George Noon Quotes in Cannibal! The Musical (1993)


George Noon Quotes:

  • [interrupting the trappers' gruesome song about the joys of killing animals]

    George Noon: Oh, stop!

    James Humphrey: That's sick!

    Frenchy Cabazon: I agree! Nutter was singing in the wrong key!

    Preston Nutter: No I wasn't! It was Loutzenheiser! I was singing in E flat minor.

    Frenchy Cabazon: The SONG'S in F sharp major!

    Shannon Bell: I think they're the same thing. I mean, E flat is the relative major of F sharp.

    Frenchy Cabazon: No it isn't! The relative minor is three half-tones DOWN from the major, not up!

    George Noon: No, it's three down. Like A is the relative minor of C major.

    O.D. Loutzenheiser: But isn't A sharp in C major?

    Shannon Bell: Wait, are you singing mixolydian scales or something?

    Frenchy Cabazon: A sharp is tonic to C major! It's the sixth!

    James Humphrey: No it isn't!

    Israel Swan: Well, it would be like a raised 13th if anything.

  • George Noon: I know there's more to life then women. I just can't figure out what else there is. I don't need it every night, every morning'd be just fine. A little sex, that's all I'm asking for.

  • Israel Swan: If you don't find a nice girl in Colorado, just remember, there's plenty of mountain sheep.

    George Noon: How big of mountain sheep?

  • [after Swan has been shot]

    George Noon: He's dead!

    James Humphrey: Well no kidding he's dead. His brains are lying in the snow.

  • [after spotting a sheep, George Noon starts unzipping his pants]

    Alferd Packer: No, to eat.

    George Noon: I know, I gotta take a piss!

  • [Noon is trying to flirt with an Indian girl]

    George Noon: I may look tough and mean-spirited but I'm really a sensitive artist.

    Indian Girl: That's very interesting.

    George Noon: I paint, and I sculpt with my hands.

    Indian Girl: That's very interesting too.

    George Noon: You have no idea what I'm saying, do you?

    Indian Girl: That's very interesting.

  • James Humphrey: Oh, gosh, I never thought I'd be sleeping next to a naked man on this trip.

    George Noon: Just do what I'm doing. Just pretend like you're laying next to a nice soft woman.

    Frank Miller: *What*?

    George Noon: I'm just imagining old Mr. Miller here as a nice tall blonde.

    Frank Miller: Oh, goddamn it! I want another partner!

  • George Noon: How deep do you think it is?

    Alferd Packer: [throws rock in and everybody stares at the splash site for a few seconds]

    Frank Miller: Well, what the hell was that supposed to prove?

    Alferd Packer: Well, s-s... what... I don't know.

  • Indian #2: Nanda? Sugu kotchi koi! Haiyaku! Haiyaku!

    [What the heck? Come here immediately! Quickly! Quickly!]

    Indian #1: Kuso, bakayarou! Kono eiga ga daikirai zo.

    [Shit, you moron! I hate this movie]

    James Humphrey: Uh, you guys, I think they want us to follow them.

    Indian #1: Ike. Kono eiga ga suggoi baka na eiga da na!

    [Go. This is a really stupid movie!]

    Alferd Packer: What should we do?

    George Noon: Maybe they just want Humphrey.

    Indian #1: Kotchi koi!

    [Come here!]

    Shannon Bell: I guess we don't have much choice.

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