Gigolo Joe Quotes in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)


Gigolo Joe Quotes:

  • [Joe looks into David's eyes and tells him what he believes in about David being like the rest of the Mecha]

    Gigolo Joe: She loves what you do for her, as my customers love what it is I do for them. But she does not love you, David. She cannot love you. You are neither flesh nor blood. You are not a dog a cat or a canary. You were designed and built specific like the rest of us... and you are alone now only because they tired of you... or replaced you with a younger model... or were displeased with something you said or broke. They made us too smart, too quick and too many. We are suffering for the mistakes they made because when the end comes, all that will be left is us. That's why they hate us. And that is why you must stay here... with me.

    David: Goodbye, Joe.

  • [Joe tells David a last one-liner between them two]

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe with a smile on his face] When you become a real boy, remember me to the ladies when you grow up.

  • [Joe enters the motel room of his client, Samantha]

    Gigolo Joe: Miss Bevins, It's Joe. At your service. I've been counting the seconds since last we met.

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe lays in bed beside Samantha, feeling her face for what he thinks is a tear] Have you been crying, Samantha? I found a tear.

    [Joe holds up his finger as he notices it's not a tear but blood]

  • [Joe tries to convince a group of teenagers to give him and David a lift to Rogue City]

    Gigolo Joe: There are girls your age who are just like me. We are the guiltless pleasures of the lonely human being. You're not gonna get us pregnant or have us to supper with Mommy and Daddy. We work under you, we work on you and we work for you. Man made us better at what we do than was ever humanly possible.

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe turns on a digital image of an attractive lover robot dancing] If you could manage us a lift to Rouge City, all this... and much, much more... can be yours.

    Teen in Van: [the teen quickly nods] Get in.

  • [Joe begins to get taken away by the authorities in front of David]

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe is pulled into the air] I am...

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe raises his voice down to David] I was!

  • [David in Rouge City thinks he see's the Blue Fairy in the form of a statue on a church roof]

    David: Are you her?

    Gigolo Joe: That's Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart.

    Gigolo Joe: The ones who made us are always looking for the ones who made them. They go in, fold their hands, look around their feed, sing songs... and when they come out it's usually me they find. I've picked up a lot of business on this spot.

    [a lady walks out, as Joe clicks on his music and attempts to follow her]

  • [Joe talks to Patricia alone in the mirrored motel room]

    Patricia in mirrored room: I'm afraid.

    Gigolo Joe: Of me?

    Patricia in mirrored room: Yes.

    Gigolo Joe: That I will hurt you?

    Patricia in mirrored room: Yes.

    Gigolo Joe: I think... you're afraid of letting go. I think you're afraid of happiness. And this is starting to excite me. Are you afraid of seeing the stars, Patricia? I can show you how to reach them.

    Patricia in mirrored room: I'm afraid of what you've got under there. May I see what it looks like first?

    Gigolo Joe: Is this your first time... with something like me?

    Patricia in mirrored room: I've never been with Mecha.

    Gigolo Joe: That makes two of us.

    Patricia in mirrored room: [the two laugh together] I'm afraid it will hurt.

    Gigolo Joe: Patricia, once you've had a lover robot, you'll never want a real man... again.

  • [Joe tells David that only Joe is capable of changing the color of his Blue Fairy]

    Gigolo Joe: Exactly what name do you give this woman?

    David: She is... just Blue Fairy.

    Gigolo Joe: Blue Fairy. In the world of Orga, blue is the color of melancholy. Yet, the services I provide will put a blush back on anyone's cheek. I will change the color of your fairy for you. She will scream out in the moonlight, 'Oh! Oh yes! Oh God! Oh, yes! Oh, God! Oh, God!'

  • [Joe walks down the street and cross the path of another Mecha lover robot, Gigolo Jane]

    Gigolo Jane: Hey Joe, what do ya know?

    Gigolo Joe: Hey Jane. How's the game?

  • [Joe asks David if the Blue Fairy is a woman, telling David that he knows all women]

    Gigolo Joe: Is Blue Fairy Mecha, Orga, man or woman?

    David: Woman.

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe stops and sits David down] 'Woman'? I know women!

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe clicks on his music] They sometimes ask for me by name. I know all about women. About as much as there is to know, no two are ever alike, And after they've met me, no two... are ever the same. And I know where most of them can be found.

  • [the murderer appears at the entrance of the motel door behind Joe]

    Gigolo Joe: Hey Joe, what do ya know? How many seconds has it been since... the last time you two were together?

