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Fred Wilson Quotes:

  • Dwan: How can I become a star because of... because of someone who was stolen off that gorgeous island and locked up in that lousy oil tank?

    Fred Wilson: Its not *someone*! Its an animal, a beast who tried to rape you.

    Dwan: Thats not true. He risked his life to save me.

    Fred Wilson: He tried to rape you honey. And before you cry a lot, you should ask the natives on that island what they thought of losing Kong.

    Jack Prescott: Actually, they'll miss him a lot.

    Fred Wilson: Like leprosy.

    Jack Prescott: No, you're dead wrong. He was the terror, the mystery of their lives, and the magic. A year from now that will be an island full of burnt-out drunks. When we took Kong we kidnapped their god.

  • Jack Prescott: Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong! you heard them chant that! He exists. You saw the wall, right? Now who the hell do you think they're planning to give that girl to?

    Fred Wilson: It's some nutty religion. A priest gets dressed up like an ape and gets laid.

  • Jack Prescott: Even an environmental rapist like you wouldn't be asshole enough to destroy a unique new species of animal.

    Fred Wilson: Bet me.

  • [Wilson steps out of the launch and onto the beach]

    Fred Wilson: Let's not get eaten alive on this island. Bring the mosquito spray.

  • Fred Wilson: [as the "Petrox Explorer" comes in sight of Skull Island] ... Did you ever wonder how Hernando Cortez felt when he discovered the Lost Treasure of the Incas?

    Jack Prescott: That wasn't Cortez; it was Pizarro. And he died flat broke.

  • Fred Wilson: Well, here's to the big one.

  • Fred Wilson: If that island doesn't produce huge, I'll be wiping windshields.

  • Fred Wilson: I know the day, the hour you completed your toilet training.

  • Roy Bagley: Well, Fred, I finished testing the samples from that pool. It'll be real great oil!

    Fred Wilson: Son of a bitch! Ah, ha ha! Fred Wilson is "crazy" is he? Wait'll those candy-asses in New York hear about this one! Wait'll I put the screws to them! I'll grind them...

    Roy Bagley: Like I said, it *will* be real great oil... as soon as Mother Nature finishes cooking it a little longer... a bit more aging.

    Fred Wilson: How much longer?

    Roy Bagley: Shit, hardly a tick o' the clock, as geological time goes. Say, uh, ten thousand years. Until then, you'd get better mileage filling up your Cadillac with mule piss!

  • Fred Wilson: Ah, the power of it. Ah, the superpower! Hail to the power! Hail to the power of Kong! And Petrox!

  • Carnahan: [conversing with Wilson over the 2-way radio regarding the next procedure in the search for Kong and Dwan] There's gonna be somebody on that radar all night, isn't there?

    Fred Wilson: [in a tone of weary disgust] Any large furry BLIPS seen moving in your direction, you will KNOW...! Sweet dreams and out.

  • Jack Prescott: [interrupts the briefing aboard the Petrox Explorer] And I'm not so sure human feet have never walked on that island before. You see, in 1605, Piero Fernandez DeQuerez was blown south from Timetang. He wrote in his log of piercing the white veil. That's obviously the cloud bank - And landing on the beach of the skull... Where he heard the roar of the greatest beast. The rest of that log entry unfortunately was suppressed by the Holy Office in Rome.

    Fred Wilson: Who are you?

    Jack Prescott: In 1749, a waterlogged lifeboat was found in the same area, it was empty, but drawn in blood on the thwart was the likeness of some huge, slouchy humanoid thing. And this strange warning... "From the wedding with the creature who touches Heaven, lady, God preserve thee." I also heard of a note in a bottle written by a dying Japanese submariner in 1944. I haven't been able to track that one down.

  • Fred Wilson: Lights! Camera! Kong!

  • Fred Wilson: Jack, let me straighten you out on a couple of points. One, that wall is an ancient ruin. Two, this island is uninhabited.

    [Loud drumming begins, coming from the direction of the wall]

    Jack Prescott: And three, there's an uninhabited German beer hall down there with a mechanical band.

  • Fred Wilson: Take plenty of TNT when you go inland. Any sign of a monkey bigger than four feet, send him bang-bang.

  • Dwan: God it's scary it's like there's a curse on all of us.

    Fred Wilson: Damn it! I'm tired of you trying to confuse this girl's mind! This is her big chance and yours too! You know there are stars in Princeton the same way there are in Hollywood Jack. You want out, you want me to cable Harvard or Yale and get Kong another keeper?

    Jack Prescott: Coast to coast tours, beauty and the beast, that's a grotesque farce!

  • Fred Wilson: Jack, you want to talk for us?

    Jack Prescott: I'll try.

  • Fred Wilson: Except, I promise you'll never get another booking in your life. You'll end up tap-dancing at Rotary clubs.

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