Frenzy Quotes in Transformers (2007)


Frenzy Quotes:

  • Frenzy: [reporting to Barricade] Stupid insects tried to shoot me... found a clue to the All Spark...

    [he plugs himself into a monitor and displays what information he had stolen from Air Force One]

    Frenzy: Witwicky - he has seen our language... Witwicky search...

    [Frenzy activates a search engine, which brings up an eBay file on Sam and a picture of spectacles. Frenzy notices familiar markings on those spectacles... ]

    Frenzy: We must find LadiesMan217! Go, go, go!

    [the police car speeds off... ]

  • Frenzy: [his head sliced in half by his own disk] Oh, shit!

  • Tom Banachek: Follow me. You're about to see our crown jewel...

    [Everyone enters the All Spark Chamber]

    Tom Banachek: The First Seven came upon the Cube. We knew it was extraterrestrial because the symbols on its surface matched those on NBE-1. The Dam was built around it in 1935 to mask its signal. Four walls of concrete, as thick as four football fields, enable the Cube to avoid being detected by any humans, or any aliens from outside...

    [Frenzy comes across the Cube, whose energy boosts and repairs him]

    Frenzy: All Spark located!

  • Frenzy: [cackling] Megatron, Megatron, Megatron!

    [disrupts the NBE-1 equipment and checks a monitor]

    Frenzy: Ooohh... Megatron melting!

  • Frenzy: [chasing Sam, gets kicked] Aaaarrrggh! Where is it?

  • Frenzy: [attacking Sam] Witwicky! Witwicky!

  • [Barricade ejects Frenzy to capture Sam]

    Frenzy: Surprise, Witwicky!

  • [the Decepticons attempt to find out who is most worthy to take over Decepticon leadership]

    Scrapper: Wait, the Constructicons form Devastator, the most powerful robot. We should rule!

    Soundwave: Soundwave superior. Constructicons inferior.

    Bonecrusher: Who are you calling inferior?

    Hook: Nobody would follow an uncharismatic bore like you!

    [Soundwave ejects his cassette minions]

    Rumble: Hey, nobody calls Soundwave uncrassimatic!

    Frenzy: Yeah, let's kick tailgate!

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