Friend Quotes in Van Wilder (2002)


Friend Quotes:

  • Panos Patakos: How do you put a price on dignity?

    Friend: How do you put a price on poonani?

  • Friend: You kissed her for 20 crowns? Was it worth it? How was it?

    Elin: Wicked.

  • Friend: [in Italian] You got to play with her before you lay her.

    Fabrizio: [in Italian] For how long?

    Friend: [in Italian] Fifteen minutes. Half hour. Depends on the woman.

    Fabrizio: [in Italian] How long with your wife?

    Friend: [in Italian] Thirty seconds.

    Fabrizio: [in Italian, in awe] Lucky!

  • Evelyn Roy: We're having a little crisis on our hands. We're trying to get Evie to come out with her new friend... Randy?

    Friend: Randy's already out, Mrs. Roy.

    Friend #2: I don't think that's what she meant.

  • Friend: God, Evie, if you were going to turn gay, you'd think you could at least choose someone's who's pretty.

    Evie: I didn't say I was gay. I said I was in love.

  • Friend: Um, you know, you should see if you can get that movie on video, Evie. It was pretty good.

  • Friend: When you get to the alehouse, see a way to get a message to my wife.

    Jacob: Anything, Friend. Anything.

    Friend: Tell her... tell her I hate her. Tell her I did burn her father's barn. 'Twas payment for forcing our marriage. Tell her I loved her sister. Who I had. Many times. From behind. Like a beautiful prize sow.

    Jacob: If I'd have known that, I would have paid you more respect, brother.

  • Friend: I think I have worked out what God is punishing us for. Everything.

  • Friend: It does not surprise me that the Devil is an Irishman, though I thought perhaps a little taller.

  • Friend: You think about a thing before you touch it, am I right?

    Whitehead: Is that not usual?

    Friend: Not in Essex.

  • Whitehead: Have you ever looked up?

    Friend: Sounds badly paid.

  • Jacob: I'm going to have a shit.

    [Grunting and Panting]

    Friend: Sounds like hard work. Is it a boy or a girl?

    Jacob: Fuck off! Ah, fucking nettles.

    Friend: Yeah. You all right? You've got shit on you as well.

    Jacob: Help me up. You never seen a man have a shit before? Go on, fuck off.

  • Friend: I will not go to second level with you!

  • The Tabernacle: You are asked to vote at the termination of the trial of George Saden. Final statement from the accused begins.

    George Saden: I confess to the charges, but plead mitigation. These thoughts are constructive criticisms. Pyramidical. I try to suppress these thoughts, but they leak out in Second Level through the head-wound of my third death. I was imperfectly repaired. No. That is not true. I think what I think!

    Friend: [murmuring] That's more like it! I'm with you, George.

    George Saden: I hate you all. I hate you all. I hate you all. Especially me.

    [the Tabernacle chimes]

    The Tabernacle: Vote, please. Vote, please.

    Friend: [to Zed] I'm voting for him, Monster. It won't do any good. Nothing ever does.

    [Friend speaks into his ring]

    Friend: Absolute acquittal!

  • Arthur Frayn: You see, our death-wish was devious, and deep. As Zardoz, Zed, I was able to choose your forefathers! It was careful genetic breeding that produced this mutant - this slave who could free his masters! And Friend was my accomplice! Don't you remember the man in the library, Zed?

    [a chime is heard]

    Arthur Frayn: It was I who led you to the 'Wizard of Oz' book! Ha-hah, it was I who gave you access to the Stone! It was I!

    [a chime is heard]

    Arthur Frayn: I bred you! I led you!

    Zed: And I have looked into the face of the force that put the idea in your mind. You are bred, and led, yourself.

    [He strides away, and Friend advances to join Arthur]

    Friend: Arthur! We've all been used!

    Arthur Frayn: And re-used.

    Friend: And abused!

    Arthur Frayn: And amused!

  • May: Friend, I cannot sanction this violence and destruction.

    Friend: It's too late, May. There's no going back.

    May: Don't destroy the Vortex! Let us renew it. A better breed could prosper here. Given time...

    Friend: Time? Wasn't eternity enough?

    Zed: [enters suddenly; May wheels to face him] This place is against life. It must die.

    [Zed gently grasps May's pistol hand and raises it so that the weapon points right between his eyes]

    May: I have my followers. Inseminate us all, and we'll teach you all we know, give you all we have. Perhaps you can break the Tabernacle. Or be broken.

    [Friend advances to place his hand on the others', in a triple pact]

    Friend: An end to eternity.

    May: A higher form.

    Zed: Revenge.

  • Zed: What is it you want?

    Friend: Sweet death. Oblivion.

    Zed: For yourself, or for the whole Vortex?

    Friend: For Everybody. An end to the human race. It has plagued this pretty planet for far too long.

    Zed: You stink of despair. Fight back! Fight for death, if that's what you want.

    Friend: I thought at first you were the one to help. But it's hopeless. All my powers have gone.

    Zed: Where is it? The Tabernacle?

    Friend: The Tabernacle... is... I can't remember!

    Zed: Who made it? Someone must know how to break it.

    Friend: Yes, but you can meet him for yourself! One of our founders, one of the geniuses who discovered immortality.

    [Friend goes to the bed of the Old Scientist and, rousing him noisily, shouts]

    Friend: We want to die! Hm? What - what's the trick?

    Old Scientist: [feebly] Death... death... Talk to May! May!

  • Friend: [Arjun is frantically playing the piano] You love Ganga

    Arjun Saagar: No, I don't love Ganga

    Arjun Saagar: Yes you do

    Arjun Saagar: I don't!

    Friend: You do!

    Arjun Saagar: I don't!

    Friend: You don't?

    Arjun Saagar: I do!

  • Eldegard: My mother says I mustn't be weak. The Fatherland needs people of steel.

    Friend: My mother spent four years here too. Doesn't she remember how awful it is?

  • Friend: I give you my word.

    Sabata: It's pretty difficult to cash that.

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