Gamora Quotes in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Gamora Quotes:

  • Rocket Raccoon: But Quill, beating Ronan... it can't be done. You're asking us to die.

    Peter Quill: Yeah... I guess I am.


    Gamora: [stands up] Quill, I have lived most of my life surrounded my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends.

    Drax the Destroyer: [stands up] You're an honorable man, Quill. I will fight beside you. And in the end, I will see my wife and daughter.

    Groot: [stands up] I am Groot.

    Rocket Raccoon: Aww, what the hell, I don't got that long a lifespan anyway...

    [stands up]

    Rocket Raccoon: Well now I'm standing. Happy? We're all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.

  • Drax the Destroyer: I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you've accepted me despite my blunders. It is good to once again be among friends. You, Quill, are my friend.

    Peter Quill: Thanks.

    Drax the Destroyer: This dumb tree is also my friend.

    [Groot grunts]

    Drax the Destroyer: And this green whore is also...

    Gamora: Oh, you must stop!

  • Gamora: I know who you are, Peter Quill, and I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your... your pelvic sorcery!

  • Peter Quill: I have a plan.

    Rocket Raccoon: You've got a plan? Okay, first of all, you're copying me from when I said I had a plan.

    Peter Quill: I'm not copying you, I have a plan, that's not that unique of a thing to say.

    Rocket Raccoon: And secondly, I don't think you even have a plan.

    Peter Quill: I have part of a plan.

    Drax the Destroyer: What percentage of a plan do you have?

    Gamora: You don't get to ask questions after the nonsense you pulled on Knowhere!

    Drax the Destroyer: I just saved Quill!

    Peter Quill: We've already established that you destroying the ship I'm on is not saving me!

    Drax the Destroyer: When did we establish that?

    Peter Quill: Like three seconds ago!

    Drax the Destroyer: Well I wasn't listening then, I was thinking of something else...

    Rocket Raccoon: She's right, you don't get an opinion... What percentage?

    Peter Quill: I dunno... Twelve percent?

    Rocket Raccoon: Twelve percent?

    [starts laughing]

    Peter Quill: That's a fake laugh.

    Rocket Raccoon: It's real!

    Peter Quill: Totally fake!

    Rocket Raccoon: That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life because THAT IS NOT A PLAN!

    Gamora: It's barely a concept.

    Peter Quill: [to Gamora] You're taking their side?

    Groot: I am Groot.

    Rocket Raccoon: So what, "It's better than eleven percent!" What the hell does that have to do with anything?

    Peter Quill: [to Groot] Thank you Groot, thank you. See? Groot's the only one of you who has a clue.

    Groot: [Groot begins to chew on a leaf protruding from his shoulder]

  • Rocket Raccoon: If we're gonna get outta here, we gonna need to get into that watch tower, and to do that, I'm gonna need a few things. The guards wear security bands to control their ins and outs. I need one.

    Gamora: Leave it to me.

    Rocket Raccoon: That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg.

    Peter Quill: His leg?

    Rocket Raccoon: Yeah. God knows I don't need the rest of him. Look at him. He's useless.

    Peter Quill: ...All right.

    Rocket Raccoon: And finally, on the wall back there is a black panel. Blinky yellow light. You see it?

    Peter Quill: Yeah.

    Rocket Raccoon: There's a quarnex battery behind it. Purplish box. Green wires. To get into that watch tower, I definitely need it.

    Gamora: How are we supposed to do that?

    Rocket Raccoon: Well, supposedly, these bald bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of trade.

    [Groot starts walking toward the panel]

    Gamora: You must be joking.

    Rocket Raccoon: No, I really heard they find you attractive.

    Peter Quill: Look. It's 20 feet up in the air and it's in the middle of the most heavily guarded part of the prison. It's impossible to get up there without being seen.

    Rocket Raccoon: I got one plan, and that plan requires this frickin' quarnex battery, so FIGURE IT OUT!

    [Groot removes the panel, which hits a passing inmate on the head and knocks him out]

    Rocket Raccoon: Can I get back to it? Thanks.

    [Drax spots Groot trying to remove the battery]

    Rocket Raccoon: Now, this is important. Once the battery is removed, everything is gonna slam into emergency mode. Once we have it, we gotta move quickly, so you definitely need to get that last.

    [Groot removes the battery, setting off the alarms]

    Rocket Raccoon: Or we could just get it first and improvise.

