, growl, grunt and hiss in frusteration. As he thinks, he makes faces; making "oo" sounds and blowing raspberry sounds with his lips stretched when suddenly, his eyes open wide and his mouth is agape]

    Gollum: *EGGSES!*

    [Gollum chuckles as Bilbo shakes his head, dismayed]

    Gollum: Eggses! Wet, crunchy little eggses! Grandmother taught us how to suck them, yes! heh, heh...

  • Gollum: [searching for "his precious"; the one ring; wails in despair] Lost! My precious is LOOOOSSST!

    [Gollum lets out a gasping sob; Bilbo takes the One Ring out of his pocket and hides it behind his back]

    Bilbo Baggins: [concerned] What have you lost?

    Gollum: [crying] Mustn't ask us! Not its business! Noooo... Gollum! Gollum!

    [Gollum sobs softly]

  • Bilbo Baggins: [feeling the One Ring in his pocket; to himself] What... have I got... in my pocket?

    [Gollum; who is crouching on a stalagmite, holding a rock he is meaning to throw at Bilbo, scowls, thinking Bilbo's question as a riddle]

    Gollum: That's not fair... That's not fair! It's against the *rules*!

    [In a hissy fit, Gollum throws the rock down. Bilbo looks on in amazement]

    Gollum: [pouting] Ask us another one!

    Bilbo Baggins: [points his sword at Gollum] No, no. You said, "ask me a question." Well, *That* is MY question. "What Have I Got In My Pocket?"

    [Gollum growls in reluctance as he jumps down from his stalagmite perch and crouches on the floor beside his hideout]

    Gollum: [holding up only two fingers] It must give us three guesses, precious! It must give us *three*!

    Bilbo Baggins: Three guesses, very well. Guess away!

    Gollum: [holds up his hands] Handses!

    Bilbo Baggins: [shows Gollum that his left hand is out of the pocket] Wrong. Try again.

    [Gollum groans in frustration]

    Gollum: [rummaging through his belongings in his hole; to himself] I've got Fishses bones, Goblinses bones, Bat's wings, food...

    [He growls; thinking hard; he slaps his hands down repeatedly when... ]

    Gollum: [shouts] *KNIFE*! Oh, shut up!

    Bilbo Baggins: Wrong again. Last guess.

    Gollum: String... or nothing!

    Bilbo Baggins: Two guesses at once. Wrong both times.

    Gollum: [groans; defeated] Ooooooohhh...

    [as he groans; Gollum flops on his side. He lies in a fetal position as he sobs softly]

  • [Gollum discovers that Bilbo has the One Ring in his possession]

    Gollum: [horrified whisper] He stole it.

    [Bilbo stands there; holding Sting out in front of him]

    Gollum: [anger rising] He stole it!

    [Gollum's face contorts with rage; then he lets out a scream of extreme fury]

    Gollum: [shouts] AAAAARRRRAAAAHHHHH! He *STOLE* it!

    [as he says this, Gollum throws a stone at Bilbo, who blocks it with his sword. The rock hits and bounces off the sword with a "clang". Bilbo immediately bolts for his life. Gollum screams in fury as he chases after him]

  • [Bilbo is trying to escape Gollum and gets stuck in a crevice. Gollum sees him. With an angry screech, Gollum prowls towards him]

    Gollum: [ferociously] It's ours... It's...


    Gollum: OURS!

    [as Gollum shrieks, Bilbo unsticks himself; his brass buttons from his vest pop and fly. Gollum looks startled as one of the buttons bounces off his nose]

  • Gollum: [having discovered Bilbo; maliciously gleeful] Bless us and splash us, precious! THAT'S a meaty mouthful. ah...

    [Gollum creeps forward; Bilbo lifts up his sword so that it's tip touches Gollum's throat. Gollum gawks at the blade, taken aback]

    Gollum: Ah... Gollum, Gollum! Ack!

    [He glares at Bilbo fearfully and slowly backs away]

  • Gollum: [to Bilbo;sweetly] Ask us.

    [a moment's pause]

    Gollum: [harshly] ASK US!

  • Sam: What we need is a few good taters.

    Gollum: What's taters, precious? What's taters, eh?

    Sam: *Po-tay-toes!* Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew... Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish.

    [Gollum makes a noise of disgust while sticking his tongue out]

    Sam: Even you couldn't say no to that.

    Gollum: Oh yes we could. Spoilin' nice fish. Give it to us raw and w-r-r-riggling; you keep nasty chips.

