Fuzzy Quotes in Fun Size (2012)


Fuzzy Quotes:

  • Fuzzy: [after pulling a Halloween prank on an enemy] Trick or treat, bitch!

  • Fuzzy: Is your father dead?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: Cirrhosis. It's a disease of the liver.

    Fuzzy: What, a liver killed him?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: No, alcohol killed him. He drank himself to death.

    Fuzzy: But did you know him?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: Barely. But it hardly mattered that I knew him.

    Fuzzy: Did you know your mother better?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: Mm-hmm. She's dead now too. She was a nanny.

    Fuzzy: What's a nanny do?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: She looks after other people's children.

    Fuzzy: Did she grow up around here?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: No. She was an immigrant.

    Fuzzy: What's an immigrant?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: Someone not from Maine.

  • Fuzzy: I like orange. Should I keep the teeth orange?

  • Fuzzy: [reading letter] Dear team, please don't be cross with me for leaving you in the lurch. There is no place here for me now. And I feel with great certainty that I must chance to make a discovery of my own. I'm not sure I will come across elephants or crocodiles immediately, but I shall write to tell you the minute I do. You must look after each other now, and do your best to be fearless and true. Carry these notions forth into the world, because without you they will simply disappear. Don't fret, I will write soon. And PS, I promise to replace the shortbreads. Love, Di.

  • Fuzzy: What do you think happens when we die?

    Willy: We get to have sex again.

  • [first lines]

    Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Well, here we are, Fuzz, five miles out of Rock Creek. It's where we're supposed to look at orders. What's the matter? Scared?

    Fuzzy: Me? No, I ain't scared, Chey.

    Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Sealed orders usually means it's a tough assignment. We'll probably have to stand up to 50 or 60 blood-thirsty cutthroats... but it always makes the job more interesting, huh?

  • [Cheyenne has just prevented the fake Dawson from fleeing]

    Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Get a rope and let's tie him up.

    [Fuzzy kicks the fake Dawson in the jaw, knocking him unconscious]

    Fuzzy: You won't need to tie him up.

  • Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Hey! I'm ordered to take a vacation at the Lobos ranch four miles this side of Rock Creek. Very funny. Come across with the real orders, Fuzzy.

    Fuzzy: You got the real orders. Marshal Conway knew you' kick up a ruckus so...

    Marshal Cheyenne Davis: He tricked me - and you were in on it! Is that right?

    Fuzzy: Now look, you haven't had a rest in three years. You're not going to be any good at all if you keep it up.

    Marshal Cheyenne Davis: I'll turn into a raving lunatic if I have to sit around the Lobos ranch.

    Fuzzy: Oh, it's a nice friendly place. Besides the owner is an old buddy of mine and don't you worry about bein' bored. Let's go.

  • [last lines]

    Rock Creek Sheriff: Before you go, Cheyenne, I'd like to say one thing. I'm getting kind of old and useless, I guess. Why don't you stay hre and take the sheriff's job?

    Marshal Cheyenne Davis: No thanks. Maybe Fuzzy would like the job>

    Fuzzy: Nosiree! Why, the marshal's office couldn't get along without me. I'm the toughest man they got workin' for 'em. Besides, I'm the best rider they got.

    [Fuzzy climbs onto his horse backwards]

    Fuzzy: Hey! Who turned my horse around?

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