General Mandible Quotes in Antz (1998)


General Mandible Quotes:

  • General Mandible: [Z has broken through to the surface where Mandible and his soldiers wait for them to be drowned] Let go! Don't you understand? It's for the good of the colony!

    Z: What are you saying? We are the colony!

    [Mandible is about to strike Z when Cutter knocks his aside]

    General Mandible: Cutter, what are you doing?

    Colonel Cutter: Something I should have done a long time ago.

    [extends his hand to the worker ants]

    Colonel Cutter: *This* is for the good of the colony, General.

    General Mandible: You useless, ungrateful maggot! *I* am the colony!

  • General Mandible: [on hearing that one solider surivived the battle with the termites] Damn...

    [covering his true feelings]

    General Mandible: ...good. Damn good.

  • Bala: Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

    Z: Well, maybe, then again, maybe not, and then again... yowch.

    Bala: [recognizing his line from the night before] That's it. You're the guy from the bar.

    Z: Shhh.

    Queen: Bar? What bar?

    Bala: I... danced with this guy at the bar the other night. He was just a worker, then.

    Queen: What were you doing at a bar?

    General Mandible: Precisely what I want to know.

    Bala: No. This isn't about me. I mean, Look at this worker. Look what he's done.

    Z: I think - I think you're thinking of someone else. After all, I am a soldier.

    Bala: Exactly. You *were* a worker, but now you're a war hero.

    Queen: He's a worker?

    General Mandible: A worker danced with my fiance?

    Z: F-fiance? Hey, w-wait a minute. Th-this is not how it looks. I-I can explain this... hey, SHE was the one making all the moves.

  • General Mandible: [dismissing himself and Z] I think it's time to debrief the soldier.

    Z: Please, General! Not on a first date!

  • General Mandible: Seal up the doors. Cutter, did you hear me?

    Colonel Cutter: Sir, I've been thinking. Do we need to go through with this? Look at what these workers have done. They've got the right stuff. Isn't there any other way?

    General Mandible: Cutter, you're a fine officer. You have discipline, courage, ability... but you seem to have a weakness for the lower orders that I find disturbing. Now, are you with me?

  • [Mandible is giving a speech]

    General Mandible: Sacrifice. To some, it is just a word. To others, it is a code.

    Z: [whispering to Barbatus] You know, I'm really bad at word games.

  • Colonel Cutter: Attack a termite colony? That's suicide.

    General Mandible: Exactly.

  • General Mandible: You're an ant after my own heart, an ant who looks death in the face and laughs.

    Z: Actually, I generally just make belittling comments and snicker behind death's back.

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