    Gamora: I'll get the armband.

    Peter Quill: Leg.

  • Gamora: I'm a warrior, an assassin. I don't dance.

    Peter Quill: Really? Well, on my planet, we have a legend about people like you. It's called Footloose. And in it, a great hero, named Kevin Bacon, teaches an entire city full of people with sticks up their butts that, dancing, well, is the greatest thing there is.

    Gamora: ...Who put the sticks up their butts?

  • Gamora: I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.

  • Rocket Raccoon: That's for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons.

    Gamora: No one's blowing up moons.

    Rocket Raccoon: You just wanna suck the joy out of everything.

  • Gamora: And Quill, your ship is filthy.

    Gamora: [She walks away]

    Peter Quill: Oh she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

    Rocket Raccoon: You got issues, Quill.

  • [last lines]

    Peter Quill: What should we do next: Something good, something bad? Bit of both?

    Gamora: We'll follow your lead, Star-Lord.

    Peter Quill: A bit of both!

  • Gamora: We're just like Kevin Bacon.

  • Gamora: I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

  • [Quill struggles to control the Infinity stone]

    Gamora: Peter, take my hand!

    [Quill grabs her hand, and Drax and Rocket do the same]

    Ronan: You're mortal! How...

    Peter Quill: You said it, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    [the Guardians strike Ronan]

  • Gamora: [talks to Drax] You don't get opinions after that nonsense you pulled on Knowhere.

    Drax the Destroyer: I just saved Quill!

    Peter Quill: We've already established that blowing up the ship I'm on isn't saving me.

    Drax the Destroyer: When did we establish that?

    Peter Quill: Like three seconds ago!

    Drax the Destroyer: Well I wasn't listening then, I was thinking about something else.

    Rocket Raccoon: She's right; you don't get opinions.

  • [Quill hands the Stone over to the Ravagers]

    Peter Quill: [as they leave] He's going to be pissed when he finds out I switched out the orb on him.

    Gamora: He's going to kill you, Peter.

    Peter Quill: Oh I know. But he's about the only family I have.

    Gamora: No... he wasn't.

  • Gamora: You should have learned.

    Peter Quill: I don't learn. One of my issues.

  • Gamora: It's time we stand up for what is right.

    Nebula: Ha.

  • Gamora: Your wife and child shall rest well, knowing that you have avenged them.

    Drax the Destroyer: Yes. Of course Ronan was only a puppet. It's really Thanos that I need to kill.

  • Peter Quill: [Yondu's robotic dart is pointing at him] If you kill me, you're gonna miss the biggest score you've ever seen.

    Yondu Udonta: The Stone? I hope you gotta better idea 'cause no one ain't stealing from Ronan.

    Peter Quill: We got a ringer.

    [glances at Gamora]

    Peter Quill: She knows everything there is about Ronan. His ship, how to get in...

    Gamora: He's vulnerable.

    Peter Quill: So whaddaya think? Me and you, taking down scores, just like old times?

    [Yondu glares at Quill... then calls off his dart and hugs Quill]

    Yondu Udonta: [laughs] You always had balls, son! That's why we kept you as a youngling!

  • Peter Quill: If we're gonna work together you might wanna try trusting me a little bit.

    Gamora: How much do you trust me?

  • Gamora: Whatever nightmares the future holds are but dreams compared to what's behind me.

  • Peter Quill: I saw you out there. I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't let you die. I found something inside of myself, something incredibly heroic. I mean, not to brag, but objectively...

    Gamora: [sigh] Where's the orb?

  • Gamora: This was my opportunity to get away from Thanos.

  • Gamora: It's dangerous and illegal work, suitable only for outlaws.

    Peter Quill: Well, I come from a planet of outlaws: Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos.

  • Gamora: We'll follow your lead.

  • Gamora: Nebula! Sister, help us fight Ronan. You know he's crazy!

    Nebula: I know you're both crazy!

  • Gamora: [regarding Yondu] Why is this one here?

    Peter Quill: We promised him he could stay by your side until he kills your boss. I always keep my promises when they're to muscle-bound whack-jobs who will kill me if I don't.

  • Gamora: [in gunfight] Groot! Get out of the way, you're gonna get hurt!

    [Groot waves at her]

    Gamora: [beaming] Hi!

    [keeps firing]

  • Ego: I created what I imagined biological life to be like. Down to the most minute detail.