    Sam: You're hopeless.

  • Gollum: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

    Smeagol: [shaking his head] No. Not master!

    Gollum: [snarling malevolently] Yes, precious, false! They will cheat you, hurt you, LIE.

    Smeagol: Master is my friend.

    Gollum: You don't have any friends; nobody likes you!

    Smeagol: [closes his ears with his hands] I'm not listening... I'm not listening...

    Gollum: You're a liar and a thief.

    Smeagol: No.

    Gollum: [sinister whisper] *Murderer*.

    Smeagol: [voice breaking; hurt by Gollum's remark] Go away!

    Gollum: "Go away?"

    [Gollum laughs mockingly as Smeagol begins to cry]

    Smeagol: [weeping] I hate you. I *hate* you.

    Gollum: Where would you be without me, uh? gollum, gollum... *I* saved us! It was me! *We* survived because of *me*!

    Smeagol: [stops crying] Not anymore.

    Gollum: What did you say?

    Smeagol: Master looks after us now. We don't need you anymore.

    Gollum: [appalled] What?

    Smeagol: Leave now, and never come back!

    Gollum: No!

    Smeagol: [louder and firmer] Leave now, and never come back!

    [Gollum snarls in frustration]


    [Gollum is silent; Smeagol waits]

    Smeagol: [looks around; then begins galumphing around with joy] We told him to go away... and away he goes, Precious! Gone, gone, gone! SMEAGOL IS FREE!

  • Gollum: [to Sam] Stupid, fat hobbit.

  • Gollum: Oh! Cruel Hobbit! It does not care if we be hungry. It does not care if we should die! Not like Master. Master cares. Master knows. Yes, Precious...

    [Frodo takes hold of the Ring]

    Gollum: Once it takes hold of us it never lets go.

  • [last lines]

    Frodo: Smeagol?

    Sam: We're not going to wait for you. Come on.

    Smeagol: Master. Master looks after us. Master wouldn't hurt us.

    Gollum: Master broke his promise.

    Smeagol: Don't ask Smeagol. Poor, poor Smeagol.

    Gollum: Master betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy, False. We ought to wring his filthy little neck. Kill him! Kill him! Kill them both! And then we take the precious... and we be the master!

    Smeagol: But the fat Hobbit, he knows. Eyes always watching.

    Gollum: Then we stabs them out. Put out his eyeses, make him crawl.

    Smeagol: Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Gollum: Kill them both.

    Smeagol: Yes. No! No! It's too risky. It's too risky.

    Sam: Where is he? Where has he gone? Hey, Gollum! Where are you?

    Frodo: Smeagol?

    Gollum: We could let *her* do it.

    Smeagol: Yes. She could do it.

    Gollum: Yes, precious, she could. And then we takes it once they're dead.

    Smeagol: Once they're dead. Shh.

    [Comes out of hiding]

    Smeagol: Come on Hobbits. Long ways to go yet. Smeagol will show the way.

    Gollum: Follow me.

  • Gollum: [singing] The rock and pool, is nice and cool, so juicy sweet. Our only wish,

    [he whacks the fish on the rock]

    Gollum: to catch a fish,

    [another whack]

    Gollum: so juicy sweet.

  • Gollum: [Sméagol is sobbing] Sméagol... Why does he cry, Sméagol?

    Smeagol: Cruel men hurts us. Master tricksed us.

    Gollum: Of course he did. I told you he was tricksy. I told you he was false.

    Smeagol: Master is our friend... our friend.

    Gollum: Master betrayed us.

    Smeagol: No, not it's business. Leave us alone.

    Gollum: Filthy little hobbites. They stole it from us.

    Smeagol: No... No.

    Faramir: What did they steal?

    Gollum: Myyy PRECIOUSSS.


  • Gollum: [to himself] So bright... so beautiful... ah, Precious.

    Frodo: [overhearing him] What did you say?

    Gollum: Master should be resting, Master needs to keep up his strength.

    Frodo: [standing up and walking towards Gollum] Who are you?

    Gollum: [looking away; morosely] Mustn't ask us, not it's business. Gollum, gollum.

    Frodo: Gandalf told me you were one of the River-folk.

    Gollum: Cold be heart and hand and bone. Cold be travelers far from home.

    Frodo: [sits next to Gollum] He said your life was a sad story.

    Gollum: They do not see what lies ahead, when Sun has faded and Moon is dead.

