Gabriella Montez Quotes in High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)


Gabriella Montez Quotes:

  • Troy Bolton: [on the phone with Gabriella] Hey! I just showed my mom the tux.

    Gabriella Montez: We need to talk. I can't be a little adult right now, Troy. I'm hoping you understand that.

    Troy Bolton: No, don't even say that. Gabriella, prom is in two days. You're supposed to be on a plane right now.

    Gabriella Montez: It's taken me two weeks to get used to being away from you. From East High and all my friends.

    Troy Bolton: I know. I know.

    Gabriella Montez: So what? I come back, go to prom, and leave again? And when its graduation I'll leave again.

    Troy Bolton: That was our plan.

    Gabriella Montez: I don't think I can do it Troy. I think I've run out of goodbyes.

    Troy Bolton: Why do you keep saying "goodbye"?

    Gabriella Montez: I love you, wildcat. But I need to stay right where I am. I'm sorry.

    [she hangs up]

    Troy Bolton: Gabriella... She's not coming back, man.

    Chad Danforth: Shes gonna miss the prom?

    Troy Bolton: No, she's not coming back at all.

    Chad Danforth: Wow. That's lousy, man.

  • Gabriella Montez: [In the tree house] So, another "top secret hiding place"?

    Troy Bolton: [laughs] You're the second girl I've ever had up here.

    [Gabriella looks upset]

    Troy Bolton: The first was my mom. She only climbed up here to get me down.

    Gabriella Montez: [laughs] Well I'm honored. This place is so cool.

    Troy Bolton: Yeah me and my dad built it.

    Gabriella Montez: So is that the coach from U of A down there?

    Troy Bolton: Yeah. I mean he's at my house. Crazy.

    Gabriella Montez: I bet he's already got your name on a locker.

    Troy Bolton: It's always been my dad's dream. Now I'm gonna end up at his alma mater... Did I just say that?

    Gabriella Montez: You know, my mom and I have been talking about Stanford University pretty much since I was born

    Troy Bolton: Hey, you're already in. That's so cool.

    Gabriella Montez: Except she won't stop talking about it. It's embarrassing.

    Troy Bolton: Come on. She's proud of you. I'm proud of you.

    Gabriella Montez: The thing about Stanford is that it's a thousand and...

    Troy Bolton: [interrupting] Fifty-three miles from here. I know.

    [taking her hand]

    Troy Bolton: Suddenly it seems like the rest of the school year is coming at us so fast.

    Gabriella Montez: I wish it would all just stop. At least just slow down.

  • Troy Bolton: I figured you'd be the last one out of the building.

    Gabriella Montez: I don't believe this.

    Troy Bolton: I took a wrong turn on the way to prom. So did you.

    Gabriella Montez: You are so crazy, Wildcat. And what is it with you and trees?

    Troy Bolton: I guess I see things clearly from up here.

    Gabriella Montez: Well, you look handsome. Prom is tonight in Albuquerque, 1000 miles away.

    Troy Bolton: [he jumps down from the tree] My prom is where ever you are.

    [he pulls out a corsage]

    Troy Bolton: If I'm gonna have a last dance at East High, it's gonna be with you.

    [he puts it on her wrist]

  • Gabriella Montez: [all sung] Troy!

    Troy Bolton: Right now I can hardly breathe.

    Gabriella Montez: Oh, you can do it just know that I believe.

    Troy Bolton: And thats all I really need.

    Gabriella Montez: Then come on!

    Troy Bolton: Make me strong! It's time to turn it up. Game on!

  • Gabriella Montez: I guess my heart just doesn't know it's in high school.

  • Chad Danforth: [Chad and Troy walk into the room where Taylor and Gabriella are editing the yearbook. Chad sets a pan of brownies in front of Taylor] Those are compliments of Zeke. Be Careful, they're still hot.

    Taylor McKessie: Okay.

    Troy Bolton: But he doesn't tknow they're gone yet, so you have to eat all the evidence.

    Gabriella Montez: Kissing up to the yearbook editors. It's a very smart move.

    Troy Bolton: Well, Chad's hoping for two pages on himself. And maybe even a third page, just for his hair.

    Chad Danforth: Hey, what's right is right.

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