Gator McKlusky Quotes in Gator (1976)


Gator McKlusky Quotes:

  • Bama McCall: [Bama is introducing Gator to his seven-foot-tall bodyguard] Ask him why they call him "Bones."

    Gator McKlusky: Why they call you "Bones?"

    Bones: Because I TELL them to!

  • Gator McKlusky: Only two things in the world I'm scared of

    Sheriff Connors: Only scared of two things, what's that?

    Gator McKlusky: Women and the police.

  • Gator McKlusky: You two are more fun than going to an all-night dentist.

  • Vinnie Carruthers: What happened to you?

    Gator McKlusky: I was tryin' to save these two buddies of mine from getting knocked up by a homosexual.

    Vinnie Carruthers: Oh, praise god!

  • Big Bear: [holding a knife at Gator's throat] You can eat my grub... I'll let you haul my whiskey... but don't you ever do me no *wrong*!

    Gator McKlusky: How'd you like that knife shoved up yer ass?

    Big Bear: [long pause] I wouldn't like that at all.

  • Roy Boone: Hey, Gator. Tell me somethin'. Was you scared back there when ol' Big Bear pulled that pig sticker on you?

    Gator McKlusky: Hmph... Scared shitless.

  • Roy Boone: Ready?

    Gator McKlusky: I was born ready!

  • [last line]

    Gator McKlusky: The good, they die young!

  • Lou: What you is writing in that little book about?

    Gator McKlusky: I'm writin the story of my life, Darlin'

    Lou: Yea?... Am I in it?

    Gator McKlusky: You're workin on it.

  • Gator McKlusky: You damn peanuthead, you don't know your camp from second base, you know that?

    Roy Boone: I don't have to take that crap from nobody!

    Gator McKlusky: You super giant ass!

    [fight breaks out]

  • Gator McKlusky: [Upon meeting Sheriff Connors] Only two things in the world I'm scared of.

    Sheriff Connors: Only two things?... Whats that?

    Gator McKlusky: Women and the police.

    Sheriff Connors: I bet you spend your time tryin' to hump both.

    Gator McKlusky: Yup.

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