Garrett Quotes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)


Garrett Quotes:

  • Garrett: If we live through this, I'll follow you anywhere, woman.

    Kate: Now you tell me?

  • Kate: [taking Bella's hand and zinging her with an electric charge] Oh yeah, she's a shield, all right. Should have put her on her ass.

    Garrett: Or your voltage has been exaggerated.

    Kate: [holds her hand out to Garrett] Maybe it only works on the weak.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Garrett, I wouldn't.

    [Garrett touches Kate's palm and falls to his knees from the electric shock]

    Garrett: [looks at Kate, promptly smitten with her] You, are an amazing woman.

  • Garrett: [strangling a male stranger] Shut up! I hated the first British invasion. I hate the second one even more.

    Emmett Cullen: Even The Beatles? Really, Garrett?

    Garrett: Old habits die hard.

  • Edward Cullen: [after learning the Volturi intend to use Renesmee as an excuse to destroy the Cullens and force Alice to join them] What makes you think they'll be satisfied with Alice? What's to stop them from going after Benjamin next? Or Zafrina, or Kate, or anyone else here. Anyone they want. Their goal isn't punishment. It's power, it's acquisition. Carlisle might not ask you to fight, but I will. For the sake of my family, but also for yours. For the way you want to live.

    Jacob Black: [stands up] The packs will fight. They've never been afraid of vampires.

    Tanya: [the Denali Coven stands] We will fight.

    Garrett: [steps forward] This wouldn't be the first time I've fought a king's rule.

    Benjamin: [Benjamin stands] We will join you.

    Amun: [glances at Benjamin] No!

    Benjamin: [glances back at Amun] I will do the right thing, Amun. You may do as you please.

    Senna: [as Bella stands] We will stand with you.

    Siobhan: [the Irish Coven stands] So will we.

    [Peter and Charlotte step forward and nod in support]

    Vladimir: That didn't take long.

  • Garrett: [singing] I know the sound of each rock and stone./ I embrace what others fear./ You are not to roam in this forgotten place./ Just the likes of me are welcome here./ Everything breathes and I know each breath./ For me it means life, for others it's death/ Perfectly balanced,/ Perfectly planned,/ More than enough for this man.

  • Garrett: [singing] Like every tree stands on its own,/ Reaching for the the sky, I stand alone./ I share my world with no one else./ All by myself, I stand alone/ I've seen your world/ With these very eyes./ Don't come any closer,/ Don't even try./ I've felt all the pain,/ Heard all the lies,/ But in my world, there's no comprimise./ Like every tree stands on its own,/ Reaching for the the sky, I stand alone./ I share my world with no one else./ All by myself, I stand alone.

  • Kayley: [dancing with Garret at their knighting ceremony]

    [of the hall of people]

    Kayley: Oh, Garret! Isn't this everything you ever dreamed of?

    Garrett: Hmm... Not quite *everything*...

    [spins Kayley into his arms]

  • Kayley: Are you *sure* this is dragon country? I mean, shouldn't there be a sign or something? It could say, 'Welcome to Dragon Country.'... You don't think we'll *see* any... do you?... Is a group of dragons a pack or a flock? Is it a gaggle or a pride? Is it a herd?

    Garrett: Quiet.

    Kayley: Do you hear something?

    Garrett: No, I just want you to be quiet.

  • Garrett: What are you?

    Devon: Frankly, we're the reason cousins shouldn't marry.

  • Kayley: You *saved* my life! Thank you!

    Garrett: Well, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

    Kayley: Oh, I get it. This is where King Arthur sends his unfunny jesters, right?

    Garrett: And now I'll thank you...

    Kayley: For what?

    Garrett: For reminding me why I'm a hermit. Good day!

  • Kayley: Garrett, what are you doing?

    Garrett: I'm driving!

    Kayley: Are you *sure* that's such a good idea?

  • Kayley: Hey, your falcon has silver wings!

