Fu Manchu Quotes in Grindhouse (2007)


Fu Manchu Quotes:

  • Trailer voiceover: [from segment Werewolf Women of the SS] Featuring Udo Kier, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tom Towles, Sybil Danning, Bill Moseley, and Nicolas Cage


    Trailer voiceover: as


    Trailer voiceover: Fu Manchu!


  • Fu Manchu: [broadcasting by radio] Attention! Attention! This is Fu Manchu. Stand by for an important message. I repeat, this is Fu Manchu. You know now that I must be obeyed, that I am all-powerful. In two more days I shall give my commands. They will be carried out at once... or ten thousand shall die. Ten thousand. And one particular man. That is all.

  • Fu Manchu: Professor Muller...

    Muller: Yes?

    Fu Manchu: You were instructed to come alone.

    Muller: But he's my driver, my servant.

    Fu Manchu: [emphatically] Alone.

  • Fu Manchu: Now the wheel of fate has turned full circle.

  • [last lines]

    Fu Manchu: The world shall hear from me again.

    Fu Manchu: The world shall hear from me again.

  • Fu Manchu: The face of Nayland Smith. The mind of a murderer.

  • Fu Manchu: Vengeance is mine.

  • Fu Manchu: I am a doctor of philosophy from Edinburgh, a doctor of law from Christ's College, a doctor of medicine from Harvard. My friends, out of courtesy, call me 'Doctor'.

  • Sir Lionel Barton: You're Fu Manchu, aren't you?

    Fu Manchu: I am a doctor of philosophy from Edinburgh, I am a doctor of law from Christ College, I am a doctor of medicine from Harvard. My friends, out of courtesy, call me doctor.

    Sir Lionel Barton: Oh, I beg your pardon. Well, three times doctor, what do you want of me.

    Fu Manchu: I have sent for you to make your fortune. What good are these relics of a dead warrior to you?

    Sir Lionel Barton: Oh, our English people like to look at them on holidays.

    Fu Manchu: Are they worth a million pounds to you?

    Sir Lionel Barton: My dear fellow, I can't sell what I haven't got.

    Fu Manchu: But you will tell me where they are for money, I mean?

    Sir Lionel Barton: Not for anything in the world.

  • Nayland Smith: [pointing to a snake] Is this a friend of your family's?

    Fu Manchu: It is not wise to insult your host, Sir Nayland. If it were not the easy way out, I would kill you now.

  • Fu Manchu: The slightest move will send a bullet crashing through your stiff British spine.

    Nayland Smith: Are you in the habit of shooting your enemies in the back?

    Fu Manchu: Put your gun away. You may turn around. Ah, now that's better. Now we can talk like gentleman.

  • Fah Lo See: [referring to Terrence Granville] He is not entirely unhandsome, is he, my father?

    Fu Manchu: For a white man, no.

  • Fu Manchu: [Pointing to blonde female captive] Would you have maidens such as these for your wives?

    Horde of Asians: [Roars in approval, some waving swords]

    Fu Manchu: Then conquer and breed... kill the white man... and take his women!

  • Fu Manchu: [to Sir Lionel Barton, describing the "Bell Torture" Barton will suffer until he reveals the location of the tomb of Genghis Khan, as Fu Manchu's minions are securing Barton to a slab beneath a giant bell] You've read about this, Barton: the torture of the bell: it never stops. Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. Seems harmless, doesn't it? Just a bell ringing. But the percussion and the repercussion of sound against your eardrums will soften and destroy them until the sound is magnified a thousand times.

    [Barton is now secured hand and foot beneath the giant bell]

    Fu Manchu: You can't move. You can't sleep. You will be frantic with thirst. You will be unspeakably foul. But here you will lie, day after day, until you tell.

  • Fu Manchu: [Fu Manchu temporarily stops the "bell torture bell" from ringing, lifts up Sir Lionel Barton's head and gives him a glass of water] And now for a nice, long drink.

    Fu Manchu: [Sir Lionel Barton begins to drink from the glass, splutters and lays his head back down; moaning] Ha ha ha ha ha... Oh, I forgot to tell you... it was salted!

  • Fu Manchu: [to horde of Asians] Men of Asia! The skies are red with the thunderbolts of Genghis Khan! They rain down on the white race... and burn them!

  • Fu Manchu: [directing his minions to take Nayland Smith into captivity] See that he is comfortable... for now.