    Drax: Did you make a penis?

    Peter Quill: Dude!

    Gamora: What is wrong with you?

    Drax: If he's a planet, how could he make a baby with your mother? He would smush her.

    Peter Quill: I don't need to hear how my parents...

    Drax: Why? My father would tell the story of impregnating my mother every winter solstice.

    Peter Quill: That's disgusting.

    Drax: It was beautiful. You earthers have hang-ups.

    Ego: Yes, Drax, I got a penis.

    Drax: Ha! Thank you.

    Ego: And it's not half bad.

  • Nebula: [sneering] Look at you, a Garden of the Galaxy!

    Gamora: It's Guardian! Why would I be a Garden of the Galaxy?

    [Drax laughs]

  • Rocket: You know why I did it, Star-Munch? Hmm?

    Peter Quill: I'm not gonna answer to "Star-Munch."

    Rocket: I did it because I wanted to! What are we even talking about this for? We just had a little man save us by blowing up fifty ships!

    Drax: How little?

    Rocket: [holding his thumb and forefinger close together] Well, kinda like this?

    Gamora: [skeptically] A little one-inch man saved us?

    Rocket: Well, if he got closer, I'm sure he'd be much larger.

    Peter Quill: Yeah, that's how eyesight works, you stupid raccoon.


    Peter Quill: I'm sorry, I took it too far. I meant "trash panda."

    [Rocket looks around in confusion]

    Rocket: Is that better?

    Drax: I don't know.

    Peter Quill: [snickering] It's worse. It's so much worse.

  • Mantis: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.

    Peter Quill: You read minds?

    Mantis: No. Telepaths know thoughts. Empaths feel feelings. Emotions.

    [to Peter]

    Mantis: May I?

    Peter Quill: Alright.

    [Mantis touches Peter's hand]

    Mantis: You feel... love.

    Peter Quill: Yeah, I guess I feel a general, unselfish love for...

    Mantis: No. Romantic, sexual love.

    Peter Quill: No, no. No, I don't.

    Mantis: [points to Gamora] For her.

    Peter Quill: No! That is not...

    Drax: [laughing hysterically] She just told everyone you're deepest, darkest secret!

    Peter Quill: Dude, come on! I think you're overreacting a little bit.

    Drax: [still laughing] You must be so embarrassed!

    [to Mantis]

    Drax: Do me! Do me, do me!

    [Mantis touches Drax and she starts laughing hysterically]

    Mantis: I've never felt such humor!

    [Drax and Mantis are laughing and pointing at Peter]

    Peter Quill: So unbelievably uncool.

    [Mantis walks over to Gamora to touch her]

    Gamora: Touch me, and the only thing you're gonna feel is a broken jaw.

  • Drax: The beast's hide is too thick to be pierced on the outside... Then I must cut through it from the inside!

    Gamora: Huh?... No. NO! Drax, wait a minute! DRAX!

    [Drax charges at the monster, and gets eaten]

    Peter Quill: [horrified] What is he doing?

    Gamora: He said the beast's hide is too thick to be pierced on the outside...

    Peter Quill: That doesn't make any sense!

    Gamora: I tried telling him that!

    Peter Quill: It's the SAME level of thickness on the inside as on the outside!

    Gamora: I realize that!

  • Gamora: Maybe this man could be your David Hasselhoff.

  • Peter Quill: This is weird, we got a Sovereign fleet approaching from the rear.

    Gamora: Why would they do that?

    Drax: Probably 'cause Rocket stole some of their batteries.

    Rocket: Dude!

    Drax: [awkwardly] Right... he didn't steal some of those. I don't know why they're after us, what a mystery this is.

  • Gamora: You own a planet that can destroy two dozen spaceships without a suit. What are you, exactly?

    Ego: I'm what's called a Celestial, sweetheart.

  • Gamora: Can we put the bickering on hold till AFTER we survive the massive space battle?

  • Gamora: [to Nebula] You will always be my sister.

  • [Mantis touches Gamora, and she feels fear for the first time]

    Gamora: What did you do to me?

  • Gamora: Nebula, I was a little girl, trying to live day by day, not knowing or understanding what that meant to you. There are many other girls out there, like us. You can stay with us, and help them.

    Nebula: I can help them, by killing Thanos.

  • Gamora: [to Quill] There is no unspoken thing.

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