Geppetto Quotes in Pinocchio (1940)


Geppetto Quotes:

  • Geppetto: Say hello to Figaro.

    Pinocchio: Hello to Figaro.

  • Geppetto: [waking up to a loud crashing noise] Who's there?

    Pinocchio: It's me.

    Geppetto: [relieved] Oh, it's me.

    [starts to lie back down, then suddenly sits up boltright]

    Geppetto: Huh? Shhh! Figaro, there's somebody in here!

  • Geppetto: Now close your eyes and go to sleep.

    Pinocchio: Why?

    Geppetto: Everybody has to sleep. Figaro goes to sleep - and Cleo - and besides, tomorrow, you've got to go to school.

    Pinocchio: Why?

    Geppetto: Oh, to learn things and get smart.

    Pinocchio: Why?

    Geppetto: [starts to fall asleep] Because.

    Pinocchio: Oh.

  • Pinocchio: [having been 'fished' up into the boat by Geppetto] Hey, Father! Father!

    Geppetto: Don't bother me now, Pinocchio!

    [then he realizes]

    Geppetto: What? Pinocchio?

    Pinocchio: Father!

    Geppetto: Pinocchio!

  • Pinocchio: Father, whatcha crying for?

    [Geppetto hears him, but his mind doesn't get the message]

    Geppetto: Because... you're dead, Pinocchio.

    Pinocchio: No! No, I'm not.

    Geppetto: Yes. Yes, you are. Now, lie down...

    Pinocchio: But father, I'm alive. See?

    [Looks at himself]

    Pinocchio: And... and I'm... I'm real. I'm a real boy!

    [THAT makes Geppetto look up]

    Geppetto: You're alive! And... and you are a real boy!

  • Geppetto: [Inside Monstro the whale] Get out? Oh, no, no, son. I have tried every way. Why, I even built a raft.

    Pinocchio: [noticing it] A raft? That's it! We'll take the raft. And when the whale opens his mouth...

    Geppetto: No, no, no, no. Now listen, son. He only opens his mouth when he's eating. Then everything comes in; nothing goes out.

    Pinocchio: Oh.

    Geppetto: It's hopeless, Pinocchio. Come, we'll make a nice fire and we cook some of the fish.

    Pinocchio: A fire? That's it!

    Geppetto: Yes, and then we'll all eat again.

    Pinocchio: A great big fire; lots of smoke!

    Geppetto: Smoke? Oh, yes, sure. Smoked fish will taste good.

    Pinocchio: Quick, some wood!

    [grabs some pieces of wood and a wooden chair and places the wood in Geppetto's arms]

    Geppetto: Pinocchio, not the chair!

    Geppetto: Hurry, Father, more wood!

    [smashes the chair over a wooden barrel while Geppetto adds the wood pieces]

    Geppetto: But what'll we sit on?

    Pinocchio: We won't need it. We're getting out!

    [Grabs a lit lantern and smashes it over the pile of wood, causing a fire to start. He then adds a blanket to create smoke then promptly starts blowing and fanning on the smoke to force it up. The smoke curls upward toward the top of Monstro]

    Geppetto: Getting out? But how?

    Pinocchio: We'll make him sneeze!

    Geppetto: Make him sneeze? Oh, that will make him mad!

  • Geppetto: Now, I've got just the name for you: Pinocchio! Do you like it, Figaro?

    [Figaro shakes his head]

    Geppetto: No? You do, don't you, Cleo?

    [Cleo shakes her head]

    Geppetto: Well, we'll leave it to little wooden head. You like it?

    [pulls on string to make Pinocchio's head nod "yes"]

    Geppetto: Ha-ha, that settles it! Pinocchio it is!

  • Geppetto: Oh, Pinocchio! How did you get down here?

    Pinocchio: I fell down.

    Geppetto: Oh, you did... Oh! You are talking!

    Pinocchio: Uh-huh.

    Geppetto: No! No. no, no!

    Pinocchio: Yes, and I can move too.

    Geppetto: No, no, you can't! I'm dreaming in my sleep! Oh, wake me up! Wake me up!

    [pours a pitcher of water over his head]

    Geppetto: Now we see who's dreaming. Go on, say something.

    Pinocchio: ...Gee, you're funny. Do it again!

    Geppetto: You *do* talk!

    Pinocchio: Yes! The Blue Fairy came.

    Geppetto: The Blue Fairy?

    Pinocchio: Uh-huh, and I got a conscience.

    Geppetto: A conscience?

    [Jiminy proudly points to himself]

    Pinocchio: And someday, I'm gonna be a real boy!

    Geppetto: A real boy! It's my wish! It's come true!

  • Geppetto: Now just be yourself at school. School bag. And listen to what your teacher says.

    [the robot arm puts the backpack on Pinocchio]

    Spencer: Calm down doc. Now remember chew your food ten times before you speak.

    Pinocchio: But robots don't eat.

    Geppetto: Don't mix them up with your sayings Spencer. Doesn't my son look good?

    [Geppetto hugs Pinocchio]

    Spencer: Say cheese.

    [Spencer takes the picture with his digital camera eye]

    Geppetto: Hurry you're going to be late.

    [They walk out the front door outside]

    Pinocchio: Bye dad.

    [Pinocchio waves goodbye and walks to school with Spencer the Penguin]

    Geppetto: My son in school.

    House: You should be proud Mr. Geppetto.

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