Fujiko Mine Quotes in Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyo (2014)


Fujiko Mine Quotes:

  • Arsene Lupin III: [sees a naked Fujiko] That's one hell of a view!

    Fujiko Mine: [covers herself] Don't look at me!

  • Daisuke Jigen: How could they kill a singer from their own homeland who only desired peace?

    Arsene Lupin III: No one can understand the mind of a tyrant.

    Fujiko Mine: Oh, it's quite simple! Everyone loves money!

  • [Fujiko absconds with the Calamity File]

    Daisuke Jigen: Are you ever gonna wise up? You ain't doing yourself any damn favours by keeping that woman around.

    Arsene Lupin III: Don't be like that...

    [holds up the FIle]

    Daisuke Jigen: Jeez, I don't know why I put up with you...

    Fujiko Mine: [looks through a duplicate] What the hell is this?

  • Fujiko Mine: [gasps] Lupin?

    Arsene Lupin III: Alas... only what's left of him.

    Fujiko Mine: Hm. What exactly is that supposed to mean?

    Arsene Lupin III: [walks to her with a rose] It means, my dear Fujiko, that you are a rose, and I have been pricked by the thorn of your indifference...

    Fujiko Mine: "The thorn of my indifference?" Oh, brother...

    Arsene Lupin III: [smells the rose] Fatally pricked, and now, almost completely wasted away, my darling.

    Fujiko Mine: [chuckles] Fatally pricked, huh? You gotta love karma!

    Arsene Lupin III: Yet, there is still one thing that could save me.

    Fujiko Mine: What might that be?

    Arsene Lupin III: If your petal-like lips would but caress my own unworthy sad ones, I might yet survive, my love.

    Fujiko Mine: I would, but you know you'd just prick yourself all over again.

    Arsene Lupin III: [throws the rose away] Boy, you're all thorns. And after all I went through to get you that damn Stone!

  • Mamo: Look at this man, Fujiko! This is the man you want to spend the rest of eternity with? This ignorant fool who laughs like a hyena at his own impending doom? I refuse to grant the gift of immortality to one so unworthy!

    Fujiko Mine: Well, if that's the way you want to be, you can just count me out, too!

    Mamo: Fujiko!

    Fujiko Mine: What's the point of being forever young and lovely? It's no fun if I have to sit by and watch him getting old and shriveled up!

  • Fujiko Mine: [referring to Mamo's promise of eternal life] I can't believe it. It was all a lie!

    Arsene Lupin III: Maybe it wasn't. I think he was researching immortality...

    Daisuke Jigen: He's just another wacky old rich guy.

    Arsene Lupin III: Or a clone.

    Daisuke Jigen: Say what?

    Arsene Lupin III: You said it yourself. The guy had the bucks to pull anything off! Technologically, it's not a big deal anymore. Just a little dab of DNA'll do ya, and theoretically, if you repeat the process over and over again, you - or, successive copies of you - could live forever.

    Daisuke Jigen: Well, it certainly would explain the mystery of your dear departed doppelganger...

    Arsene Lupin III: And a single strand of my hair is really all anybody would have needed to do it.

    Daisuke Jigen: Anybody with a few billion dollars to play with...

  • Mamo: The process has its limitations.

    Fujiko Mine: Limits?

    Mamo: The transfer of the chromosomal data is never accomplished with complete fidelity. There are... anomalies, infinitesimally small in each case, but the cumulative effect of such - chaotic - pollution... can be observed after only a dozen or so generations, and what you see before you is a 130th generation facsimile. I am but a faint, distorted echo of myself.

    Arsene Lupin III: But you were always distorted by your obsession.

    Mamo: But is it not... everyone's obsession?

  • Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: Miss Fujiko!

    Fujiko Mine: I came to say goodbye while I have the chance.

    [removes her disguise]

    Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: Who in the world are you?

    Fujiko Mine: I'm the only woman in the castle, employed to serve you. But in reality, I'm a spy searching for the secrets of this castle. I'd intended to stay a bit longer, but Lupin's here, so I'm leaving now because things are going to get all screwed up.

    Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: You know him?

    Fujiko Mine: I've known him to the point that I've gotten sick of him. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we're enemies. We've even been lovers. He's a born womanizer. Take care.

    Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: Did he drop you?

    Fujiko Mine: No, silly. I dropped HIM.

  • Fujiko Mine: [on TV] Thank you for waiting, ladies and gentlemen. We're now back on the air. And all hell has broken loose in the ceremonial hall!

  • [English dub]

    Fujiko Mine: The time's come to say goodbye.

    [removes off her disguise]

    Clarisse d'Cagliostro: What are you...

    Fujiko Mine: To all appearances, I'm the one woman who is employed here in the castle as your servant. But in reality, I'm a lady spy who's looking for this castle's secret. I was hoping to stay a little longer, but now Lupin's come. Everything's fallen apart, so I'm leaving.

    Clarisse d'Cagliostro: You know that man?

    Fujiko Mine: Only too well. Sometimes we're allies, at others we're enemies. Occasionally, we're even lovers. The guy's a natural born lady-killer. Watch your step around him.

    Clarisse d'Cagliostro: He walked out on you?

    Fujiko Mine: Oh, hardly. I walked out on HIM.

  • [while on the road, Lupin meets a fellow traveler]

    Lupin III: Fujiko!

    Fujiko Mine: Lupin, look at my trophies!

    Lupin III: The counterfeit plates... Hey! Hey! Let's be friends!

    Fujiko Mine: So long!

    [drives off]

    Lupin III: Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait a second!

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