Gilly Quotes in Abduction (2011)


Gilly Quotes:

  • Gilly: I make the best fake I.D.'s in Pennsylvania.

    Nathan: You know what? You should put that on your college application.

  • Gilly: Dude, I can't believe how mainstream you guys are.

  • Nathan: Whoa! You joining the malitia group or something?

    Gilly: So I go to the gun range like three or four times a week to blow off steam. I'm a virgin. What else am I gonn' do?

  • Sal Macelli: What's this?

    Gilly: It's a - a toaster.

    Sal Macelli: It's a Toast-R-Oven. Whoa. Hey, it's a nice one. A lot of buttons. Hit this button, pops open. You could put anything in here. A slice of pizza; pastry. You pop it in, comes out. Crust is crisp. Microwave don't do that. You ever tried cooking calzone in a microwave? Comes out like a limp dick.

  • Gilly: Jackie Junior. Now he was the sort of guy who couldn't pass a shop window without having a quick look to check he was still gorgeous.

  • [Walking through a drug house]

    Gilly: Somebody once said that the living were a rare species of the dead.

    [Looking at all the drugged out people]

    Gilly: When you see this, you wonder is there's a difference.

  • Charlie Franklin: Take a hit. Chill.

    [Holds out a pipe]

    Gilly: I don't want to chill.

  • [Gilly talking to Jay]

    Gilly: Hey, the thing we're talking about last night, there's no way I'm walking into a room full of gansters with machine-guns telling them I'm IRA.

  • Gilly: [Narrating] When you're inside, it's not just the obvious things you miss. You can even end up being nostalgic for a set of fucking traffic lights.

  • J: You look older, man. Fucked.

    Gilly: It's the only thing I haven't been.

  • Jackie Junior: Gentlemen.

    [Takes a bat and hit's Gilly with it]

    Jackie Junior: You stutter again and I will shoot your fucking legs off, all right?

    Jackie Junior: [Finds a gun on Gilly] Brings a gun to a deal, eh? Cheeking fucker.

    Jackie Junior: [Looking down on Gilly and J on the ground] Now, I see you, J, and I see him, but I don't see my fucking machine-guns. I've been in town two fucking days, and you don't deem me worthy to make good on your promise.

    [Jackie slaps head, which is wrapped in a plastic bag]

    Jackie Junior: You're a waste of good air, J.

    Gilly: [Trying to get up] Wait just...

    [Jackie kicks him in the stomach]

    Jackie Junior: Shut the fuck up! Do you have any fucking idea what is going down here? Anyway, what the fuck are you doing here? It was suppossed to be this man for the fucking drop and that was it.

    [Jackie kicks Gilly again]

    Gilly: Talk to me. This is my thing, not his.

    [Jackie grabs Gilly and throws him on his stomach and toward J]

    Jackie Junior: [Jackie puts his knee in Gilly's back and pulls his head up] Oh, it's your fucking thing is it?

    Jackie Junior: You've got one foot int he shit already. You better think before you fucking speak.

    Gilly: Take the bag off his head, will talk. Take the bag off his head, we'll talk. He's fucking choking!

    Jackie Junior: Convince me.

    Gilly: I'm supplying the hardware. No offense, Mr. Moffet. We're not buying a loaf of bread here, we're selling machine-guns.

    [Jackie flips Gilly over and sticks a gun in his mouth]

    Jackie Junior: Bang!


  • Jackie Junior: [after letting J and Gilly get up] See that's me all over, mate. That's me all over, you know what I mean? I get paranoid.

    Jackie Junior: I overreact.

    [Tommy getting Gilly and J a drink]

    Jackie Junior: Right, you're all set up. J, I'm sorry, mate. Hey, are we friends?

    Jackie Junior: [Pointing to Gilly] Uh... you... I don't think I know your name.

    [Gilly says nothing]

    Jackie Junior: [Laughs] A man of mystery, I like that.

    [Clinching his fists]

    Jackie Junior: Fuck! I have to say, I really enjoyed all that stuff. That was great. So, uh, these guns... when can I expect delivery?

    Gilly: Tonight.

    Jackie Junior: Tonight? Are you sure about that? Because you know, I don't want to be fucked around. Not again.

    Gilly: Guaranteed.

    Jackie Junior: Well, that's good. So you guarantee me that? Because in my world a guarantee is a guarantee. And I like you boys, and I want to do business, and I want those machine-guns in my possion by tonight.

    Jackie Junior: [Grabbing Gilly and J by the knees] Because if not, I will fucking find you both. And I will leave you where I find you.

    [Looking at J]

    Jackie Junior: Do you understand me? Do you understand me? Good.

    [to Gilly]

    Jackie Junior: Do you? Then we'll all be friends.

  • Jackie Junior: Boys I believe you have something for me?

    Gilly: [Narrating] Yeah, I had somthing for him.

    Jackie Junior: [Tommy lays the briefcase on the table] Thank you Tommy.

    Gilly: [Narrating] Max's money, and his dope. Put that together with an eyewitness statement, and I had my ticket out of the game. If ever there was a time for J to discover he had a heart of gold...

    J: [Points a gun at Gilly's head] Don't touch it. Don't you fucking touch it.

    Gilly: [Narrating] This wasn't it.

    J: Take the money, Gil. Take the money and fuck off.

    Jackie Junior: [Watching J carefully] You want to take it easy there, J?

    J: Jackie? Shut... up.

    Jackie Junior: What the fuck are you doing?

    J: [Takes one of the package of drugs from the briefcase] I don't know what I'm doing.

    [Gets up and bites the end off the package and starts to shaking the drugs all over the place]

    J: I'm making the choice. Taking care of business. Paying off a debt. Investing in the future.

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