Gene Ryack Quotes in Air America (1990)


Gene Ryack Quotes:

  • Billy Covington: [Gene is loading a machine gun] Excuse me, is that an Uzi?

    Gene Ryack: (glances at Babo & Billy) You know, that would make a great TV commercial? 'Excuse me, is that an Uzi?' 'Why, yes it is. Hey, self-defense is no laughing matter! That why when I want number one I pack an Uzi... accept no substitutes.'

  • Billy Covington: I don't wanna crash twice in one day!

    Gene Ryack: Don't worry, I crash better that anyone I know.

  • Gene Ryack: There'll be another, new war opening soon in a theater near you.

  • Rob Diehl: You know more about it than American intelligence Gene!

    Gene Ryack: Rob, I wish you wouldn't use the words American Intelligence to describe what it is you do!

  • Gene Ryack: Here at Air America, what's considered psychotic behavior anywhere else is company policy.

  • [to Billy]

    Gene Ryack: Why don't you go home huh? Look at me, look at Neely, we're all a bunch of trouble junkies, we've been mainlining danger and adrenaline for so long nothing else gets us off, it's kind a sick.


    Gene Ryack: Before you pick up the habit and you will pick up the habit. Go back to L.A. and be the weirdest guy in the room again. Whada you think?

  • Gene Ryack: I've seen things here that I could never possibly have imagined, and I've got a pretty broad imagination.

  • Billy Covington: Gene, you cant sell the plane! It's government property!

    Gene Ryack: The U.S. Government doesn't exist in Laos and neither does this plane!

    Billy Covington: Good point!

  • Rob Diehl: [Rob and Gene stare into the midst of flaming wreck where a pilot lay as emergency personnel race past] Do you think he's dead?

    Gene Ryack: Well, if he's not dead, he's very calm.

  • Gene Ryack: Maybe you don't get this, but when you die that's it! End of story, blackness. They stick you in a box, cover you up with dirt, don't even let you out for weekends.

  • Rob Diehl: Hey Gene, You will remember what I said?... Shhhh!

    Gene Ryack: Well the problem is Rob, you and I weren't here, this conversation never happened, so I cant remember what the fuck you didn't tell me!

  • Gene Ryack: Well down here at Crazy Gene's Used Airplanes, people think we're out of our minds since we slashed the prices on our used C-123's!

  • Billy Covington: What the f*** are you doing here, man? Do you believe in this war?

    Gene Ryack: I used to believe in all these wars.


    Gene Ryack: See, I had this theory once. I believed in the politics of Saturday night.

    Billy Covington: And...?

    Gene Ryack: I rated all governments and countries by how good or bad their Saturday nights were... and... I KNEW that Moscow and Peking had to be a stone DRAG at that time of the week. So I was flying for a cause. I was fighting to defend... chicken BBQs and weinee roasts, and Ray Charles songs and drinkin' Southern Comfort till you passed out behind the bar.

    Billy Covington: Politics of Saturday Night. I can relate to that theory.

    Gene Ryack: Yeah, it's not bad, is it? Just not particularly true, that's all. I hear they party pretty hard in Moscow.

    Billy Covington: No need to give up a good theory just because it isn't true.

  • Billy Covington: Pilot hijinks? This is psychotic behavior.

    Gene Ryack: Well, here at Air America, what is considered psychotic behavior anywhere else is just company policy.

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