General Al Kramer Quotes in The Rock (1996)


General Al Kramer Quotes:

  • General Hummel: Remember Operation Desert Storm? Those surgical hits made by our smart bombs that were covered so well on CNN? It was my men on the ground that made those hits possible by lazing the targets. Twenty of those men were left to rot outside Baghdad after the conflict ended. No benefits were paid to their families. No medals conferred. These men died for their country and they weren't even given a goddamn military burial. This situation is unacceptable. You will transfer one hundred million dollars from Grand Cayman Red Sea trading company to an account I designate. From these funds, one million dollars will be paid to each of the eighty-three marines' families. The rest of the funds, I will disperse at my discretion. Do I make myself clear?

    Womack: Except for the Red Sea Trading Company. What is that?

    General Hummel: Identify yourself.

    Womack: This is FBI Director Womack, General.

    General Hummel: It's a slush-fund where the Pentagon keeps proceeds from illegal arms deals...

    General Al Kramer: Jesus, Frank, this is classified information!

    General Hummel: You alert the media, I launch the gas. You refuse payment, I launch the gas. You've got forty hours, until noon, day after tomorrow, to arrange transfer of the money. I am aware of your countermeasure. You know and I know it doesn't stand a chance. Hummel from Alcatraz, out.

  • [reading Hummel's file]

    Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Three tours in Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Desert Storm; three Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars and the Congressional Medal of - Jesus. This man is a hero.

    General Al Kramer: Well, I think "legend" might be a better description, Mr. Sinclair.

    Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Well, now we can add kidnapping and extortion to his list of accolades.

    General Al Kramer: Mr. Sinclair, General Hummel is a man of honor.

  • General Al Kramer: Wait a minute. What is the potential casualty rate for a single rocket armed with VX poison gas, General Peterson?

    General Peterson: Sixty or seventy...

    Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Well, that's-that's not so bad.

    General Peterson: ...thousand. Seventy *thousand* dead.

    Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Oh.

    General Peterson: One teaspoon of this hits the floor, it's lethal up to... a hundred feet. One teaspoon of this shit detonated in the atmosphere... will kill every living organism in an eight-block radius. Get the point?

  • Commander Anderson: A night time air-drop incursion is out, due to the full moon. Likewise a frontal seaside attack. If we're compromised and shots are fired, Hummel might launch. Our only alternative is an attack from within the prison. We'll penetrate the island through the tunnels under the prison buildings undetected and emerge in its center. That way we can jump the Marines from behind, and, if we're lucky, take the rocket positions without a shot fired.

    General Al Kramer: Have you studied the architectural plans?

    Commander Anderson: They're useless. Alcatraz has been ripped up and rebuilt for years. Underneath is a maze of shit.

  • FBI Director Womack: What did Hummel mean by your "countermeasure," General?

    General Al Kramer: Standard poison is countered by napalm. It burns it up, consumes it upon impact. Now the problem with VX poison gas is that it's designed specifically to withstand napalm, which is where thermite plasma comes in. General Peterson?

    General Peterson: Thermite plasma incendiary systems can burn hot enough to consume VX, but they're still in the test phase, it's not operational. Hummel knows this. We are dealing with one smart son of a bitch.

    General Al Kramer: What's it going to take to equip a flight of F-18s with thermite plasma within the next thirty-six hours?

    General Peterson: An act of God.

    General Al Kramer: Excuse me?

    General Peterson: ...All right, we can try. But I strongly urge you to consider this as a secondary initiative.

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