Frenchy Quotes in Grease 2 (1982)


Frenchy Quotes:

  • Frenchy: [Talking with Michael near fence and he notices Stephanie with the Pink Ladies] Michael, I think there's something you don't understand. You see,Stephanie Zinone is a Pink Lady,which means,if you're not a T-Bird, which you are not, you can look, but don't touch.

    [as Michael gazes at Stephanie]

    Frenchy: Michael? I wouldn't even look.

    Michael Carrington: Well, then, how do you become one of these T-Birds then? Eh?

  • Frenchy: [upon seeing Rhonda with a bandage on her nose] RHONDA, YOU GOT A NOSE JOB!

    Rhonda: Forget it. I walked into a door.

    Sharon: So she says.

  • Ray: I gotta get some air. I'm going up on the roof.

    Frenchy: Don't jump! You're too valuable as a dishwasher.

  • Ray: What would you say if I told you that you were married to a very brilliant man?

    Frenchy: I'd say I'd have to be a bigamist.

  • Ray: For God's sake! For some reason you're always shooting down my dreams.

    Frenchy: Because you get the kind of dreams people get after putting opium in their brownies.

  • [Frenchy learns her accountants have looted all her assets]

    Frenchy: This is the worst news...

    Frenchy's Lawyer: Oh, no. No, Mrs. Winkler, it's not.

    Frenchy: No? Well, it is to me!

    Frenchy's Lawyer: No, the worst news is coming up.

  • Denny: Ray really is a genius, Frenchy.

    Frenchy: Compared to you, this chair is a genius, Denny.

  • Ray: Pretty late.

    Frenchy: Yeah, you too. What did you do?

    Ray: I, you know, I worked late... and then May and me had some Chinese food.

    Frenchy: You and May? What'd you talk about over dinner? Cartoons?

    Ray: Are you kiddin'? We went up to her apartment. We watched "White Heat" on television.

    Frenchy: Till 3 a.m.?

    Ray: No. Then we went out and we got a pizza.

    Frenchy: Chinese food and a pizza? With your stomach, I'm surprised you weren't shot breaking into the Pepto-Bismol factory.

  • Ray: I'm no genius, believe me, I'm no genius.

    Frenchy: Yeah, you don't have to sell me.

  • Ray: You see this? See how beautiful it is?

    Frenchy: Yeah.

    Ray: See what you're seeing there? It's not just New Jersey. When we first met, there was a sunset it was just like this. Remember that?

    Frenchy: Yeah. In New Jersey, but in Colombia there was an earthquake.

  • Ray: Today Denny got bit by a rat. We had to give him rabies shot.

    Frenchy: Who, the rat?

  • Frenchy: Well, I wanna be the real thing! And you better wise up, 'cause if I grow and you stay as stupid as you are, we're gonna have big problems, Ray!

  • Ray: Yeah! But no museums, 'cause I'm not going to museums. The pictures spook me out... the virgins...

    Frenchy: [Frenchy laughs hysterically] Ha ha ha! Spooked by the virgins! Ha ha ha! Sorry...

    Ray: Work on the laugh, Frenchy!

    [Frenchy laughs again, snorts, then stops]

  • Frenchy: [on her company's expansion] That's right, yeah. We've been planning it for months. Yeah?

    Frenchy's Lawyer: In order to do that, you needed a bank loan. Are you aware of that? Quite a substantial loan.

    Frenchy: Get to the point. What?

    Frenchy's Lawyer: They asked you to sign a promissory note to the bank.

    Frenchy: You're speaking to the wrong person. This is exactly what I got accountants for.

    Frenchy's Lawyer: Yes, but unfortunately, your accountants are in Venezuela.

    Frenchy: This is all so confusing!

    Frenchy's Lawyer: Frances, you put up your home and savings as a note for a monster loan.

    Frenchy: [pauses, then holds out her whiskey glass] Could you put a touch of cyanide in here? It needs to be a little stronger.

  • Frenchy's Lawyer: You've lost it all, Frenchy. Or should I say, you've been swindled out of it all.

    Frenchy: You mean I got...?

    Frenchy's Lawyer: Nothing, Mrs. Winkler. You have nothing. No... no house, no bank account, just a couple of large, outstanding loans which we feel you can best deal with by filing for bankruptcy.

    Frenchy: Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy? I'm not up to the B-words yet!

  • Frenchy: What are you waiting for, the drilling season?

  • Frenchy: All right, all right, hold your water.

  • Frenchy: They say I have a flair for decorating. You know this rug lights up? It's made of fiber optics. I'll turn it on later. Stevens, what's with the snails?

  • Ray: Can we change the music, please? Because I feel like I should be wearing a wig.

    Frenchy: You will be in a couple of years.

  • [last lines]

    Frenchy: Hey, It was you who taught me how to open a safe.

    Ray: That was one of my fondest memories of our time together... What are you saying? You boosted this from David's safe? Frenchy, that's stealing.

    Frenchy: Not exactly. Look, it's a long story, Ray. Let's sell it, and I'll fill you in on the flight to Miami.

    Ray: Sweetheart, you are the greatest.

    Frenchy: Yeah.

  • David: I'm talking about Henry James, the author. Yeah? Well, this is where he lived and this is where he worked.

    Ray: Where did he eat? I'm hungry. I don't care where he lived. I want to know where he ate.

    Frenchy: I remember! "The Hair-ess", right?

    David: The "H" is silent.

    Frenchy: Oh, did he write that too?

  • Ray: What is this?

