Gloria Mundy Quotes in Foul Play (1978)


Gloria Mundy Quotes:

  • Tony Carlson: I think we got off on the wrong foot.

    Gloria Mundy: Yes, and it seems to be in your mouth.

    Tony Carlson: OK, I deserve that. Listen, it's Gloria, right? You're a really nice girl and I'm a nice guy, and you're very pretty with or without cleavage, and what do you say... would you like to take a shower?

    Gloria Mundy: I don't pick up strange men.

    Tony Carlson: Well, that's your problem.

    Gloria Mundy: So why don't you try it?

  • Tony Carlson: I play Detective. You play Lady In Distress.

    Gloria Mundy: Hey, wait a minute. It's *my* ass they're after.

    Tony Carlson: I'm sorry. You're right. That was a stupid, glib, chauvinist remark and I apologize. It *is* your ass they're after, and it's my job to see to it that... I get there first.

  • Bob Scott: Beware of the dwarf.

    Gloria Mundy: Gee Scotty, I don't think there is a dwarf in this movie.

  • Tony Carlson: What do you say to a bottle of wine and a couple of steaks?

    Gloria Mundy: Well, you could start by saying, "Hello".

  • Tony Carlson: Gloria, just sit back and enjoy the fire. I'm pouring you a nice, warm, albino martini. Here you go, drink this, then it's off to bed.

    Gloria Mundy: You should have been a doctor.

    Tony Carlson: Okay, we'll play whatever you like.

  • Gloria Mundy: He told me all about Monica.

    Tony Carlson: Monica?

    Gloria Mundy: Yes, Monica.

    [reads from note clipped to Tony's refrigerator]

    Gloria Mundy: "Darling, you are all out of milk and cottage cheese. I will pick them up in the morning. Love, Monica."

    Tony Carlson: Oh, Monica. She's my cleaning lady. She comes in twice a week and really cleans the decks.

    Gloria Mundy: Uh-huh. Trims the sails?

    Tony Carlson: Blows the pipes.

    Gloria Mundy: Will we be expecting her today at all?

    Tony Carlson: No, we won't be seeing her any more. You see, Monica drowned this morning.

    Gloria Mundy: Oh, really? Just like that.

    Tony Carlson: Yeah. It was really sad but we both saw it coming.

  • Gloria Mundy: [trying to explain the car chase] Kojak - Bang bang?

    Japanese man: Ah, Kojak - Bang bang!

    [breaks into laughter]

  • Gloria Mundy: Do you have any binoculars?

    Stanley Tibbits: What's that? Binoculars. Are you into that, too? Me, as well. I read about it in Penthouse. Just a second.

  • Gloria Mundy: Take me home.

    Stanley Tibbits: What?

    Gloria Mundy: Take me home, please.

    Stanley Tibbits: Uh, sure. Um... my place or-or, yours?

    Gloria Mundy: Which is closer?

  • Stella: Suppose that guy attacked you instead of pulling that weird stunt in the theater, huh? What would you have done?

    Gloria Mundy: I would have hit him with my umbrella.

    Stella: Talk about ancient! Really, honey, you've got to drag yourself into the Seventies! You've got to get some merchandise!

  • Fergie: Well, what was he after?

    Gloria Mundy: He wanted the cigarettes.

    Fergie: He was after a cigarette?

    Gloria Mundy: Oh no, he wanted the whole pack.

    Fergie: Man, talk about greedy.

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