Gang Leader Quotes in Batman Forever (1995)


Gang Leader Quotes:

  • Gang Leader: Who the hell are you?

    Dick Grayson: I'm Batman.

    [the gang laughs]

    Dick Grayson: Hey, so I forgot my suit alright?

  • Gang Leader: Who the hell are you?

    Dick Grayson: I'm Batman.

    [the whole gang starts laughing]

    Dick Grayson: Okay, so I forgot my suit, all right!

  • Gang Leader: Don't fuck with the Lords of Hell!

    [Chris picks up the knife and shoves it in the gang leader's face]

    Chris: Don't fuck with the babysitter!

  • Chief Sterns: All right, I want some answers. Now what in God's name happened out here tonight? Somebody better talk to me.

    Gang Leader: Check out the East warehouse over on Lairdman Island. You'll get your answers there.

  • Gang Leader: We have a loyalty to the Shredder.

    Splinter: The Shredder uses you. He poisons your minds to obtains for that which he desires. He cares nothing for you or the people you hurt.

    Gang Leader: We're family.

    Casey Jones: Family? Did you say family? You call this here and that...

    [points to Tatsu, who he just knocked out]

    Casey Jones: ...down there, family?

  • Gang Leader: What are we just standing here for? Let's get him!

    Casey Jones: [brandishing golf club] Do you wanna be first, Junior?

  • Gang Leader: That shit was counterfit as a mother-fucker, man! Ain't nobody playing no basketball when that shit went down! Why you think the cops ain't arrest nobody?

    Bobby: How do you know nobody was playing basketball if you weren't there?

    Gang Leader: Because, bitch, the police said those people wasn't kill till 11 o'clock!

    Bobby: So what?

    Gang Leader: So they turn the court lights out at ten!

  • [Mexican villains take a purse from a lady and throw it around. It ends up at Nicks feet and he picks it up]

    Gang Leader: Give me the purse, ciego!

    Nick Parker: Are you sure it goes with your dress?

  • Gang Leader: Come on man, forget about the fucking candy. Let's get out of here!

  • Gang leader: I don't know how old you is, but you ain't getting any older.

  • Leon B. Little: [after being in the sewer for days] Goddamn Tunnel of Love! Well, don't you worry, Vinnie. A deal is a deal. Leon B. Little never quits. There's twenty-six stiffs out there who'll swear to that! Oh, daylight. All right, you chicken livers. If you're out there, you can kiss your future goodbye!

    [comes upon a street gang listening to loud music]

    Leon B. Little: Hey, Michael Jackson! Did you see two elderly gentlemen pass this way recently?

    Gang leader: [scared] Oh, shit! Another one!

    [scampers off with his goonies]

    Leon B. Little: What is it, my smell or something? Hey, fish-ass! You forgot your jukebox!

    [blasts the gang's boombox with his shotgun]

    Leon B. Little: I hate noise pollution!

  • Gang Leader: Excuse me, can I help you?

    Steven Grlscz: Don't think so.

    Gang Member: What? Is he your boyfriend or something?

    Steven Grlscz: He's been following me for two days.

    Gang Leader: Really? Why would a pinhead be following you?

    Steven Grlscz: Because he thinks I murdered someone.

    Gang Leader: Did you?

    Steven Grlscz: He thinks so.

    Gang Leader: If we do him he won't be following anyone for quite awhile.

    Steven Grlscz: Don't you realize something? You're all in a lot of trouble. They'll send someone else. They're very persistent, the police, especially when people kill them. And you have to kill him, don't you? Hardly seems worth it. Particulary since you have to kill me too.

    Gang Leader: What makes you think I won't?

    Steven Grlscz: You're not stupid.

  • [Gang leader enters classroom, trailed by two henchmen]

    Escalante: Are your friends auditing?

    Gang Leader: I audited them to come with me.

  • [Helen confronts the Gang Leader in the bathroom]

    Gang Leader: I hear you're looking for Candyman, bitch.

    Gang Leader: [the Gang Leader holds Helen by her neck] Well, you found him!

    [as the Gang Leader swings the back of his hook across her face]

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