    Garrett: *Really?* I'll have to take your word for it.

    Kayley: Oh, no. I'm Sorry, it just means he knows where Excalibur is!

    Garrett: Sure he does, in Camelot. You know, big castle, lots of flags...

    Kayley: No, it's somewhere in the forest!

  • Kayley: [coming to step in front of him as she speaks] Why won't you look at me when I'm talking to you?... Oh. Oh, I didn't realize you were...

    Garrett: What? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?

    Kayley: Blind.

    Garrett: ...You know, I always forget that one.

  • Garrett: [singing] Look at the sky,/ Tell me what do you see,/ Just close your eyes and describe it to me./ The heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight./ That's what I see through your eyes.

  • Kayley: Please... Don't die.

    [She places the healing plant on his side]

    Kayley: I can't do this on my own.

    [There is a pause as Ayden flies in]

    Kayley: I'm sorry. It's all my fault that you were hurt. I mean, I was rattling on when I should have been quiet. I'm no help to anyone.

    Garrett: [Shushes her gently] You're wrong.

  • Kayley: Camelot! Oh Garrett, it's so beautiful! I wish you could see it.

    Garrett: I have seen it. And there was no place for me.

    [hands her Excalibur]

    Kayley: Garrett, what's wrong?

    Garrett: Take Excalibur to Authur. You don't have much time.

    [Turns back towards the Forbidden Forest]

    Kayley: [Runs ahead of him, blocking his path] But we'll deliver the sword together.

    Garrett: No. You deliver it. I... I don't belong in that world.

    [Moves past her]

    Garrett: Come on, Ayden.

    Kayley: [softly] But you belong in mine.

  • Garrett: [to Ayden] You don't understand. In Camelot, she'd only see me through their eyes. Not a knight, not a man, not anything.

  • [about Dana, after Roy broke his nose]

    Roy Eberhardt: I wrote him a note, that should be the end of it.

    Garrett: A note? That's adorable. What did you say? "I'm sorry I smoked you. Please don't break every bone in my body. Please leave me one good arm so I can feed myself"?

    Roy Eberhardt: You're hysterical.

  • Billy: Ol' Pat... Sheriff Pat Garrett. Sold out to the Santa Fe ring. How does it feel?

    Garrett: It feels like... times have changed.

    Billy: Times, maybe. Not me.

  • Garrett: Won't some of you people get him up off the ground and into it?

  • Garrett: Why don't you take your money, shove it up your ass, and set fire to it?

    Gov. Lew Wallace: Commendable notion, Sheriff.

  • Billy: Whatya takin' me in for?

    Garrett: [to Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell] Which one was that?

    Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell: Buckshot Roberts.

    Garrett: For the killing of Buckshot Roberts!

    Billy: [to his confederates] Hell, that was a year ago. I shot him straight up.

    Billy: [to Pat Garrett] Come on in Pat, I'll warm ya breakfast!

    Billy: [Billy's braggadocio is answered by a hail of gunfire] I guess he already had breakfast.

  • Billy: You're in poor company, Pat.

    Garrett: Yeah, but I'm alive.

    Billy: So am I...

  • Garrett: Who are you?

    Alias: That's a good question.

  • Garrett: Bob, what else do you believe in, besides God?

    Ollinger: Me!

    Garrett: Just like old Ollinger - has the minority opinion on everything.

  • Garrett: Hey! Have you flipped? Whats the matter with you?

  • Garrett: Are you freaking mental? Juli Baker? You hate her.

    Bryce Loski: That's whats so weird, I don't think I do.

  • Bryce Loski: Is that a rooster?

    Garrett: Nah, that looks like a chicken.

    Bryce Loski: How do you know?

    Garrett: It just does.

  • Dan: Now what is the story, though, with you guys? Are you doing it, like, monogamous or what's the deal?

    Garrett: Yeah. I don't know. Uh... Maybe, yeah.