    Frodo: [in front of Gollum] You were not so very different from a Hobbit once, were you?

    [Gollum looks sad and lost in thought]

    Frodo: Smeagol.

    Gollum: [looks up at Frodo; genuinely surprised] What did you call me?

    Frodo: That was your name once... a long time ago. Wasn't it

    Gollum: [overcome with emotion] My name...

    [suddenly remember and smiles in recognition]

    Gollum: [wistful] Sme... Smeagol.

  • Sam: [sees corpses in the marsh] There are dead things! Dead faces in the water.

    Gollum: All dead... all rotten. Elves and men and orcses. A great battle, long ago. The Dead Marshes... yes, that is their name.

  • Sam: [looking at the Haradrim army] Who are they?

    Gollum: Wicked men. Servants of Sauron. They are called to Mordor. The Dark One is gathering all armies to him. It won't be long now. He will soon be ready.

    Sam: Ready to do what?

    Gollum: To make his war. The last war that will cover all the world in shadow.

  • Gollum: Sneaky little Hobbitses.

  • Gollum: He wants the Precious. Always he is looking for it. And the Precious is wanting to go back to him... But we mustn't let him have it.

  • Gollum: We swears to serve the master of the Precious. We will swear on... on... the Precious!

  • Gollum: [to Frodo] Don't follow the lights.

  • Gollum: [of Sauron] He is drawing all evil to him.

  • Gollum: I found it, I did. A way through the marshes. Orcs don't use it. Orcs don't know it. They go round for miles and miles. Come Hobbitses, soft and quick as shadows we must be.

  • [about the Ring Wraiths]

    Sam: I thought they were dead!

    Gollum: Dead? No, you cannot kill them. No.

  • [Frodo and Sam have captured Gollum. Sam is violently dragging Gollum with a long piece of rope around his neck]

    Gollum: [wailing piteously] Aghh! It burns! It burns us... It freezes...

    [Sam jerks the rope, causing Gollum to topple. Sam drags Gollum, who grabs a rock and grabs the rope, pulling it back]

    Gollum: [to Sam] Nasty elves twisted it! Take it off us!

    Sam: Quiet, you!

    [Gollum lets out a high-pitched wail as he throws a temper tanturm, complete with convulsion]

    Sam: [to Frodo; exasperated] It's hopeless! Every orc in Mordor is going to hear this racket! Let's just just tie him up and leave him.

    Gollum: [horrified] NO! That would kill us! KILL US!

    Sam: That's more than you deserve!

    Gollum: Agggghhhhhhahhhh...

    [Gollum flops on his back as he continues to throw a mini-tantram]

    Frodo: Maybe he does deserve to die. But now I see him, I do pity him.

    [Gollum stops convulsing and looks up at Frodo]

    Gollum: We'll be nice to them, if they be nice to us. Take this off of us... We swear to do whatever you wants... we swear.

    Frodo: There is no promise you can make that I can trust.

  • [Gollum has Sam in a headlock. Frodo jumps to Sam's rescue and points his sword at Gollum, who looks at it in terror]

    Frodo: [about his sword] This is Sting. You've seen it before, haven't you... Gollum?

    Sam: [choking] ugh!

    Frodo: [sternly] Release him, or I'll cut your throat!

    [Gollum does so. Frodo continues to pin him down Gollum's pupils widen as he squeaks faintly]

    Gollum: [crying in defeat] EEEEYAHHHHHHH!

  • Gollum: [coughing up a biscuit that Frodo gives him] It tries to choke us!

  • Gollum: [wailing dramatically] We shall *STARRRRRVVVVVEEE!*

    Sam: [sardonically] Then why you starve... and good riddance!

  • [Sméagol is being tortured by Faramir's henchmen]


    [the guards yell and kick him as Faramir calmly stands in the distance]

    Smeagol: OW-Whaaa! Oh!

    [tries to scamper away on all fours, hyperventilating. Before Sméagol can escape, one of the men grabs him by the ankle and drags him back]


    [One of the guards holds up Sméagol while the other guard punches Sméagol in the stomach]

    Faramir: That's enough.

    [the guard throws Sméagol against the wall, who then crawls into a corner fearfully]

    Faramir: [icily] Where are you leading them?

    [curls up into a fetal position as he sobs]

    Faramir: Answer me!

    [continues to cry]

    Gollum: [Alter Ego Gollum pets Sméagol on the shoulder] Sméagol... Why does it cry, Sméagol?