  • Fu Manchu: [speaking to Sheila Barton and Dr. von Berg:] Silence! It is my pleasure to show you how I entertain my guests.

    [to Sheila]

    Fu Manchu: You, Miss Barton, will be taken to the Room of the Golden Peacock, where you will be prepared as a sacrifice to our gods!

    [to Dr. von Berg, describing the torture of impalement]

    Fu Manchu: And you? You, my dear doctor, will follow my slaves to the Room of the Slim Silver Fingers, where I am sure you will be more than comfortable!

    [to both]

    Fu Manchu: And at sunrise tomorrow, as my chieftains are assembled in the temple below, you two, and your compatriot, Sir Nayland Smith, will have the pleasure of entering your Christian heaven together! It will be your honor to be the first white martyrs to perish at the hands of the new Genghis Kahn! I congratulate you!

  • Fu Manchu: [telling Terence Granville, who is strapped to an operating table, what Fu Manchu is about to inject him with] This serum, distilled from dragon's blood, my own blood, the organs of different reptiles, and mixed with the magic brew of the sacred seven herbs, will temporarily change you into the living instrument of my will. You will do as I command!

  • Fu Manchu: As you were the leader of the rebellion, you shall be the first to go to the snakes.

  • Sir Dennis Nayland Smith: You have nothing to celebrate, Fu Manchu. The arms conference is safe. You are beaten.

    Fu Manchu: That is where you are wrong, Commissioner. In a few moments there will be no arms conference.

    Sir Dennis Nayland Smith: You will release that girl now and order your men to line up over there. I will count three before I fire. One... two...

    Fu Manchu: [to henchman] Send her to the snakes!

  • Lin Tang: [hears gunfire] More shooting. The temple must be full of soldiers.

    Fu Manchu: It is of no importance. Within a few moments the entire world will capitulate to me. This is the destiny of Fu Manchu.

  • Lin Tang: Even Nayland-Smith cannot touch you now, father.

    Fu Manchu: I wish that he would try.

  • Fu Manchu: The entrance to eternity. Beyond that door there is a tunnel which leads directly to the sea. Cisterns of water are poised above it. The touch of a lever will release hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into that tunnel, and combined with professor Heracles' crystals this can transform the entire sea into one gigantic block of ice.

  • Lin Tang: Father! Doctor Kessler and the girl, they have escaped! They have reached the tunnel!

    Fu Manchu: Excellent. And when the crystals are released into the tunnel - they will die.

  • Fu Manchu: [immediately after surviving Omar Pascha's attempt on his life] Take him to the laboratory.

  • Fu Manchu: [opening line] This is Fu Manchu. Once again the world is at my mercy. I have conquered not only the mysteries of the continent but now of the oceans too. In the tropical waters of the south Atlantic my hand stretches out to turn water into ice - and to transform safety into the deadliest peril. In a few moments the proof of my mastery will be complete.

  • Fu Manchu: The formula. With this I can control all things - and all men.

  • Fu Manchu: [Over the radio] This is my ultimatum; within the next few hours the Bosphorus and the city of Istanbul will be destroyed.

    Dr. Petrie: It's not true! It can't be true!

    Inspector Ahmet: Doctor Petrie, calm yourself.

    Fu Manchu: [Over the radio] The powers of the world have relied upon one man: Nayland-Smith. Nayland-Smith is dead.

  • Fu Manchu: I have brought you here to save the life of someone whose knowledge I require as a thirsty man needs water. Crystal clear water, doctor Kessler. The name of the person to whom I refer is professor Heracles.

  • Fu Manchu: Nayland Smith again. That is very good news...

    Servant: Why is it good news, master?

    Fu Manchu: Because I'm in no condition to receive bad news. I shall fine you each 1000 yen.

    Servant: But you don't pay us, master.

    Fu Manchu: Then I shall start paying you in order to fine you.

  • Fu Manchu: I shall invent an entirely new torture, against which there is no possible defense.

  • Fu Manchu: You were the only worthy adversary I ever had Nayland, the only one.

    Nayland Smith: But I hated you Fu. Oh God, did I hate you.

    Fu Manchu: Yes, but they were the good old days.

  • Fu Manchu: I had no idea that mere domestic power could be so stimulating.

  • Fu Manchu: Hello, boys...

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