Giles Quotes in Deathgasm (2015)


Giles Quotes:

  • Dion: Damn. I can't tell if I have a fear boner or a boner boner.

    Giles: Ow! I didn't even say anything. Hit him!

  • Nuru: My life is a soiled tattered tissue, tossed into the toilet of life. What will I do now?

    Giles: You could write poetry.

    [Nuru smiles sheepishly]

  • Alisdair Keith: You know what's the matter with you?

    Giles: What?

    Alisdair Keith: Your upper abs. you should do some crunches later.

  • Nuru: Besides, I'm lactose intolerant.

    Giles: [smiling to himself] Alim's not.

  • Giles: Awww, we are touching your inner child.

  • Giles: You beckoned?

    Delia: Date from hell. Complete waste of makeup.

  • Nuru: You can't be engaged.

    Alim: Why?

    Nuru: Because she's not, she's not... m-... m-... m-. Is she?

    Alim: "Not m-". Ah, Muslim.

    Giles: She's not m-ale either...

  • Giles: O.K. I'm off to work. Bye, sweet...

    Giles: [realizing he's leaning in to kiss Alim in front of Nuru] By sweet mother of God, your corneas are so clear!

    Cary Grant: Nice bit of improv, the boy's got reflexes.

  • [last lines]

    Giles: Alim, are we on the same wavelength?

    Alim: We are now.

  • McBride: Giles.

    Giles: Yes, sir.

    McBride: Get her a uniform

    Casey: [Chasing after Giles] Hey, slow down. What's your problem? Where ya goin', Babe? It is "Babe", isn't it?

  • Giles: You used to be a school bus driver and now you want to drive limousines?

    Casey: Woo - Baby.

  • Giles: You'd like for something to happen to Louise, wouldn't you? With Louise out of the way, your slow embezzling of her fortune would never be found out.

    Judge Parker: And with me out of the way you could get ahold of her and her money.

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