Georgy Quotes in Georgy Girl (1966)


Georgy Quotes:

  • Georgy: No matter what I try... God's always got a custard pie up his sleeve.

  • Georgy: You're old enough to be my... managing director!

  • [last lines]

    Georgy: Well, say it properly then.

    James Leamington: Georgina...

    Georgy: [over song] Oh my god! Mother! Wait! Mother! Wait! Mother!

  • James Leamington: [taking Georgy into his study] Now, Georgy, I want you to sit quiet and listen for a moment. I'm 49 today.

    Georgy: [nonchalantly starts singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"] For he's a jolly good fellow...

    James Leamington: Shut up! I'm 49. Notice that: not 50 yet. When I first met your dad, I was 27 and just got married. Your dad was unemployed and couldn't afford to marry your mother. I took him on. She came along as housekeeper, and they got married. Ellen and I have never been blessed with children. As a result, I've tended to look upon you as my daughter. I've always been sorry that you weren't. But now I'm glad.

    Georgy: Because of what I did out there?

    James Leamington: No. I brought you in here to make you an offer.

    Georgy: You want to adopt me?

    James Leamington: Georgy, please! No, something quite different. I want you to be my mistress.

  • [first lines]

    Georgy: [to children's dance class] One and two and one and two! One and two and one and two. Everybody go round! Very good! Faster! One and two. One and two and one and two! One and two and one and two. Very good. All right, everybody round me, come on! Quick, quick! One more quickie to finish. You're things in space! Right. Spin into space! Blblbl. And one two three, one the floor, quick!

  • Georgy: [dropping Katie's crucifix charm in her box] Good-bye, Miss Katie!

  • Katie: Water...

    Nicolay: [to Georgy] She speaks, man.

    Katie: [cries out] I'm thirsty, please! I'm thirsty...

    Nicolay: [Georgy walks out of the room to get water. Nikki unzips his pants and urinates on Katie; she rolls back and screams] Drink up, baby! It's refreshing, isn't it?

    [he laughs]

    Nicolay: [Georgy attacks Nicolay and they fight]

    Ivan: [Ivan walks in] STOP IT! The both of you...

    Georgy: [to Ivan] He was pissing on her!

    Ivan: Is that so?

    Nicolay: Hey, what's the difference?

    [points to Katie]

    Nicolay: She's a piece of trash!

    [Katie looks up at him and cries]

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