    Box: "Maybe"? Wow, okay. You know what "maybe" gets you? It gets her sucking every dude's dick out there at Stanford. It really does. And then you go out there and you visit her. And then you have to kiss that blowjob factory she calls a mouth.

    Garrett: Thank you for that visual. Thanks, pal.

    Dan: That was, like, way graphic. That was, like, extremely graphic.

  • Box: Now, look, I have done the long distance thing. And it is hard. As hell. And it doesn't matter how good the relationship is, it literally can just rip it apart. Look, it is just very hard to be away from the person you love for months at a time.

    Garrett: I know. I know it's not gonna be easy.

    Box: That's all I'm sayin'.

    Dan: But maybe YOU never found the right girl.

    Garrett: That's not a bad point.

  • [Last lines]

    Maya: Mommy, are you okay?

    GarrettErinCorinnePhil: *Maya, statue.*

  • [first lines]

    Garrett: So...

    Amy: So...

    Garrett: Happy Birthday

    Amy: Oh. Thank you for the take-out.

    Garrett: Sure. It's the least I could do. It is your birthday after all.

  • Amy: Don't even think about calling me again.

    Garrett: Oh! Jesus! Amy! Wait wait wait wait wait! I should not call you or I should want to call you?

    [Amy listens and then leaves angrily]

    Garrett: Okay, so it means what it means. Good.

  • Box: You get in a relationship but you don't *ever* fully commit.

    Dan: Right.

    Box: You never have, not since I've known you. And then the girl figures that out and then she splits. And then we have to sit here and listen to you be *surprised* about that. Over and over again.

    Dan: All the time.

    Box: This happens a lot.

    Garrett: Not true. It happens occasionally.

  • Garrett: I gotta tip for you.

    Erin: [very excited] Is it the tip of your penis?

    Garrett: [grossed out] No, gross.


    Garrett: Yes, it is.

  • Corinne: Hey Garrett. I like your haircut.

    Garrett: Thanks. Did a little something different.

    Corinne: And your dick's in your pants. That's good.

  • Garrett: Can I ask you a question?

    Erin: Yeah.

    Garrett: I don't know what your situation is... I miss you.

    Erin: That's not a question.

    Garrett: Yeah, it is.

  • Garrett: What about anal? My straight friends tell me anal's the new oral.

  • Garrett: [to Ned] You're not nearly as boring as you pretend to be.

  • Garrett: Bestiality, the final frontier.

  • Garrett: Are you done?

    Ned: To a crisp.

  • Garrett: There is nothing unrelatable about sex with animals. I know a lot of people who've done it.

    Brian: Sex with one's dog is the new sex with one's cat.

  • Garrett: And even cable isn't ready for cannibalism yet, but I do think a good flambe penis story you can put in on children's television, somewhere.

  • Garrett: Your overeducated, undermotivated, scrawny little toothpick ass shows up at my site,

    [In Jamaican accent]

    Garrett: I'll be damned if I be given it a job.

  • [Toby rights something on a note and gives it to Garret]

    Garrett: Somebody needs to get raped here. You perversed fucker.

    Toby: Right so I can read it

    [Flipping Garret off, writes a new note and gives it to Garret]

  • Garrett: The funny thing is that in the school year book they said I was most likley to become drag and move out in the woods.

  • Candace: Do you even know where we are?

    Garrett: Yeah I do, I got the map right here.

    [pulls up a string of condoms]

    Garrett: oops

    [takes up the map]

    Garrett: here is the map.

  • Garrett: Let's get the fuck out of here!

  • Paige: Are you sure it was the killer?

    Garrett: Yes Paige... Unless Smokie the Bear now packs a machete.

  • Garrett: Too bad Jake, you were a good man... once.

  • Garrett: [hurls around the cut off arm] Don't come any closer, I'm armed!

  • Garrett: Let's go find 'em.

    Doug: Hey, every minute they're gone and we're alone is another minute we're not getting our balls shaved or our manhood glued to a tree.

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