Gilda Quotes in Two Tigers (2007)


Gilda Quotes:

  • Gilda: You know my mother used to say "don't trust strangers in traffic jams."

  • Gilda: You do hate me, don't you, Johnny?

    Johnny Farrell: I don't think you have any idea of how much.

    Gilda: Hate is a very exciting emotion. Haven't you noticed? Very exciting. I hate you too, Johnny. I hate you so much I think I'm going to die from it. Darling...

    [they kiss passionately]

    Gilda: I think I'm going to die from it.

  • Ballin Mundson: Gilda, are you decent?

    Gilda: Me?

    [long pause]

    Gilda: Sure. I'm decent.

  • Gilda: If you're worried about Johnny Farrell, don't be. I hate him!

    Ballin Mundson: And he hates you. That's very apparent. But hate can be a very exciting emotion. Very exciting. Haven't you noticed that?

    Gilda: You make it s...

    Ballin Mundson: There is a heat in it, that one can feel. Didn't you feel it tonight?

    Gilda: No.

    Ballin Mundson: I did. It warmed me. Hate is the only thing that has ever warmed me.

  • Gilda: Would it interest you to know how much I hate you, Johnny?

    Johnny Farrell: Very much.

    Gilda: I hate you so much that I would destroy myself to take you down with me.

  • Gilda: Got a light?

    Uncle Pio: Yes, Mrs. Mundson. It is so crowded and yet so lonely, isn't it?

    Gilda: How did you know?

    Uncle Pio: You smoke too much. I've noticed. Only frustrated people smoke too much and only lonely people are frustrated.

  • Johnny Farrell: I want to go with you, Gilda. Please take me. I know I did everything wrong...

    Gilda: [sobbing] Isn't it wonderful? Nobody has to apologize, because we were both stinkers, weren't we? Isn't it wonderful?

    Johnny Farrell: Wonderful.

  • Gilda: [to Johnny] You haven't been around lately. I thought maybe you were an amnesia victim or something.

  • Gilda: If I'd been a ranch, they would've named me "The Bar Nothing".

  • Johnny Farrell: Doesn't it bother you at all that you're married?

    Gilda: What I want to know is, does it bother you?

  • Gilda: I can never get a zipper to close. Maybe that stands for something, what do you think?

  • Gilda: I've got some news for you, Johnny. I'm going to do exactly what I please, when I please. I was true to one man once, hmmm

    [looking despiseful at Johnny]

    Gilda: and look what happened.

  • [last lines]

    Gilda: Johnny, let's go. Let's go home.

  • Ballin Mundson: Look your best, my beautiful. This will be the casino's first glimpse of you.

    [He kisses her]

    Gilda: I'll look my very best, Ballin.

    [Looks at Johnny]

    Gilda: I want all the hired help to approve of me. Glad to have met you, Mr. Farrell.

    Ballin Mundson: His name is Johnny, Gilda.

    Gilda: Oh, I'm sorry. Johnny is such a hard name to remember and so easy to forget.

    [In a breathy voice]

    Gilda: Johnny. There. See you later, Mr. Farrell.

  • Gilda: I danced in America.

    Capt. Delgado: This is not America?

    Gilda: I mean New York.

  • Gilda: They said that being married to Johnny Farrell was very like driving a car with no brakes.

  • Gilda: You're out of practice aren't you - dancing I mean. I can help you get in practice again Johnny - dancing I mean.

  • Gilda: You're cock-eyed, Johnny! All cock-eyed!

  • [opening lines; all in voiceover]

    Yasmine: [as she dances] Dark phrases of womanhood, of never having been a girl. Half-note scattered without rhythm.

    Juanita: [as she waters her plants] ... without rhythm. No tune distraught. Laughter falling over a black girl's shoulders. It's funny...

    Gilda: [as she cleans dust away with her broom] ... funny. It's hysterical. The melodylessness of her dance. Don't tell nobody, don't tell a soul. She's dancing on beer cans and shingles.

    Jo: [as she readies herself for bed] She's dancing on beer cans and shingles. This must be the spook house. Another song with no singers, lyrics no voices and uninterrupted solos, unseen performances. Are we ghouls? Children of horror?

    Alice: [as she prays in her closet] Children of horror? The joke? Don't tell nobody, don't tell a soul. Are we animals? Have we gone crazy?

    Kelly: [as she looks at a pregnancy test] ... gone crazy? I can't hear anything but maddening screams and the soft strains of death. And you promised me. You promised somebody. Anybody. Sing a black girl's song.

    Nyla: [as she walks to the stage for her diploma] ... a black girl's song. Bring her out to know herself. To know you, but sing her rhythms caring...

    Tangie: [as she reads over unseen documents] ... caring, struggle. Hard times, sing her song of life. She's been dead so long, closed in silence so long.

    Crystal: [as she has sex with Beau Willie] ... so long.She doesn't know the sound of her own voice, her infinite beauty. She's half-note scattered without rhythm, no tune. Sing her sighs... Sing the song of her possibilities. Sing a righteous gospel. Let her be born.

    YasmineJuanitaGildaJoAliceKellyNylaTangieCrystal: [simultaneously] Let her be born and handled warmly. And this is for colored girls who have considered suicide but moved to the ends of their own rainbows.

  • Gilda: Sleeping with all these men, thinking it's just sex. It ain't just sex, honey. It all has a root. And you got to find that root to pluck it. He placed the rose behind your ear, now cry yourself to sleep. I used to be you.

  • Juanita: Now, how many times have you heard your man say it don't feel the same? My love is too beautiful to have it thrown back on my face.

    Yasmine: I like that.

    Juanita: Try one.

    Yasmine: What?

    Juanita: Well, I do it all the time in my class. You just say, "My love is too ____," and you just fill in the blank.

    Gilda: My love is too sanctified to have it thrown back on my face.

    Kelly: My love is too magic to have it thrown back on my face.

    Tangie: My love is too "Saturday Night" to have it thrown back on my face.

    Jo: My love is too complicated to have it thrown back on my face.

    Yasmine: My love is too music to have it thrown back on my face.

    Juanita: Yes, and you remember that when a man tries to walk off with all your stuff!

  • Gilda: Ordinary, brown-braided woman with big legs and full lips... you become yourself.

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