    Smeagol: Cruel men hurts us. Master tricks us.

    Gollum: Of course, he did. I told you he was tricksy, I told you he was false.

    Smeagol: Master is our friend, our friend.

    Gollum: Master betrayed us!

    Smeagol: [cowering away from Gollum] No! Nobody's business! Leave us alone!

    Gollum: Filthy little hobbitses! They stole it from us!

    Smeagol: [crying] No... NO!

    Faramir: What did they steal?

  • Sam: [grumbling about the lack of life in the Dead Marshes] I hate this place; it's too quiet. There hasn't been the sight or sound of a bird in two days!

    Gollum: No... No birdses to eat.


    Gollum: No crunchable birdses!

  • Gollum: [to Frodo and Sam] We be nice to them, if they be nice to us.

  • Gollum: But, the fat Hobbit. He knows. Eyes always watching.

  • Gollum: [to Frodo] It was tricksy, precious. Very tricksy.

  • [Sam and Frodo have captured Gollum and are dragging him with a long piece of string thick rope around his neck. Gollum is screaming his head off in pain]

    Gollum: [wailing] It BURNS! It Burns us!


    Gollum: It freezes...

    [Sam jerks the rope, causing Gollum to topple on his back and be dragged by Sam]

    Gollum: [grabbing hold of a nearby rock with one hand and pulls the rope back with his other hand] Nasty elves twisted it! TAKE IT OFF US!

    Sam: Quiet you!

    [Gollum throws his head back as he throws a convulsive temper tantrum and lets out a prolonged wail]

    Sam: [exasperated; to Frodo] It's hopeless! Every orc in Mordor is going to hear this racket! Let's just tie him up and leave him.

    Gollum: [horrified shout] NO!

    Gollum: [despairingly] That would kill us! KILL US!

    Sam: That's more than you deserve!

    Gollum: [flopping on his back and withers on the ground as he groans] Oooooohhhhaaahhhh...

    Frodo: [as he watches Gollum] Maybe he does deserve to die... But now that I see him, I do pity him.

    [Gollum stops withering and sits up]

    Gollum: We'll be nice to them, if they be nice to us.

    [holds out the rope; dramatically yet politely]

    Gollum: Take this off us.

  • Sam: [to Gollum, who is trying to persuade Frodo to release him in exchange of Gollum becoming Frodo's servant] I don't believe you!

    Gollum: [gasps fearfully and scrambles away; climbing on top of a boulder]

    Sam: [jerking the rope vioently] GET DOWN!

    Gollum: [Gollum lets out a high-pitched noise as Sam's jerking on the rope chokes him and throws him on to the ground]

    Sam: [as Gollum collapses] I said, DOWN!

    Frodo: [shouts; stopping Sam] Sam!

    Sam: He's trying to trick us! We let him go, he'll throttle us in our sleep.

    Gollum: [Gollum sits up and gasps in air greedily, clutching his throat]

    [Frodo looks at the gasping Gollum and then at Sam. After a moment's pause, Frodo approaches Gollum, who backs away in fear]

    Frodo: [calmly and kindly] You know the way to Mordor?

    Gollum: [timidly] Yes...

    [He backs away as Frodo crotches down to Gollum's eye level. Gollum looks at Frodo, uneasily]

    Frodo: You've been there before?

    Gollum: [nods; still timid] Yes.

    [Frodo slowly takes off the rope around Gollum's neck. Sam looks suspicious, while Gollum looks surprised and relieved]

    Frodo: You will lead us to the Black Gate.

  • [In Extended Edition]

    Faramir: [to Frodo] Where will you go to reach there, Frodo?

    Frodo: Gollum says there is a tunnel above Minas Morgul. It climbs up into the mountains.

    Faramir: Cirith Ungol?

    [Faramir notices Gollum is acting suspiciously. He slams him to the wall. Gollum inhales and gags in surprised horror and pain over being choked]

    Faramir: [fiercely] Is that its name?

    Gollum: [shaking his head vigorously; yowling like a cat] No, no!

    [Faramir tightens his grip on Gollum's neck. Gollum winces in pain and gasps]

    Gollum: [in a pitiful squawk of a voice] Y-YES!

  • Sam: Straight stairs, winding stairs what comes after that?

    Gollum: We shall see, oh yes... We shall see.

  • Gollum: My Precious. My Precious.

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