Giddy Quotes in Dumbo (1941)


Giddy Quotes:

  • [after the pyramid accident]

    Elephant Matriarch: Oh, I never thought I'd live to see the big top fall.

    Giddy: Because of that Dumbo, I never *can* show my face there again.

    Fidgity Elephant: Oh, look at my beautiful tail!

    Elephant Matriarch: I just like to spank the daylights out of him, I...

    [she raises her trunk from her cast, but the pain stops her, and she groans as she lowers her trunk back into the cast]

    Prissy: Oh, that won't be necessary, dearie. They fixed him good.

    Elephant Matriarch: What do you mean?

    Giddy: What did they do?

    Fidgity Elephant: Did they beat him?

    Giddy: What is it, Darling?

    Fidgity Elephant: Tell us!

    Elephant Matriarch: Come, come, I demand to know!

    Prissy: Oh, well... they've gone and made him... oh, dear, I just can't say it.

    Elephant Matriarch: Out with it!

    Prissy: Made him a clown.

    Fidgity Elephant: A clown?

    Giddy: No!

    Prissy: Yes!

    Elephant Matriarch: Oh, the shame of it. Let us take the solemn vow.

    [all the elephants raise their trunks]

    Elephant Matriarch: From now on, he is no longer an elephant.

    [they touch trunks together]

  • Giddy: Gaining a little weight, aren't you, honey?

    Prissy: You're no cream puff yourself, dearie.

    Elephant Matriarch: Quiet up there! Tend to your work, girls.

  • [Dumbo's ears are revealed, and the other elephants gasp]

    Elephant Matriarch: Is it possible?

    Giddy: Isn't there some mistake?

    Prissy: Just look at those... those... E-A-R-S.

    Fidgity Elephant: Those what? Oh, ears!

    [Takes one of Dumbo's ears]

    Fidgity Elephant: Oh, these! Aren't they funny?


    Fidgity Elephant: [Mrs. Jumbo slaps her on the trunk, while the others gasp in terror]

    Prissy: What a temper!

    Fidgity Elephant: What did I do? Tell me, did I say anything?

    Elephant Matriarch: A perfectly harmless remark.

    Fidgity Elephant: I said they're funny looking, they *are* funny!

    Prissy: They certainly are.

    Giddy: After all, who cares about her precious little Jumbo?

    Prissy: Jumbo? You mean Dumbo.

    Elephant Matriarch: Dumbo!

    [All laugh]

  • Fidgity Elephant: Can you bear it? When she doused the ringmaster, I just thought I'd die!

    Giddy: Well personally, *I* think she went a bit too far.

    Elephant Matriarch: After all, one musn't forget one is a lady.

    Fidgity Elephant: Oh, you're right, dear.

    Giddy: Oh, well, I suppose that's mother love.

  • Giddy: ...did you know it could be dangerous to wake somebody up when they're dreaming, well, because you leave part of your brain behind. And if it happens too many times, you go feeble in the head.

    Sheela: Yeah. You're living proof.

  • Sheela: One day we're gonna tickle you. And we're gonna keep tickling you all over. He will also be tickling you.

    Giddy: He will not.

    Sheela: Look at, look at her goosebumps, you can she she's ticklish.

    Giddy: My giblets are free for the whole world to see.

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