    Frenchy: It's a Damon Dexter. A discovery of David's.

    Ray: Yeah? I say it's depressing.

    Frenchy: Knock it off. You wouldn't know a masterpiece if it bit you in the ass.

    Ray: I refuse to look at this, Frenchy.

    Frenchy: And what's that supposed to mean?

    Ray: It means as long as this is there on the wall, I don't look at that wall.

  • Ray: Very funny. You should be on tv.

    Frenchy: I am! Open your eyes.

  • Frenchy: Well I wanna be the real thing! and you better wise up coz if grow and you stay as stupid as you are we're gonna have big problems Ray!

  • Frenchy: Get out before I kill you!

    Tom Destry Jr.: You mean you haven't been tryin'?

  • Tom Destry Jr.: Don't let me interfere with your dinner, ma'am.

    Frenchy: It's breakfast.

  • Washington Dimsdale: Frenchy, am I really Sheriff?

    Frenchy: Sure you are!

    Washington Dimsdale: Then I'm off the liquor. A man's got to choose between the bottle and the badge.

  • [Wash announces he will send for Tom Destry to be his Deputy Sheriff]

    Frenchy: But Destry's dead!

    Bugs Watson: That makes him the right man for the job.

    Gyp Watson: Save us a lot of trouble.

    Washington Dimsdale: Is that so? Well, young Tom ain't dead and his father brought him up to be the toughest and fightin'est man that ever growed up in the West! He ain't got as big a name as his pa, but he cleaned up Tombstone and I'm sendin' for him to be my deputy and when he gets here, Destry will ride again!

  • [Boris has bet and lost his pants in game of poker]

    Boris: Frenchy, think of my position. I've met every king in Europe!

    Frenchy: Now you've met two aces in Bottleneck. Off with your pants.

  • Lily Belle: Hey you! Give me those pants. And from now now on, leave my husband alone.

    Frenchy: I don't want your husband, Mrs. Callahan - all I want is his money... and his pants.

    Lily Belle: And how'd you get 'em? By making eyes at him while you cheated, you gilded lily!

    Frenchy: But Mrs. Callahan, you know he would rather be cheated by me than married to you.

  • Jimmy Conway: [Frenchy is describing a large shipment of cash at Idlewild Airport to Jimmy and Henry] What about the security?

    Frenchy: Security? You're looking at it.

  • [Frenchy has just broken Owney's watch]

    Frenchy: You cheap son of a bitch! You only offered $500 for me?

    Owney: What?

    Frenchy: If you were kidnapped, I wouldn't offer more than that for you!

    Owney: $500?

    Frenchy: That's what I heard!

    Owney: 50 grand! I paid 50 grand! They only wanted 35 but I gave 50 not to hurt you. $500. I would've given 500,000 for you. I been worried sick about you. Look at what you done to my fuckin' watch.

    Frenchy: 50 grand?

    Owney: Yeah.

    [Frenchy hands Owney a box that Owney opens]

    Owney: What's this? A platinum watch. (smiling) You asshole.

  • Frenchy: Anything you need, Dutch?

    Dutch Schultz: Yeah, why don't you bring me the moon, Frenchy?

  • Frenchy: And what did you miss most in prison?

    Max Millan: [Straight-faced to the sexy Frenchy] Home cooking.

  • Frenchy: [to Max, as they're sitting in a bar] High school graduation has its prom here every year. They even have "Pomp and Circumstances" on the jukebox.

  • Frenchy: Men are rats, listen to me, they're fleas on rats, worse than that, they're amoebas on fleas on rats. I mean, they're too low for even the dogs to bite. The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.

  • Frenchy: What do you guys think of Sandy? Do you think we can let her into the Pink Ladies?

    Rizzo: Nah, she looks to pure to be pink!

  • Frenchy: Doody, how do I look?

    Doody: Like a beautiful blonde pineapple!

  • Jan: You mean you're dropping out of Rydell?

    Frenchy: I don't look at it as dropping out! I look at it as a very strategic career move.

  • Cha Cha: They call me Cha Cha because I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette's.

    Frenchy: With the worst reputation.

  • Frenchy: I wish I had a guardian angel to tell me what to do. You know, like Debbie Reynolds had in "Tammy." What do you think?

    Vi: If you find him, give him my phone number.

  • [Frenchy and Sandy are in the bathroom; Frenchy is about to pierce Sandy's ears]

    Frenchy: Sandy, Sandy, beauty is pain.

    [Sandy screams; Frenchy sticks her head out of the bathroom]

    Frenchy: Could you please get me some ice to numb her earlobes?

    Marty: Why don't you just let the cold water run, and stick her ear under the faucet?

    Frenchy: Oh!

    [goes back inside]

  • Frenchy: Beauty-school sure wasn't as I thought it would be.

    Vi: Nothing ever is.

  • Rizzo: [the girls just convinced Sandy to try a cigarette, she does but starts coughing a lot from it] Ooh... I should've told you! You shouldn't inhale if you're not used to it!

    Frenchy: Sandy, let me show you how to French inhale! It's really cool, watch!

    Marty: [Frenchy starts inhale the smoke from her cigarette through her nose] That is the ugliest looking thing I ever saw.

    Frenchy: Yeah, the guys really go for it! I mean that's how I got my nickname Frenchy!

    Rizzo: Sure it is!

    [Frenchy gets a little offended and play hits Rizzo on the leg]

  • Frenchy: Vi, what do you think of waitressing?

    Vi: You're too young to know.

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