Geoffrey Quotes in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)


Geoffrey Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Mrs. Deirdre Bowman: I love you. Thank you so much. Fabulous!

    [a glass of white wine is poured]

    Mrs. Deirdre Bowman: Thank you, Geoffrey.

    Geoffrey: You're welcome.

    Mrs. Deirdre Bowman: We'll also take a bottle of red, as well. Thank you.

    Geoffrey: Certainly.

    Mrs. Deirdre Bowman: Right. Now... Oh!

    Mr. Paul Bowman: [handed a glass of wine] Thank you, Bernard.

    Bernard: You're welcome.

    Cathy Bowman: [takes sandwich from serving tray] Thank you.

    Mrs. Deirdre Bowman: Wonderful. Beautiful day.

    [to Cathy]

    Mrs. Deirdre Bowman: Sweetie, where are you going?

    Cathy Bowman: Eating my sandwich.

  • Flan Kittredge: Why do you stay in South Africa?

    Geoffrey: One has to stay there. To educate the black workers. And we'll know we've been successful when they kill us.

    Ouisa Kittredge: Oh, goodness.

    Flan Kittredge: Planning the revolution that will destroy you.

    Ouisa Kittredge: Putting your life on the line.

    Geoffrey: We don't think of it like that. I wish you'd come and visit.

    Ouisa Kittredge: Oh, would we visit you and sit in your gorgeous house, planning visits to the townships, demanding to see the poorest of the poor? "Oh, are you sure they're the worst off? I mean, we've come all this way. I mean, we don't want to see people just mildly victimized by apartheid. We demand shock." You know it doesn't seem right, sitting on the East Side, talking about revolution.

  • Johnny Flodder: [sees Geoffrey touching Kees's butt]

    Johnny Flodder: [to the ladies]

    Johnny Flodder: Excuse me, ladies...

    Johnny Flodder: [gives the glass with beer to a random lady] What does that guy want from you, Kees?

    Geoffrey: Oh, hello!

    Johnny Flodder: Did he touch you?

    Kees Flodder: He wanted to kiss me.

    Johnny Flodder: [pointing to Geoffrey, in Dutch] Hey, I warn you, hands off from my sister!

    Johnny Flodder: [got grabbed by two security guards]

    Security guard: [throws Johnnie against a wall]

    Geoffrey: Hey, hey, hey, leave him, alright?

    Security guard: Are you sure?

    Geoffrey: Yes!

    Security guard: [releases him]

    Johnny Flodder: What kind of tricks are these?

    Kees Flodder: [to Geoffrey, talking about Johnnie] He is my brother.

    Geoffrey: Your brother! O, look. Hey, I am pleased to meet you. I am Geoffrey. Sorry about the rough stuff, but you can't blame me for looking after your sister. You don't have to worry about me. I know how to treat a lady like a lady. And I know your sister is every bit of a lady.

    Kees Flodder: He is a bit of a weirdo, but he didn't do a thing yet.

    Johnny Flodder: Well, er... if he goes too far, just call me.

  • Geoffrey: The dream is gone.

    Jo: But the baby's real.

  • Jo: I feel like throwing myself in the river.

    Geoffrey: I shouldn't do that, it's full of rubbish.

  • Geoffrey: Do you like me more than you don't like me or do you not like me more than you do?

    Jo: Now you're being Irish.

  • Geoffrey: You need somebody to love you while you're looking for somebody to love.

  • Sir: Keep your teeth in!

    Geoffrey: It's only when I'm nervous

    Sir: You will be nervous. I guarantee it.

  • Rachel: Geoffrey!

    Geoffrey: What-?

    Rachel: You've just ruined it now.

    Geoffrey: Ruined what?

    Rachel: My big news! You don't cut off one person's Big News with your own Big News. It ruins the impact of the first Big News and is just frankly rude.

    Geoffrey: But my Big News links into your Big News, so I thought that together they could make a Big-Big News.

    Rachel: A Big-Big News? Geoffrey, you worry me sometimes.

  • Geoffrey: Trouble at that mad house

    Casey: [Worried] Where the crazy people live

    Randy: Why would any of them want to break out?

    Geoffrey: [Comically] Maybe to go to the circus!

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