    Gigolo Joe: Two hundred fifty-five thousand one hundred thirty-three seconds.

    The Murderer: [the murderer leans over the dead Samantha] Goodbye, Sam. And never forget. You killed me first.

    Gigolo Joe: [the murderer kisses Samantha's shoulder before leaving Joe alone with the body] I'm in bad trouble.

  • [Joe does a little dance for David who saved his life, on a mission now to get David to Rouge City]

    Gigolo Joe: She will make you a real boy, for I will make her a real woman. And all will be right with the world because you held my hand... and saved my brain, so that once again my customers my ask for me by name - 'Gigolo Joe, what do ya know?'

    David: [Joe does a little dance in front of David] Why do you do that?

    Gigolo Joe: That's just what I do.

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe does another little dance before the two walk on] Now, follow me and don't fall behind. All roads lead to Rouge. Don't they just say that, eh? Don't they just?

  • [Joe and David arrive in Rouge City as Joe tells David about one of the more upper class lover robot hangouts]

    Gigolo Joe: [David pays attention to only the bright lights of the busy strip] That's Tails. Very hoity-toity. I've yet to be asked to perform there. Only sunrise gents and sunset ladies. Strictly Sierra class robots who have no idea how to live. Can't even speak English. All made in Sweden. Couldn't tell a joke from a poke.

  • [Joe joins David on his journey to finding the Blue Fairy and why]

    Gigolo Joe: Are you in trouble? Have you run away from someone?

    David: My mommy told me to run away.

    Gigolo Joe: Why did she say that?

    David: I guess... because Henry didn't like me.

    Gigolo Joe: Why was that?

    David: Martin came home.

    Gigolo Joe: And who is he?

    David: Martin is Mommy and Henry's real son. After I find the Blue Fairy, then I can go home. Mommy will love a real boy. The Blue Fairy will make me into one.

  • [Joe talks to the crying Patricia in the mirrored motel room]

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe see's the bruises on Patricia's shoulders] Are these the wounds of passion?

    Patricia in Mirrored Room: [Patricia has tears in her eyes nodding side-to-side, as Joe clicks on some music with the slant of his head, Patricia starts to smile again] Do you hear that music?

    Gigolo Joe: [a Dick Powell song continues to play as Joe lays Patricia back in the bed with a kiss] You... are a goddess, Patricia. You wind me up inside. But you deserve so much better in your life. You deserve... me.

  • [Joe recommends to David that they must go to Rouge City to find David's Blue Fairy, for that's where Dr. Know is]

    Gigolo Joe: Rouge City. Across the Delaware. Too far for our feet. We'll need help to get there. And... it is not without peril.

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe points out into the black sky, up towards the moon] We will have to journey... towards the moon.

    David: Are there many women in Rouge City?

    Gigolo Joe: As there are stars at night.

    David: Then how will we find just one?

    Gigolo Joe: We will ask Dr. Know. There is nothing he doesn't.

  • [David and Joe sit down with Dr. Know who tells them the price of admission for information]

    David: [David stands up impatiently] Tell me where I can find the Blue Fairy.

    Dr. Know: [a buzzer sound buzzes] Question me, you pay the fee. Two for five, you get one free.

    Gigolo Joe: He means two questions cost five Newbucks with a third question on the house. In this day and age, David, nothing costs more than information.

  • [Joe tries to convince David that the Blue Fairy may not be real at all]

    Gigolo Joe: Many a Mecha has gone to the end of the world... never to come back. That is why they call the end of the world 'Man-hattan.'

    David: And that is why we must go there.

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe runs after David] Wait! What if the Blue Fairy isn't real at all, David? What if she's magic? The supernatural is the hidden web that unites the universe. Only Orga believe what cannot be seen or measured. It is that oddness that separates our species. Or what if the Blue Fairy is an electronic parasite... that has a reason to haunt the minds of artificial intelligence?

  • [Joe tells David very quietly, eye-to-eye]

    Gigolo Joe: They hate us, you know... The humans. They'll stop at nothing.

  • [Joe, David, and the teenagers make their way to to Rouge city, about to pass through a tunnel bridge in the shape of an open mouth]

    Gigolo Joe: [Joe says to everybody in the car] Say 'Ah.'

    [the teenagers begin to sound out the word in unison as David just sits in the middle]

  • Gigolo Joe: They love how you make them feel.

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