Gator Quotes in The Rocker (2008)


Gator Quotes:

  • Amelia: Have you ever heard of cell phones?

    Gator: Have you ever heard of brain cancer? There's two things in this world that I do not trust when they're wireless and that is phones... and marionettes.

  • Gator: [doing shots of Grapa] I've never ever seen this kind of alcohol before!

  • Gator: Hey Taffy, baby, come suck your daddy's dick.

    Taffy: I wouldn't suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!

  • [after sticking a carrot in Dawn's mouth at the moment of sexual climax]

    Gator: I got off on it! I really got off on it!

    Dawn Davenport: Oh DID you? Well, hip hip hooray for your cheap climax! What about ME, fuck face?

  • Gator: I'm straight, I mean I like a lot of queers but I don't dig their equipment, you know. I like women.

    Aunt Ida: But you could change. Queers are just better. I'd be so proud if you was a fag and had a nice beautician boyfriend. I'd never have to worry.

    Gator: You have nothing to worry about.

  • Gator: Hello, Aunt Ida.

    Aunt Ida: Gater, what a coincidence! There's somebody here dying to meet you! Ernie, this is Gater; Gater, this is Ernie!

    Ernie: Hi, stud!

    Gator: Get him outta here!

    Aunt Ida: Gater Nelson, you be polite to Ernie! He wants a date with you!

    Gator: Well, I don't want a date with him. I came to say goodbye, Aunt Ida. I'm moving to Detroit.

    Aunt Ida: WHAT?

    Gator: I want to be near the auto in-duss-try. I'm sick of hairdressing, and besides, Dawn had me fired.

    Ernie: I can get you a job at the baths, Mary!

    Gator: Look, fucker, take a walk!

    Ernie: Well!

    Gator: Look, you better beat it before I punch your fuckin' face out that window.

    Ernie: No gay knocks for me, Ida! At best, all you've got here is trade.

    Aunt Ida: Oh, Gater! Ernie's your type! Move back in with me, and we'll get you a job as a female impersonator!

    Ernie: His hands are too big, dahling. Bye, Gater. It was... fab meeting you!

    Gator: Fuck you! You're worse than my wife!

  • Gator: Hi, brat. Is your mother home? I've a little going away present for her.

    Taffy: [after spitting in his face] Hey, Mother, there's a shithead here to see you!

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