Gaby Quotes in Camp Nowhere (1994)


Gaby Quotes:

  • "Mud": Dad! Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I can't act stupid.

    Zach: If Mud's guilty I am too.

    Gaby: Me too! I'm smart enough to act stupid.

    Trish: Yeah and I'm stupid too! Well... you know what I mean.

  • Gaby: Okay troops, line up.

    [begins handing out omelets]

    Gaby: Ashley, mushroom. Amber, onion. Lenny, plain.

    Lenny: Cheese.

    Gaby: You said plain.

    Lenny: Cheese.

    Gaby: Plain.

    Lenny: Cheese.

    Gaby: Plain.

    Lenny: Cheese.

    Gaby: Plain.

    Lenny: Cheese.

    Gaby: Plain.

    Lenny: Cheese.

    Gaby: Cheese.

    Lenny: Plain.

    Gaby: Okay fine, you win. Plain.

    [Lenny walks away looking confused]

    Gaby: Who says you can't learn anything from cartoons?

  • Fein: Back in the 60's, some hippies came here and turned the place into a commune. You know, sex, and drugs, and debauchery.

    Dennis Van Welker: Knew I'd been here before.

    Gaby: Eww! You did that stuff here?

    Dennis Van Welker: No... not *here*.

    [Takes a step to the right and nods]

  • Gaby: Guys can be geeks, but it's different for girls. I'm gonna wind up wearing a hairnet and serving Jell-o in the cafeteria!

    "Mud": That won't happen, because a lot of girls start out... lumpy. But you'll get thinner, and then you'll start to grow... chests, and then you'll be going out with guys who hang me up by my underwear.

  • "Mud": Gaby, when does your mom leave for the islands?

    Gaby: Just as soon as she puts me on the bus to Camp Slenderella.

    Trish: Again?

    Gaby: Celery sticks and rice cakes... prison food!

    Trish: I'll mail you a Twinkie.

  • Zach: We're not 'delinquent friends'.

    Trish: Oh really? Then how come you go to military camps every summer, because you like the haircuts?

    Zach: You know my Dad. 'Military camp builds character'

    Gaby: [about Camp Slenderella] 'It's for your own good, Gabs'.

    Trish: [about Broadway Camp] 'But Trish, all the OTHER kids are going!'

    "Mud": Hey, how about this one? 'It'll be fun'.

  • Trish: Wig-n-Wam? What're we doing at a car wash?

    Gaby: This will never work.

    Dennis Van Welker: Haven't you ever heard of a clean getaway?

  • "Mud": What's up?

    Gaby: [making breakfast] Omelets.

    "Mud": What's wrong with Slim Jims and Pop-Tarts?

    Gaby: I don't know... I guess I just got tired of the stuff.

  • Catherine: Suzon, I forgot one thing. I heard a strange sound. I looked through Augustine's keyhole, and I saw her standing at the mirror with something shiny. I thought nothing of it, but now I'm sure she was sharpening a knife!

    Augustine: You liar! I was holding my mother-of-pearl comb and cleaning it.

    Gaby: At 3:00 am?

    Augustine: Combs never sleep!

  • Gaby: [6 of the women reenter the house after their investigation outside to find Gaby and Pierrette engaged in what appears to an act of woman-to-woman love] . Wait, it's not what you think.

    Augustine: We don't need to think, we can see.

  • Pierrette: As you ladies want the whole truth, I'd like to add a tidbit of information you lack.

    Gaby: What is it this time?

    Pierrette: Marcel and your new maid, Louise, have known each other for five years.

    Gaby: What?

    Pierrette: Five years of rented rooms and secret weekends. This winter you needed a maid, so Louise got hired.

    [leaning in towards Gaby]

    Pierrette: It's called "in-home service."

  • Suzon: Didn't you say you saw no-one?

    Augustine: I forgot. I went for a drink.

    Gaby: Or a prowl around Marcel's room! What happened?

    Catherine: You'd know if you still slept with Dad.

    Gaby: I'm being judged by my own child!

    Pierrette: That's why I never had any.

    Gaby: Just admit no man ever asked you to.

  • John: Gaby, I'm sorry to disturb you, but we're ready to cut the cake.

    Gaby: [behind the bathroom door] When Justine took her first crap on the potty, I wasn't there. When she had her first sexual intercourse, I wasn't there. So give me a break, please, with all your fucking rituals.

  • Gaby: I myself hate marriages. Especially when they involve some of my closest family members.

  • Justine: I'm frightened, Mom. I have trouble walking properly.

    Gaby: You can still wobble, I see. So just wobble the hell out of here. Stop dreaming, Justine.

    Justine: I'm scared.

    Gaby: We all are, sweetie. Just forget it. Get the hell out of here.

  • Alicia: Time for bed, Gaby.

    Gaby: Just a little longer. One more story.

    Ana: The one about the invisible paint? This paint makes things invisible. For instance, we paint your bed and it vanishes. Then mommy will think you're sleeping in mid-air.

    Gaby: Mommy, is she like Dolores? Is she your "divided" friend?

  • Alicia: Dolores is lucky to have such a devoted friend as you.

    Gaby: What does "divided" mean?

  • Gaby: How can I scream when I can't talk? How can I stop loving with the seed of a woman inside? God, if life is so many things that I am not, and never will be, give me the strength to be what I am.

  • Gaby: It's late. I must go.

    Pepe le Moko: Suppose you don't come tomorrow?

    Gaby: Suppose I don't? Can't you ever get away from the Casbah?

    Pepe le Moko: Why do you ask?

    Gaby: Can't you?

    Pepe le Moko: No. I'm caught here, like a bear in a hole. Dogs barking, hunters all around, no way out of it. Do you like that? Maybe it's lucky for you.

    Gaby: I don't like it. And it's not lucky.

    Pepe le Moko: You're right. If you don't come back, I might do anything. I might go down to your hotel to get you.

    Gaby: Tomorrow, Pepe.

    Pepe le Moko: Tomorrow?

    Gaby: I never break a promise.

  • Gaby: If I can't see Paris when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to go right back to sleep.

  • Pepe le Moko: What did you do before?

    Gaby: Before what?

    Pepe le Moko: Before... the jewels.

    Gaby: I wanted them.

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