Ghost Rider Quotes in Ghost Rider (2007)


Ghost Rider Quotes:

  • [before fighting Abigor]

    Ghost Rider: Time to clear the air.

  • Ghost Rider: [just lassoed a helicopter that tailed him to the roof; pulling it towards him] Come here.

    Helicopter Pilot: No.

    Ghost Rider: You're pissing me off.

    Helicopter Pilot: Okay, okay. Ah. Sorry.

  • Blackheart: [clapping] Looking for someone?

    Ghost Rider: [pointing] Back to Hell!

    Blackheart: We're not going to have a meaningful conversation now, are we?

    Ghost Rider: You're going down!

    Blackheart: I don't think so!

  • Ghost Rider: [to Blackheart] Look into my eyes.

    Blackheart: [starts screaming, but then laughs] Your Penance stare won't work on me. I've no soul to burn.

  • Johnny Blaze: [approaching Blackheart] How does it feel to have all that evil inside of you? All their power?

    [turns into the Ghost Rider]

    Ghost Rider: All their souls? A thousand souls to burn. Look into my eyes. Your souls are stained with the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain.

    [Blackheart starts screaming and goes into a catonic state. The Ghost Rider throws him on the floor]

    Ghost Rider: [looks up at Roxanne, the flames dim. Roxanne reaches out her hand to touch him. Ghost Rider recoils] Monster.

    Roxanne Simpson: I'm not afraid.

    [touches his face and he slowly begins turning back to Johnny Blaze]

  • Ghost Rider: [to Grissel, a demon made of sand] Hey. Dirtbag.

  • [to mugger]

    Ghost Rider: You, guilty.

  • Gressil: Have mercy.

    Ghost Rider: Sorry. All out of mercy.

  • [to young cellmate]

    Ghost Rider: You, innocent.

  • Ghost Rider: Look into my eyes.

  • Ghost Rider: Go home.

    [Ghost Rider slams Roarke into the ground, sending him back to Hell]

  • Ray Carrigan: I was never afraid of you.

    [Throws Carrigan off the truck and he gets run over]

    Ghost Rider: Roadkill.

  • Ghost Rider: [after knocking out Carrigan with a Bagger 288] Sorry, does it hurt? It looks like it does.

  • Ghost Rider: [to thug before using the Penance Stare] Hungry!

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